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  1. Homemade Laci French bread lol. Still to hot to handle. Part will be made into croutons for my chicken salad with homemade ranch dressing. Rest will sop up some badass green chili baby back ribs I'm Cookin up. 



  2. 19 minutes ago, Barbi said:

    We are all made up of energy....It is when the other person releases that energy that is  achieved....It is a sharing of that release of energy that occurs that you can feel inside you, whether it is real or not is not the point, it is the sharing in the energy that is being produced that is the experience in itself....Thats the best way that I can describe what happens....

    It is much like information that we learn about, everyone perceives that information differently on the level that they can and it is in sharing that information that forms our sense of reality.....Just because someone else does not see that information the same way that you do, does not make it less real to them....I am not certain if that makes any sense at all Neo1 but that is how reality actually is for people and that does not make it any less or more real to that person....

    Huh? WTF did I just read? Translate please. 


  3. 1st off, how big is your hand. I've only met one that could take a man's fist, but have seen gals that like to do it with each other. You can take the foot fantasy and...well shove it up your nose, Jeez, some peoples kids. 


  4. I'm good at soups. I make my own pho, menudo, gumbo, chicken noodle, it don't matter. I'm good at all cajun. I'm good at Chinese. I can bake my own bread, cookies, etc., I can make candy. I can smoke out the neighborhood, smoked meatloaf, whatever, really good at that. I can fry chicken, walleye's, shrimp, mushrooms, you name it. I can roast standing rib roasts, and feed a bunch of our mutual friends, the Yorkshire pudding is awesome. I can make my marinara from scratch, no canned goods at all. Usually end of growing season I raid my friends gardens. I simply love to cook and believe in reading recipe's over and over again before I start. I believe in spices. Don't even ask me about my quiche. I rarely order takeout, delivery and only visit restaurants for business or when we have a group. 


  5. I agree. I personally have no references and don't allow any followers on TOB. My Okay's on P411 are aging especially as more Ladies retire. 2017 was my last Okay. I simply don't ask for them anymore, I do suppose I should but I'm extremely choosy who I see, and simply don't have a problem...yet. I will keep my P411 account current tho. I also haven't reviewed anyone since 2017, simply don't care for the review format anymore, suppose I should at some time do that as well. Actually I'm not even sure if there is a review protocol, but reviews anymore put me to sleep, do not invite interest. With the influx of sooooo many Gents and Ladies I do understand the need, guess at some point I need to conform. Damn Red-Neck ol Hippie Coloradoan is all I am. I do Vote tho.