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  1. Honey, may I call you honey? are in no way, shape or form the reason for any issues a client has in his personal relationships. If a man is seeking out a provider in the first place and in a supposed committed relationship then there are already major issues going on. You didn't seduce the guy into throwing his promises to his SO to the curb. Whatever is going on there was already happening before you showed up. Don't be so hard on yourself. I believe the answer of "sorry wrong number" that was mentioned earlier is a good one. 

    yes you may. I guess maybe I'm taking on more responsibility than I should be. I just hate to see another woman hurt because of me. I hate people being hurt in general



  2. Not at all - quite the opposite, But you do seem a bit concerned over what is NOT your responsibility! It is not your job to cover for a guy who is too much of a dumb ass to cover his tracks.  Don't have SO issues at moment, but if I did I would not expect you/other ladies to cover for my sorry ass. :)

    "Sorry, I think you have the wrong number", "click" should suffice.

    I just don't want to be the reason for issues, even if he's the idiot. Idk ...



  3. The client(s) should cover their tracks, I agree. If not, they'll not be doing this very much longer. No provider should be put in that position with an SO. Have you been hanging up or have you engaged in a conversation? Geez, that has to be awkward for everyone involved...then the John has some 'splainin' to do to the SO!!

    i just say something llike idk who you or he is! Maybe you should ask him



    You don't sound like Bitch to me at all. This is important. This can happen if the wife finds the hobby phone too. Im not sure how guy could 100% hide us. One thing is true, mgiadarling has very point, girlfriends and wives always know. I have to agree this. I think some just except it for one reason or another. 

    women just know when their man is going somewhere else. we always will know


  5. I wrote a paper on this earlier this year for a History class. Researched SEVERAL books regarding Royal Mistresses in Europe. They weren't always entitled to the items unless they were given tittles. Even then, they still had no guarantees. The Queen was a Contract where the Royal Mistresses were like pawns. This is an absolutely fascinating topic to tangent on about; if you want some great reads send me a PM and I can give you a list. :) 


    utterly fascinating indeed! thank you