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Found 23 results

  1. Hey there! Im Taylor! Im pretty new to the area, I moved from Phoenix in January. 🌵 I was a provider in PHX as well! I went by Marie Taylor for the majority of the time. Just looking to meet other providers and clients in the area! 👀 It’s nice to have a community! 🙌🏻 Hope to talk to you soon! ❤️
  2. Are there any left

    ???? Colorado Springs Companion Are there any providers left in the Springs? It seems all that is here now is FBSM. Would love to find a couple that are here otherwise I am going to have to start driving to Denver
  3. Paris 719-695-9048 Colorado Companion Seemingly TGTBT, she responded to an initial text with a location description that gave me the willies. Does anyone have insight to share?
  4. Kandi 719-345-8774 Colorado Companion Only responds to text She looks amazing feel like i maybe have seen her awhile ago but could be similar woman or scam ? Unsure any help is appreciated . Need some new women in Springs.
  5. "Busty Asian Babe" 619-517-4132 Colorado Companion Any experiences with "Busty Asian Babe"? Num-num...
  6. hobbyist Colorado Springs Intro

    Greetings. I am a mature, experienced hobbyist living in Colorado Springs. Look forward to meeting discrete and sensual female playmates.
  7. Colorado Springs

    Hey everyone! I’m Meurelle ! I’ve been around for a while, but am new to the forums! I look forward to meeting new friends, I am located in Colorado Springs and just saying hello.
  8. Hi everyone :)

    Hey everyone I’m Angelica. Just thought I’d take a moment to introduce myself to the community
  9. Zay 719-602-2552 Colorado Companion Does anyone have and care to share insight on Zay?
  10. Has anyone seen Stacy (720) 515-9169 or Sierra (719)2178066? I'm interested in seeing one of them sometime over the long weekend and I was wondering which I should see.
  11. Colorado Springs Intro

    Hello everyone. My name is Dayfun Mischief. A Latino, mature male and transplant to Colorado Springs, I seek to meet like-minded individuals to share daytime fun and mischief with. Here's to fun times.
  12. So, I'm a new girl here and I wanted to get lots of really good, solid advice and help in this hobby. How do we stay safe in this business? How can I make in-calls as safe as possible? How do I screen clients? How do I keep from getting busted from the cops? This seems like a huge risk in so many ways, but it's a passionate hobby of mine too. How do I engage in a hobby like this and feel safe enough to relax? I don't ever want any trouble at all nor any drama of any sort. I'd like to hear from some ladies who have had this hobby for many many years. I don't want a bad record. How do I avoid that? I'm scared, excited, nervous, paranoid, horny, just everything all rolled into one when it comes to this entire hobby.
  13. Sexscapade

    So, I put a FWB, NSA ad out on CL a few weeks ago. After filtering through the jiberrish@"x" responses, things got dead quiet. Who'd a thunk women aren't lining up for such things? Wait, here's one. Hi, "I'm Pseudonym I saw your post and I'm interested. I'm 24, 5'2", and athletic. I’m an experienced sugar baby, and I’m currently looking for a SD. I’ve attached a picture, it's pretty obscure but it's for safety/security reasons, at least until I know that you're not a complete psycho. Hope to hear from you soon." Xoxo. Damn she's gorgeous! Well, far as I can tell below her smoking hot collarbone. Make a young man wish for younger days but, is she real? Or is she Memorex! Who remembers that? Wait for it... "Hi Pseudonym, They call me Ile but you can call me daddy . Actually, it was, " Hi Pseudonym" (AKA woman of my wet dreams). "My name's Ile. Thanks for writing and the pic. Certainly like what I see. How do I go about proving I'm completely sane, safe and fun to be with and vice-versa?" Was that good, or what?! Yeah, response. A few days later, " Hi Pseudonym. I'd like to know more about you. Still interested?" Days later, nada thing. What's a guy got to do around here to sneak and play!? Week goes by. Incoming email: "Hi, it's Pseudo'2. I am 40. not a BBW, not a supermodel...I like this, that and the other...we can get together sooner than later. Email or text me at 719-xxx-xxx". Pic of a nice looking Asian younger lady attached. Of course, I love Asian food. And Asian women, young and old(er) but, my favorite? Sum Yung Chik. Check BP for 719-xxx-xxxx, nothing. This is good, right? Googled 719-xxx-xxxx. NOTHING! Check TOB, nothing. This is...good'ish, right? Could be a low mileage, TOFFT opportunity, right TEAM?! This is looking more and more like that one you've been liquoring all night just before last call...better and better. Condensed text out: "Hey Pseudo2"...I love it when you call it big poppa ...What part of town?...Oh yeah? Let's meet for lunch at that such and such near there in an hour, see if we like each other. Ok. It's on! Heart's pumping like five-oh got behind your car fun. Not that I know what that's like. Backed into rear parking row about 10 mins before. Asian lady pulls in front parking row. Looks around, backs up right next to's Pseudo2! Waiting to see if she would get out so I could see that ass. She's texting... Incoming from her: "What car are you in" (ugh) Me: "I'm right next to you (ugh), going inside now". Walking inside feeling all Jason Bourne she yells out her car,. "Hey!" I cringe/turn around, "are you Ile"? I could've crawled under the beverage delivery truck in front of me. "Yes", I said. She says, "Hi! I'm Pseudonym". Me: "Hi. I'll meet you inside." In comes this sexy, definitely older little Asian woman. Damn near booty shorts but, she's Asian so we're talking best case scenario here, knee length boots. Stockings above the knee held by garters. Great public appearance. No cleavage, tight blouse. Flowing black mane of hair for days, a perfect love handle. I offered anything on the menu, she orders cheap I'm all, "Winning!" We talk. Laugh. Explore possibilities. Are those real? Yes, but it's a padded bra. What's your incall like? An apartment? Nice. More what we like, don't like. Oh my. What a nice, full menu at reasonable price you have there, my sweet. With a prior commitment we part company, intending to go back. As she's getting in her car I ask for the address, expecting the worst. Oh, it's XYZ. I'll text it to you. Do a drive-by. Meh. Think I can handle it. Incoming: Address and breast pic. Very nice. How about that kitty, I asked? Purr, said the kitty back with a "Better in person" assurance. I bet, said Ile Haversnatch, thinking...sure will. Yes, feeling blue right about now and THEN had to reschedule. Yes, ugh. Stand by?
  14. Introduction

    Hello everyone. I'm a new guy here from Colorado Springs. Looking forward to making discrete friends and public frenemies :).
  15. Boston.k. 214-772-8712 Colorado Escort Seeing if anyone has had the pleasure of seeing Boston. Looks awesome, can't ding reviews. Cheers fellas Cached link
  16. AAMPs in Colorado Springs?

    Does anyone know of any active AAMPs in Colorado Springs? There doesn't seem to be any in the area. They don't have to be Asian also
  17. Sierra Michaels 612-213-5919 Colorado Escort She has a nice innocent little look, anyone know if she's legit?
  18. She has a cute smile, any idea if she's legit?
  19. Lola 720-315-5053 Colorado Escort I'm thinking about seeing Lola or Lolita in Colorado Springs. I can't find any reviews on here of her at all. She always advertises in the springs and she has reviews on naughty reviews but I don't really trust that site. Any help anyone. Is she legit? _____________________________________cached Ad cached Ad Colorado Springs escorts June 9, 2014
  20. Jezzika Rabbit 719-663-0006 Colorado Escort Intrigued by this one; phone: 719-663-0006 Post ID: 23357224 coloradosprings I remember there used to be a provider who went by Jessica Rabbit who used to post in the Springs, Jessika doesn't fit the description of that Jessica. I can't find posts/reviews on TOB in regards to either other than the ad posted above. Just the reference on TER which is of little use since I'm not a VIP there. PM me if need be. Of course, right as I posted this, a review pops up for TOB from a frequent reviewer. _______________________________________cached Ad cached Ad BP Colorado Springs escorts April 23, 2016
  21. Anyone got any info on this chick? ALEXA 719-822-7080
  22. Hi, I am Charismatic Dione, but you may also address me as Charisma or simply Dione. I am totally brand new to the Industry, I will make 24 yrs of age on the 23rd of this month and I currently reside in Colorado Springs [Snip} I do plan to move over to the Denver Metro area by the end of this year so if you have leads on nice Hobby friendly incalls please send them my way! [Snip} patience please as this is all a process and I am learning more and more day by day. *Any good logical advice toward helping me be successful in this Industry is welcome from both providers & clients. Also, I am in need of a good professional photographer. Thanks in advance for your time and assistance. Charisma D
  23. COS - Warning About Overnight Dude

    Hi. Not going to post names or #s; feel free to PM me to see if someone who's contacted you is the person I'm talking about here. Two provider friends of mine have both asked me to check ID information on a gentleman in COS who gives a name, an address around Milton Proby & Hancock, and a phone #. His MO follows a pattern: he texts a girl in Denver or the Springs, and offers a very large gift in exchange for an overnight visit. He deflects every attempt to verify the appointment; he isn't a member anywhere (if he's a member here he doesn't say so), he can't come to the provider (even for a huge discount on his offered gift) because "his wife has GPS on his car and phone and always checks", he can't make a small gift somewhere to establish that he's serious, he doesn't have a PayPal account, he doesn't have a camera phone, he doesn't have any references "because girls always no-show", etc. etc. etc. One of my friends actually went to his place, if it is his place; nobody answered the door when she rang. When she left, he texted that he missed her because he was out back. She returned, rang the doorbell; again no answer, and after that his behavior became harassing. It's obvious that the guy is a timewaster or much worse and normally I would not even bother to post something about someone with so many red flags but for whatever reason he is apparently very very persuasive and smooth in his communications; one friend did fall for it and another was on the verge of making the drive down from Denver. So if you're getting an unusually persuasive text invitation for a lengthy visit in COS with someone you've never seen before...feel free to check with me via PM or mail and see if it's the same dude. Because I've got a seriously bad vibe from this guy.