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  1. It’s happened to me twice. 1st time was in a low-grade hotel. I was still literally a newbie and big time nervous of that part of town, room was right across from a Village Inn Pancake House with big ass windows that everyone could see me, 11:00am appt, got the text to come up to room#. Being 1sttime there I thought had to go through the lobby…NO, steps right out of the room directly across from the VI windows, man am I stoopid. Laying talkin with my hostess and BOOM BOOM BOOM on the door, she just HOLLARS “NO THANK YOU!”, housekeeping, fuck I thought LE for sure. 



    2nd time, appt set for 11:00am again different lady, and my 2nd time seeing her. Same chain, much better part of town, and definitely wayyy cleaner. She calls me up and says stop and grab a bottle of vino. I knew just the bottle as it’s one I gift a lot of people, in the Hobby or RW. I ask you got glasses, nope, opener, nope, plastic cups on the sink, yup. Get there open the wine and we have a habit of talking sometimes for hours before we get started, did that. She’s now hungry and I say order Chinese it’s on me. While another hour goes by and still no food, so calls Chinese food place and says dudes. Knock comes at the door, she jumps up and screams ” FUCK IT’S the COPS!”, dude was crackin the fuck up when I opened the door, tip was more than the tab on that one lol, we trashed that bedspread with Chinese food, it was good tho. 



    I’ve never had an unpleasant experience in a hotel, but the 1stone is why I no longer do hotels, unless I rent the room. 


  2. I have Gout, but with the wonder of ancient topical Indian remedies, combined with anti-inflammatory essential oils, I can get through the flare ups without heavy duty kidney harming meds. So far knock on wood, that's it. 


  3. Selfies are fine. I'd like to me more honesty on stats, age to me is important. Physical attributes as well. I' 5'6" and am embarrassed around a lady taller than me to be honest, that's just me tho. You and I know each other so your selfies are accurate, might wanna watermark them sometimes tho. I pay for pro picks in my business...NOT CHEAP at all. 


  4. I can't remember which one I tried a couple o years back, but it was more bait n switch than TOB, actually I've never had that issue but many say. I did meet one gal I bought lunch for and Aint Bee showed up. Actually a really great time but needless to say I cancelled my membership. I just googled it...eHarmony. Never ever again. 


  5. 10 minutes ago, petey-9950 said:

    Who remembers the yellow pages phone book and Westwood?

    Shit even the Denver Post and Rocky Mtn News. I hired many a stripper for bachelor parties from them. When I couldn't find some I'd just hit a club and invite a couple of the ladies over. I was always in charge go bachelor party entertainment lol. Some really outta hand parties let me tell ya, way fun. 


  6. On 3/30/2019 at 9:38 PM, boink36 said:

    I know absolutely nothing about women but even I know better than to say something like this. I can't believe you're not sleeping with the fishes. :D

    I talked it out with her, there was no problem at all, in fact she appreciated the candor and is going to try and do something about getting healthier. Those that know me know I'm not afraid to finish a conversation with someone, "Sorry but somebody's gotta say it". Hasn't caused me any grief with anyone yet. I have no issue being told to stand down as well. 


  7. When I started I had to figure how to Google even what an Escort was. I joined TER 1st, then P411 which was a huge chore cause I knew nobody. BP directed me to all this, but 1st I had to find BP. Then I had to find my 1st newbie friendly, and oh did I luck out. As I had already figured out how to get on P411 with no ref's, that helped Big Time. I didn't even know TOB existed until my 3rd date. the 1st date ended up with my 1st ok, then I achieved 2 more, and Bam I was in. Then I found out about TOB. Never introduced myself, kept workin at it and I've had the pleasure to meet some Fine People, and not just the Ladies either. I'm having lunch on Saturday with a friend I met through the grapevine. All these threads how do I get started etc., I never asked anyone. I Read, Reading is FUNdamental. It's served me anyways well through the years since August of 2015. They want to screen me, please screen me, I'm also honest with them and POLITE. I have no advice except Due Diligence on your own. I know it's tougher now, I hear it from everyone, but honestly NO, I don't wish I knew everything then that I  know now. We're all people with people lives, and that's how I approach this. Peace.