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  1. On 2/17/2019 at 2:44 AM, 2Big said:

    ....and this is related to hookers how?;)


    23 hours ago, BadBoy said:

    Well, all of us who are too broke to go see a lady are just killing time with goofy puzzles until it's time to get together with the Palm sisters (Rosy and Sweaty).

    Here I fixed it...



  2. Just my 1st. I joined TER and P411 before I even tried. Had to rent a room anyway for me, and invited one of the best around. Had a drink with her, turned on the music, turned around and she was nearly naked on the bed except thong, I almost fainted for real. That's nervous. I'm still good friends with her even tho she's retired. 


  3. 15 minutes ago, NolaScofflaw said:

    I don't understand how that approach wouldn't be appreciated.  Imagine how easy and efficient this process would be from their end if we were all like this.

    You're too brash IMO, I approached a YL a couple of weeks ago via her contact, gave her my name, never asked about anything else, and I have no references by choice on TOB, but did tell her she could verify my presence here or on P411.  I asked if her In was private as I do not do hotels, she asked why, I said preference is all, BAM rates back at me and when do I want to schedule, easy peasy. You're definitely doing something wrong here. 


  4. On 2/9/2019 at 7:44 AM, Milos Vesely said:

      These days, I usually down some Chinese food starting with hot Won Ton Soup (not as nasty as menudo), followed much much later by some stir fried and noodles, all with lots of water. 

    What y'all got against Menudo. I make it by the Big Batches a lot. Freeze up to 12 bags of it. I made Pho last night, they're both Collagens and yes that helps a hangover, flu, cold, good stuff. Leave Menudo alone dammit, good stuff! Like Won Ton soup...


  5. 9 hours ago, Hobby Hobbit said:

    In Denver for business during the snow storm that happened a few days ago, I called a TOB provider whose persona, complete with images of BEAUTIFUL, perky natural breasts and a tight ass, is that of a BBBUSTY, mature, full-figured woman flavoriteI Replete with good to great reviews,



  6. When I 1st started in this I had to Google what Manscaping even was. Thought "Oh Hell No", then one lady said I had to meet her halfway, as I'm a rather hairy person. I always at least go a #2 on the nether regions. I'm actually on my 3rd electric razor lol. Little embarrassing on physicals, but has led to some quite interesting conversations and good advice from my physician. 


  7. 18 minutes ago, MikeInCOSprings said:

    Guess I am going to the clinic on Monday...

    Just go to your doctor if you have health insurance. Lot cheaper and have him/her do a full blood workup on you. I do it on a regular basis cause I have high BP, so blood sugar, cholesterols, and STI's all BOOM at one time. My BP is a 900 lb gorilla. No other issues, 62 in May and not diabetic, or even close, stuff like that. Plus doc will have you screened for everything under the sun, clinic won't.