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  1. 3 hours ago, Mr.Pink said:

    WTF are you serving these clients Dom Perignon to drink? One more thing, i'am calling bullshit on the alleged 5k a month on expenses. 



  2. 28 minutes ago, stevie-2249 said:

    I don’t care how much you try to prove it to anyone you don’t spend 5000 a month in this business to be a provider!!!! And if you do you should rethink a new profession.



  3. Spicy: 2 lbs elk burger, 2.5 lbs pork rib tips from the carniceria, 26 Pueblo chili’s, 4 arbor chilis (up to 30k Scoville HOT!) for flavor, 3 big ass sweet onions, 20 cups beef broth, sweet bell peppers, cumin, some other minor spices,1 lb pinto beans, eating nothing but elk chili this week, burritos, bowls, huevos, and still froze up 5 big bags. Food for a month or more, maybe $30.00. I nailed the dish too, really good and just the right spicy, flavor-able big time. Only hard part I slow cook so total time, 12 hrs prep and cook, x $1000/hr, my biz rate on a good deal, just like fishing or duck hunting.


  4. 5 minutes ago, Audrey Astor said:

    You and Pink both know that the down votes were due to y’all making a mockery of a woman being abused. Not cool. I’m sure you both are fine people, but there are just some things that are not joke worthy.

    We all love 3 ways!!! Bring them on! And Chrissy I still like your hiney! :P



  5. Laci, it is with much bravado, that I also extend my warmest wishes for your Birthday, and as well my sincerest wishes for your well-being.

    I am proud to call you friend.

    I like obviously so many, appreciate your spirit, your humor, that you truly care about people (and animals too lol). It is these traits, and many many more, that set you apart from so many.

    Again, Happy Birthday Laci French, many more to be had, and Please Be Safe.



  6. 4 hours ago, easytimes81006 said:

    I have frequently marveled at the fact that some women remain 29 years old for 3, 4, even 5 years at a time.

    Amen to that, I know of one who's 43, be 44 this year, her teeth are falling out, turning black and she still adverts she's 30, only because 29 rolled over on her last birthday. Another that's perpetual 39, which is ok but still. I like P411's new field of Actual Age. I prefer 35+ as well and generally with exception of one I used to see regularly anyone under.