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    2 hours ago, SpiceInCo said:



    This is the crap we get.  Effing BEM

    I was chatting with one of the ladies in person today over lunch when her text went off, actually it was going crazy pretty much all through lunch anyway, she's rather popular. This is literally the same she got from a repeat client. I couldn't believe it either. That dude's ass is still burnin after her scorching reply I bet, and 've gotta feeling he's not gonna be welcomed back soon. She showed me text and reply, he tried to apologize and that just made it worse.


  2. 5 minutes ago, SpiceInCo said:

    Honestly!! Shoot I can tell you my friends phone number from back in the landlines days.  When we would go out and run the town, and cell phones didn't exist.  I did have a pager though. Lol.  God I feel so much older than I am just by talking about these things.  To this day when I go fishing  or camping, I don't even bring a cell phone. I miss human interaction. 

    30 is not old. I twitter, Linkedin, no FB, am on a fishin forum that actually has produced many friends and high end sales in the industry I'm in. Landlines, hell I remember the rotary dial we had growin up. Do have to carry a cell wherever as ethically in my profession I'm to be available literally 24/7. In the content of this thread, I can understand why some might experience privacy issues. As a male, I don't experience that yet at all. Guess no stalkers for a 58yr old fishndude.


  3. Personally I read the writing of every ad. It really gives me comfort in my freedom of selection. While it'd be great to see all ladies, I have to be realistic and know that some will not want to see me. I try and give the ladies all the information they want as far as screening. I never ask about menus, fees or anything that they have made plain and simple in their ads by supplying info, or just in plain language...don't ask, it's improper to ask in that fashion. I've never asked for and never will ask for a discount...gimme a break. Personally I always try and be on my best behavior. You never know when you might need a reference, and honestly references help. I've never had to provide the name and number of a reference yet, but the screening info I supply is always complete and up to date. So far, this attitude has served me well, only 1 bad experience to date, and I was still polite on exit. I'd like to think I get it and it's why when I've asked I've also been able to see someone more than once. It's not rocket science, and I don't get the jerks, but I'm hearing of one even as I type this. Oh well off to fish.


  4. 9 minutes ago, Riggo said:

    Hmmm... Amazing lover has never popped into my head... Maybe amazing cuddler, amazing provider of laughs, interesting conversationalist... But never amazing lover.  Unless, one considers the amazing lover part coming from the heart or mind... Then I am amazing. ;-)

    By the way, I am with gr8owl on the 22 year old making 500k.  I can be influenced. :-)

    LOL...that one got a big chuckle outta me. Too funny.


  5. Ummm, sorry to be maybe harsh...but dude, Wake Up and Smell the Coffee. There's nothing there, no relationship. Protect yourself, it's what she does for a living. It's why it's called GFE. Nothing wrong with it, but don't set yourself up for the fall. Been there, thought that, and done that twice now. No regrets, both fine women. Still in touch with one as a kinda friend, will never talk to the other.


  6. 22 minutes ago, Riggo said:

    I guess I am an anomaly.  I have had multiple meetings where it never got beyond the cuddling and coversation and I had a wonderful time in each of those meetings.  And my gentlemanly behavior is absolutely not a facade!

    I certainly would hope you're not an anomaly. These ladies should be simply treated respectfully, regardless if in person or on review. Slamming the whole and not even a part of the society is just plain in bad taste. Ladies...I for one appreciate every single one of you and will always try and be on my best behavior, and respect whatever boundary you set. Can't say that for this cat. This content of this topic is just plain wrong. 


  7. 1 hour ago, Nikki Holiday said:

    My opinion it doesn't make a difference, and I doubt it reduces the number of participants. The men who want to see her will book her no matter what. The guys who don't want to see her won't. The guys who see her, and don't use her as reference. and you ll never know. There are a lot more girls than just her. She probably booked out!

    "Its her choice" to offer BBFS and fuck as many dudes as she wants to.

    "Its her choice" to charge whatever rates she wants too.  

    Obviously your opinion and this entire thread does make a difference, or I wouldn't be reading it over and over the last couple of days. You Nikki have personally directed me in the right direction on professional/personal matters. Don't sell yourself short. I don't think "Choice" here is a pro, but only a con. Obviously this is a thread that has ramifications on Twitter and other social sites as well. I've got to side with the majority here. Great thread.


  8. Barr's a Great fishery. Loads of perch, wiper, big eyes, some bucketmouth and small mouth. Tricky boat ramp when water levels low. Crowded. State record small mouth and channel cat at 42# both came out of Aurora. Local lakes have good fishing, just got to hit them. Ya ever have a question, just ask. I'm really an encyclopedia on local lakes and Mtn waterways too.