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  1. Providers Texting Customers?

    I only text regulars with specials for the simple fact that they said i could at one point, and i enjoyed the session as well.
  2. I love the orgasmic larger than normal clitoris, don't you?

    I never really noticed the different sizes until my so brought it up to me. He said some thing that made me wonder why was it any different for a small clit to big fatty. Than I watched some educational porn and noticed that big clits got more attention from mouths and fingers and clitoral orgasm's had lots of umph behind them... interesting stuff.
  3. Real friends in the industry

    Thank you everyone. Sorry about the delayed response been busy lately with some much needed family time. Yes we do need to share more stories about the good things we have so much going on from paranoia to trying to get good reviews or even a client. From photos to screening so much goes into this. And the men have desires and phone calls with no lady's on the other end. screening to the drive to the anticipation to the paranoia and then to the experience. so yes we do need friends to talk to. Ego... we all have one some are bigger than other's. I have never been not arrogant or egotistical by any means I think its a Aries thing. Mine is fucking huge lol But I can be respectful and humble. I usually keep my opinions to myself. But I have too been on the side of where nobody liked me so I know how it feels to be friendless and lonely. Time's change like the seasons in Colorado one day its doom and gloom next its sunshine and redheads. Love gingery men. You just don't know. Kinda like you are what you eat how often is that really true.
  4. Sexy Santa secret fantasy.

    Ah the holiday season is upon us and you know what that means. It is time to get your lady's gifts for the holiday's And lady's its time where you get very extra with your special gifts to the fellas who keep us alive all year long. Woke up with a naughty little fantasy of a bathroom bj at the office of a few fellas I know. Tough to be a secret santa when your in the hobby becuase you just can't show up and gift someone with hot pussy pie or naughty suck off and swallow. But that is what fantasies are all about. What is your sexy santa fantasy if you could give one to any of your favorites.
  5. 411 on backpage BBW

    could be that she hates bp and finds it dangerous so she post there so the better clients from tob can see she is available than she deletes the ad so she doesnt keep getting calls when she isn't available. She has reviews that is good meaning she has been experienced also good for you. Maybe she didn't change her number just uses a temporay one when her phone is broken or out of minutes. email and ask hun...
  6. The moans of men

    OOOH visual responses are very sexy ! Like hard nipples and still clits . Very sexy squirming too My favorite is stuttering when someone has anticipated the visit so much that they can't contain themselves when speaking. lol
  7. You know I have seen so much in this industry. When you have been around for a long time you meet alot of people, either on the phone ,email ,or in person. Sometimes its hard as a provider to have interactions with other provider's because of gossip or competitive way's. It becomes really lonely especially when we should talk to each other and be more social. I am lucky that I have made some acquaintances and friends on here that I could call and talk to. I could ask about a reference and know that they are solid and they're word is golden. But I have also experienced the negative in that as well with gossip from clients or some hater shit and bad ideas because they may not like how one represents themselves. Like I said it can be lonely. Some people start out as friends and then some crazy stuff happens then they are not friends anymore. That sucks because were grown and need to stick together as far as comforting each other and communication is concerned. But Some don't nor can't be mature in that sense. Gossip , bad communication and hurt feelings get in the way and then people are no longer friends. Or the cliqued up ones who run in packs ... you know if your in than out your automatically alone. it is terrible that that how this industry and other occupations are like that. No fun at all. Last night a friend of mine a very well reviewed entertainer saw me on eb and reached out to me with "where have you been I missed you call me ". When I saw this it was really late I knew she would be up but I decided it was too late so i waited to call her till this morning. I text-ed and we immediately picked up where we left off. i learned about how people she was once close with are no longer close and it made me sad because she has always been kind. We spent most of the afternoon hanging out and she vented I listened. I vented she listened. It was pleasant and just like how I always known her to be. Before we met up I asked her if she had somethings I really needed that I couldn't afford to get at the time due to some loss I experienced recently. I asked her if she had any extra of whatever. I didn't think she would help me because everyone I asked said they would help and never did. She showed up... and helped me out. I welcomed her in my new place introduced her to the s.o and we went in my room and chatted for a few hours it was nice I complimented her on her refreshed look and nice figure she looked amazing and much more confident. She noticed a few things about me. We got caught up and I learned a lot about people and the negativity that occurs over jealousy and competitive nonsense when there is no reason for it. We went out to eat and I was humbled she invited me out. I listened to her intently and thought what a shame nobody can see her the way i do. As a very kind individual. I always thought that. Today just made that even more real for me. She helped me with a great need. A need that none of my closest people could help me with. She did. We made plan's to hang out again and i was happy because its lonely out here. I have a lot of friends in the industry that I chat with from time to time from lady's to the fellas. I wanted her to know that i wasn't going anywhere I would be her friend no matter how things went I have been that way always with all that I know... Not perfect but I listen for sure. I am thankful that this lady is still around. Still working and still well liked by most. She really did me a real favor Some of the lady's that i know on the boards that have been around along time have these quality's. Kindness and big hearts. Its not all bad out there. Friendships can be kept. Doesn't have to be so chaotic at all. Why it gets like this i don't know. Feeling thankful today just wanted to share my day with you all.
  8. The moans of men

    You never know but even if it was fake the show had to be really awesome. Sometimes that inner pornstar just has to creep out... hard to put it back when your in the moment.... right?
  9. The moans of men

    Giggling ... I know there have been sometimes where I did that and the poor fello was worried ... I was shy or nervous. Good looking or extra confident men could bring that out sometimes . I laugh everytime I here air noises from down below from any one. I laugh when I hear wet sounds too.
  10. The moans of men

    I had a man that made lady sounds turned me right off. I enjoy heavy breathing. and some ohh baby whispers
  11. The moans of men

    Oh man I wish that would happen especially when being mounted. I alway's thought he was hot when he made those sounds but now you just took it to another level a sexual one ... your bad geecue very bad lol.
  12. The Process of Learning (Sorry for the double post!)

    Chin up it gets better! lots better
  13. The moans of men

    I have recently discovered how much I enjoy the moans and sounds of men. I really never thought about it as offten I am focused on other things. But lately I am noticing that I really enjoy the sounds that men make. So many different types of sounds from heavy breathing to grunting to the sound of that final release. Pretty enjoyable. I often wonder why some men don't make any sounds at all. Do you like the sounds of passion when enthralled in the heat of the moment lady's? Men have you ever made a weird sound during that moment that made you laugh out loud. Passing gas doesnt count becuase that is alway's funny no matter who does it.
  14. Its Saturday any plans ?

    Hi Tob, Hows everyones day going? So its Saturday any plans for adventure today? My plans are to escape the S.O ie warden lol jk kidding I plan on getting some fresh air and maybe buying a dress. been stressed at work wanna go blow off so steam. I could use a dirty story... Maybe I will put one up. anyway back to work at the office I can't escape lol. what are you going to do ?
  15. well isnt it up for like a debate a woman could have showered a half hour before hand like you said and than right at the last minute had to use the restroom while in there she used a wipe to handle up... still gonna hold it agenst her for wanting a fresh lower level ...?