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Found 30 results

  1. dose anyone know this agency in frankfurt?

    Hello I am in Frankfurt and read very good reviews about this agency. They seem to have their homepage in German Any experience?
  2. Reviews rejected

    I am newbie and recently had my first encounter. I decided to write my first review and it was rejected. The email I received was very vague on why it was rejected. I finding it kind of frustrating figuring out why it was rejected. I filled out all of the fields. Only thing I can think it could be is the additional link option, since all I did was copy and pasted the providers TOB profile. I did not know what else to put since I found her on this website. I am reluctant to write another review since the email mentioned if I submit another review that is rejected I can have my account closed. Is there a good guideline for writing reviews so this does not happen again.
  3. Rhode Island Massage Anyone have any experience in Rhode Island area when it comes to fbsm providers? Looking for reviews please and thank you specifically on Gina and Michelle but will take any and all recommendations.
  4. Rhode island

    Any reason Rhode Island isn’t represented on this site? Would like info and reviews on several different providers here please if anyone can help?
  5. Be Kind

    This is for the gentlemen. I have never posted in a forum before so please excuse me if I am doing something incorrectly. But as I leave the companionship world within the month I must share my distaste for men who degrade women and their looks in their reviews. First it is fine to inform others if the photos and the girls are not the same person or if the photos are not current. Do not speak unkindly of a woman's stretch marks, a few extra pounds, do not say " her best years are behind her" if your companion was kind to you and you enjoyed each other then leave it at that. When companions reach out to each other we don't talk about your extra pounds, uncircumcised penis's, if you are unattractive, if you have toilet paper stuck to your ass. If you are kind and good to a companion that is what matters. We will never speak about you in a derogatory manner. I am asking you to be respectful. This is not easy work for women and we go through a lot emotionally please do not compound that by saying anyone is unattractive or old. We all have lives outside of this business and we are good people who have a heart and feelings that can be hurt and in this business it can be very damaging to a woman's psyche. Please think about your words before you write them down. Also, nobody needs graphic details of your experience with a lady. Thank you. I appreciate you reading this post.
  6. The Picture Or The Thousand Words?

    Recently there was a TOB kerfuffle involving a now BANNED user who, by referring to our beloved kitty by its scientific name, was too explicit for the tender sensibilities of an adult dating community. Now I know you're thinking, "that never happens" but, being caught in the vortex and sent straight to Siberia am here to say, it most certainly does. I also know mine is not to reason why but rejected twice, I'm a bit perplexed by the recent experience of getting a review approved for a new provider. Citing "not enough information" for one with "less than 10 reviews", I was basically forced to be more descriptive with the experience than comfortable yet, after reading other less descriptive reviews for providers with "less than 10 reviews" and the posting guidelines I must reason, why? More specifically, has anyone else had this experience? Given our current sociopolitical environment and that reviews and listings are visible to the public, what about the concerns both providers and hobbyists have expressed about how important it is we "stay under the radar" ? And before someone practices their selective reading skills to suggest "this is a moderator question", I've asked.
  7. I just had a review rejected. The note said: "Please resubmit the review with more details in the experience field..." This post is not an attempt to complain about administration or policy, but rather to raise a voice in favour of discretion in our activities. I had written in rather vague terms about my experience; about the hospitality of my hostess; how it was not rushed, and altogether very pleasant. I'd imagine that most gentlemen would understand what that meant, without the need for details, especially all those acronyms folks like to bandy about. If more details are desired, I feel that's the place for a more private exchange between interested parties (as I have had in the past). The short period earlier this year when the details field was disabled was a step in the right direction, in my opinion, and I would hope to caution ladies to be more circumspect in their ads. My underlying apprehension is that with explicit ads and explicit reviews, it's becoming awful hard to make any attempt at plausible deniability, and that we're giving certain people all the information needed to shut this site down. I have heard tell that tob is getting attention; the kind we'd like to avoid. CL and BP started out vaguely enough... Perhaps I'm reading things wrong, but I really don't feel comfortable "giving up the juicy details" - not just for my sake or safety - but because I really believe it would be better for tob. I'd like to read what others feel about this issue.
  8. Newbie here - but not totally inexperienced. This screening business is hard work! I don't mean Provider screening Hobbyists (a whole other Oprah), I mean Hobbyists screening Providers. I can't help but notice some review chains start out glowing, then devolve into "Rip Off", "No", "No Show", etc. I'm learning to check the reviewer's details, like when did they join (day before the review?), how many reviews have they written (many or just one), do they just review the same 4-5 Providers? Sometimes the review language is very similar to their others (how many ATFs can you have, dude?). I even noticed one Provider on my wish list with several reviews whose picture and stats suddenly changed into a very different woman; it's almost funny to read the old descriptive reviews while looking at the profile's new stats. I'm so glad TOB has many data points to work with. It's still an adventure, of course. "It's a dangerous business going out your door. You step onto the road, and if you don't keep your feet, there's no knowing where you might be swept off to"
  9. I'm never one to promote one site on another, but looks like another review board has been added back to the scene. Say what you want to about this site, but I think it's always a good thing to market and read/write reviews.
  10. Reviews

    I have checked some profiles and I see that some of the older reviews show. Does this mean that if you write a review today, its going to show or post like before? Excuse me but I am a little excited here because I actually liked reading the detailed reviews....... Am I dreaming or actually seeing what I think I am seeing LOL....Your thoughts guys and gals.....
  11. I’m PMing more so there is that.

    So what good about the new TOB? I’m PMing a lot more. I’ll send a message asking about a provider. Maybe we’ll all become friendly and chat more in PMs. Maybe we can get group chat as another step on TOB? s.
  12. Introduction and Backpage question

    Hi First I wanted to introduce myself as a new person to the group and a guy returning to the hobby after many years off. I have not booked anyone through Backpage at this point and was wondering what the experience has been with providers who advertise there. I get the feeling things can be rather hit or miss in terms of quality. Also, clients have their own safety concerns from law enforcement or getting ripped off. Anyone have any tips for which providers are good or bad, accurate pictures, etc? Thanks
  13. Should a reviewer tell a provider that you intend to review them when you make an appointment with her? I've seen providers for some time, but only got into reviewing them recently. I began this with the whole "secret shopper" mentality that I want to portray the experience of an average customer to a provider's services. It gives the consumer better information of what they can expect, and the provider legitimacy that they provide the services they advertise. I've done four reviews. One was review was solicited from me, two I did without the provider's knowledge, and one I did and the provider knew I was likely to review them. One of the girls that I did a review on without knowing I was going to review them sent me an angry message that I should have informed them I was a reviewer (and my review of them, to my mind, was not negative). So I'll ask the ladies...would you prefer a reviewer announce that they are reviewing the session?
  14. Waiting patiently

    Since joining TOB, I've seen many great gentlemen. My issue is, none of them review! When asked why, most say to remain under the radar. What does a lady need to do to get a few reviews? Am I being impatient? Is the process slower for FBSM providers? Any insight from the fellas or ladies is appreciated. Offering discounts is not an option.
  15. TER perplexes me a bit. If I've read correctly, in order for an account to become a provider account so you can set up a profile, menu of services, etc., someone must write you a review first , and only then can you set all of that up. So how do I know if someone has already written a review and I can connect it to my account? Does anyone else see this operation as working backwards?

    EroticMonkey Colorado Escort Are the reviews on this site legit? Looks too me like there may be a strong possibility of self reviews.
  17. NCNS in denver

    I live in Colorado Springs and decided to make an appointment with a lady in Denver tonight. We agree to a time and she asked me to go to street intersection and call. It's all normal so far. I arrived at the location little early. I figured since I am driving from springs it's better early than late. I called her and left a message asking her to call me when she is ready. I waited and no reply. I called again no reply. after 45 minutes I called again and the same thing. After that went back to springs. A Little bit after I came home I noticed she put up another and that made kind of upset. This lady has lots of reviews all of them good. Part of me does not want to post an NCNS review, but also at the same time what she did was wrong. Why take an appointment if you don't want to follow through. I am accustomed ladies not wanting to make an appointment with me because I am fairly new and I am fine with it. This is the first time this has happened to me. I wasted three and half hours of my time and sat there like a jackass in the street for 45 minutes. I think I will just sleep on this before I decide what to do.
  18. Since I haven't seen anything about this in the past few years but it's probably of interest to many people beyond me, let's share what we know of other boards for this hobby. It can be anything if others are interested, though my main interest is in the various regional boards and what is popular where. I found TOB because when I moved to Denver I had been on another board in Michigan that got shut down as I left (which was after the previous two local boards were shut down). I've also found a number of other sites that may interest people - but I hope there's other places people could share that I haven't heard of! I'm looking to do more traveling and enjoying the varieties of girls out there while I'm on those trips, so maybe someone else can share to add to these tidbits I've found. (Sorry, I'm no forum warrior so I won't modify my list, or research much of it beyond what I know, but feel free to if someone is ambitious!) Big Names: P411, Date Check - Guy/gal verification places we know that are obvious and have many people - but it's a paid walled garden (I actually just skim DC, don't know it, and RS9k might also belong here? Don't know) TER, ECCIE - the big names I know of in review space. They are national (maybe international a bit), and they have a setup to make guys post reviews or pay in order to see more than basic details of reviews. Pluses and Minuses to those styles, but I feel it they are both far inferior to TOB. Visiting girls will often go to those sites until someone tells them about this one. Both sites have been the critical link in deciding to see some amazing girls for me - but I'm not going to pay them for it haha. TNABoard - Seems like a reasonably nice board for the Western states. I notice a few girls here sporadically post there and I've checked a few reviews for girls visiting here. independentgirls - Seems like a Florida board, almost exclusively Miami. But it's a great example of what you don't just find elsewhere. Tons of advertising and reviewing for Miami (less but still some for the rest of the state), and most of the girls/agencies aren't on P411, BP, ECCIE/TER. Bestgfe - NE board mostly. Found some reviews and ads and found a great gal when I had a trip to NY last year. Really needed if you're visiting New England. Indys - This seems a random number of states with some traveling gals - not dead, on my list, but I don't remember much about the site except some reviews Nightshift - Think it's a Cali review site. I've seen a few girls linking to reviews there, and a couple of them track with other stuff, but the reviews have generally warned me off the few girls. Might be because Cali is more expensive for less? Lowbrow - maybe good maybe useless? Certainly weirder/older formats: avenue-x, usasexguide - both are harder to navigate to anything useful, especially USG, but maybe something useful happens if you can figure them out? Forums for lots of places at least Other: BP - Obvious but worth a mention Naughty Reviews - This is what I first found and got me into the hobby. It used to be an ok reference, and while it has some pictures and old information up or links to BP ads/numbers, it is completely a scam clickbait thing. Happened sometime in the last two years or so. I never heard what happened Really what I'm most interested in is anyone else that knows of sites like the independentgirls I mentioned above. Sites you probably won't just stumble across without some searching (that I and others may not do for a quick trip). Or TNaboard. I'm certain there's a huge number of other places out there - please share! (Hopefully this doesn't run afoul of rules, but I haven't seen anything that says it does, and the intended purpose is for other boards mainly in other regions than TOB, not suggested competitors.)
  19. Curious If I am the Only One

    Okay so here is a question and it can be both provider or client based. We all know that providers can be reviewed by the client and most of us understand how the "blacklist" and references work in regard to the client. So there may be multiple answers to this and I am just curious in two fronts here. As a client I do look at reviews written by other clients, for several reasons which can range from simple things like not returning calls after established appointments and screening is done to some aspects of service and friendly nature. Of course it is all subjective and the YMMV can apply but it gives a framework for whether you want to call or not to some degree. At least that is my view and I have called new gals to get a "feel" on the phone prior to reviews and in general i have been pleasantly surprised and thus wrote a review to get the ball rolling. Now I have seen some providers that do NOT allow for reviews and have no other outside source of verification on my part. Most seem to be fairly new or just pop up from time to time (three on right now). They are few to be honest but to me this seems to be a red flag especially if p411 is inactive, website is inactive and no reviews allowed. Am i wrong here? What is the reasoning behind not allowing for the client to review even if you are low volume?
  20. So I do a favor and write a very nice review and the provider gets too busy to see me. What is my motivation to help a new provider if I am only creating competition for my time with her. I have a big heart and I think I'm being the nice guy and she will treat me even better for the effort. But in reality am I just making things harder for myself. Maybe I shouldn't be so flattering in my reviews. I wouldn't write the review if she wasn't cool enough to see again.
  21. Review Ettiquette

    Are there many TOB reviewers who see providers and do not review them? Is it rude to specifically request a review from a client?
  22. Ratings???

    I've been doing some research cross checking reviews and ratings and just wondering why there is such a wide discrepancy between the ratings you find on TER which seem much lower than the typical ratings you see on TOB....won't get into names but just compare....I often see as much as 2.5-3 pt difference on many known gals. I'm trying to wrap my head around it and just throwing it out there for a ponder...... Stupid, perhaps, but it is a "hobby" after all isn't it!?!?
  23. Hey all. New to the board, and forum. I have posted 2 reviews, one on the 21st, and one today. The one from the 21st still says pending, just curious does it actually take the full 8 days or longer to get the review posted? I guess thats it.
  24. I apologize if this has already been answered and discussed. I was trying to find an easy way (similar to the old way) of copying all of my review data - I still haven't figured out how to do this on the new TOB but that's not my only question. While I was doing this, I realized that no longer are the hobbyists able to to post reviews on any providers other than the providers that actually advertise on the new TOB. Is that correct? Or is there still a way for them to post the TOFT review of a random BP provider? (and how do we copy our own review data?). Lastly, am I just thinking too much into this or is it fairly incriminating to have the provider's reviews built in to her advertisement? I mean if her ad left any doubt as to what services she performs, the 8 dozen detailed reviews linked therein will certainly help clarify things. I'm pretty sure (although I haven't checked) that we can elect to "hide" our reviews from our ads - but if we do so, can the gents still access them? Just curious. Thanks
  25. Ladies, if you have your TOB reviews linked to anything you need to update the URL. Previous URL looked something like this: The Updated URL will look something like this: There is probably a quicker way to do this but I did: - Reviews - Review Search - Searched my name - Selected my name when it populated - Copy the link URL. This new URL will take them directly to your TOB profile which also has your Reviews listed at the bottom.