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  1. LOL, that's the only thing we men are good for evidently. I told a friend she might want to check out an exercise program as for her height and weight, she might wanna get back to fighting condition. That was 3 weeks ago. Haven't heard from her since. I'm not one to talk tho, I could use some toning myself. Never throw stones in a glass house I suppose. 


  2. OP's thread reminded me of a Carpenter's song, went something like this:

    thinking to myself, want something cold
    ice cream would seem to fit
    with some fudge and nuts on it
    waiter comes 'round
    served with a big white mound
    mayonnaise on sundaes always gets me down

    what i've got does nothing to enthuse
    nothing could be more wrong
    salad dressing don't belong
    choking it down
    waiter must be a clown
    mayonnaise on sundaes always gets me down

    runny, and its seems so oily
    what am i to do ?
    its vile, i really bugs me
    crummy on ice cream
    but, hell, i guess that it will do
    although the combo just disgusts me

    tastes like nothing i have ate before
    no use to toss it out
    i just bite my lip and pout
    swirl it around
    see if i can gag it down
    mayonnaise on sundaes always gets me down

  3. Don't care for music much if at all. I talk a lot. Recently I had an extended time with a Professional Stripper and did ask to start off with a lap dance, she was into Bowie, how can anybody not be. On my iTunes I have an extensive Bowie collection. That worked out to my favor Big Time. I'll never forget that dance. 


  4. 2 minutes ago, N6_in_the_village said:

    All the cats are different than a real cat because they're smiling at the viewer. A real cat looks at humans with disdain, the way a boss looks at employees who don't work hard enough at their jobs.

    WTF LOL...I think there all different so I say 0, but in reply to your reply...



  5. 14 minutes ago, ilovewomen said:

    I just came downstairs and the TV is tuned to   a sports channel.

    They are showing the Pro FootVolley Tour.

    Volleyball with no hands. Only feet, head, chest and body.


    Must be a slow sports day.

    At least the ladies posting scores are in tiny bikinis 😂😂

    Dude, there's awesome March Madness going on right now. Slow Sports Day? Huh?


  6. 38 minutes ago, UTF4ME said:

    This is hot: Black Mamba Get Bitten(See link below)


    I use this hot sauce almost every Friday and Saturday(Sunday is the day reserved for extra toilet time, TMI I know but good to know cause this shit is HOT) The other thing is it has great taste. That and a little bits goes a long ways(if you want to spice it up but make it bearable for SO or other family members that don't want to be sweating until 1am in the morning)



    I ordered a bottle. Should be interesting.