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  1. Labiaplasty? OUCH!

    I'm sorry but my lovely labia are staying just how they are! even if I had beef curtains, I'd just learn how to tuck them or tape them or something
  2. And on the Sugar Baby front

    from what I gather, it's basically just a long term arrangement. the baby gets an allowance and agrees to do what ever they agree to up front. basically it's a hooker with an open ended contract and a stable income source. just from what I've gathered...
  3. hey all!!

    ohhhh ok! haha thanks! this newfangled terminology sure gets me confused sometimes lol... actually a lot of the time. good thing I can look most of it up
  4. hey all!!

    what's shilling?
  5. I'm hoping to get signed up there soon myself! especially after seeing you ladies and gents rave about it!
  6. hey all!!

    thank you pretty lady! and right back at ya! 💋
  7. Specialty menu items?

    lol! I looked them up in urban dictionary and couldn't find anything.
  8. hey all!!

    hi guys! and thank you!!! 💋
  9. I had this happen to me soooo many times today. spent most of my day watching movies and coloring while one guy after the next cancelled or just plane flaked on me. I don't take it too hard when they cancel. at least they aren't toying with me. some even go so far as to tell me they're 5 minutes away or even here... what is the kick? how could flaking out or playing games be more pleasurable than making your appointment?
  10. hey all!!

    thank you!
  11. Don't lie about your age!

    I lie about my age on bp. I learned to start doing that, after being accused of posting old photos because there was no way I could be as old as my ad said and look as young as I do. I'm 33 and I post for 25. also, I'm really immature for my age. so it works out
  12. hey all!!

    thank you! I'm already enjoying some of the forum conversations as it is 😊
  13. Trick of the trade??

    I know sex shops sell ointments/creams that are supposed to make your vagina tighter. how, I don't know as I've never used them. otherwise your deodorant theory is what I would go with. I would think the older ladies, knowing all about kegals wouldn't need a tightening cream though. curious indeed!
  14. hey all!!

    I've absolutely got heels!
  15. hey all!!

    thank you hun!
  16. Blacklisted?

    that would be great! thank you!!
  17. Blacklisted?

    how does one go about adding to this list if they're not yet a verified provider yet?
  18. hey all!!

    thank you darlin!
  19. Popping The Question

    I don't enjoy finger play at all, but generally don't have a problem with anal. the surprise or "it slipped" usually end with me moving quite quickly in the other direction though. it's got to be done right!
  20. hey all!!

    it was happy enough for me! I lazed around and watched movies all day while coloring on fuzzy posters lol. non productive and just what I needed!
  21. hey all!!

    I'm new to tob and just wanted to say hi to everyone and happy Halloween!
  22. hey all!!

    thank you!