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  1. Well, It finally happened

    Shoot a 90 min drive just across Denver wouldn't be uncommon.
  2. K Time to Lighten It Up Again...

    Mommy Needs Vodka...
  3. Valentine's Day

  4. A tough one for me

    If one has a P411 account you could send them points, that's how I did it. If they have a fake id, you could moneygram to Walmart. I've only ever paid 1 and I still saw her 3 weeks later.
  5. DIA

  6. P411 Access

    I just upped for another 6 months, I wasn't up till Feb but I'm not willing to give up my membership.
  7. Deposits

    I've never ever been asked for a deposit, even when I asked dumb questions like you just did. Step back, read the forum and move forward from there. I have however paid a, and only one cancellation fee, and still saw her a month later. Slow down cowboy, like Laci states, is she reputable? If not, plenty of other opportunities. Do your due diligence...RESEARCH!
  8. Why do men have nipples?
  9. Non-traditional providers...

    Been there done that. The weirdo I was with jumped up when they knocked "Oh Shit It's the Cops" We destroyed that bed in soy sauce. Gee wonder who Too funny. I tipped dude well tho.
  10. As long as they're Real, IDM. Yes I have certain preferences, but the biggest one is connection and conversation. And while I only have a certain amount of reviews, I've met so many more that are wayyyyy cooooool. I still have connection and conversation with many, even if we haven't seen each other in a minute. Also communication is not with the Ladies only. I do chat with other peers as well. I've met some nice people on this forum, in person, having a beer.
  11. Found this cool instructional tho...
  12. Kissing, giving oral

    Lick n Go and Blow and Go.
  13. Vice activity