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  1. seriously fellas! please clean up after yourself! women know! they always know!!! delete delete delete please. I'm so tired of playing dumb with your women. that is all
  2. Ladies!! Why is this month slow?

    in pueblo there's a ton of clients and money ladies!!' just left there and did very well.
  3. odd.... for some reason when clients google my # something pops up about escorts being busted. these damned sites are killing me!!!!
  4. And on the Sugar Baby front

    never twisted. I've had a house. Just prefer to kkee it in my name. Hate being at someone else's mercy.
  5. Cancelations & ncns

    i love this idea!!!
  6. agreed! People really suck nowadays
  7. that's awful!! Is it just one lady?
  8. calls from the wife/girlfriend

    yes you may. I guess maybe I'm taking on more responsibility than I should be. I just hate to see another woman hurt because of me. I hate people being hurt in general
  9. I don't take it personally. As long as I know you're leaving me satisfied...
  10. calls from the wife/girlfriend

    I just don't want to be the reason for issues, even if he's the idiot. Idk ...
  11. Kegel exerciser for men

    I do then every time I talk on the phone. I think a doctor told me that once when I was young and its stuck with me
  12. calls from the wife/girlfriend

    I never keep a clients data. And especially don't call asking for a return visit. Shit sounds desperate
  13. calls from the wife/girlfriend

    i just say something llike idk who you or he is! Maybe you should ask him
  14. calls from the wife/girlfriend

    except I don't sound like jake!!!!
  15. calls from the wife/girlfriend

    I use google voice. it's free and it helps me differentiate between work calls and normal everyday stuff
  16. calls from the wife/girlfriend

    exactly!!!! how am I supposed to handle your jealous wife?! I just wish the guys would get better at covering their tracks!!!
  17. calls from the wife/girlfriend

    apologies if I sound like a bitch. I just get frustrated with dealing with things like this. it's much too often... and I don't know what I'm supposed to say/do
  18. And on the Sugar Baby front

    utterly fascinating indeed! thank you
  19. hey all!!

    hey everyone. I'm new to the board and freshly out of retirement. I was a well reviewed provider on [snip] before the site was taken down. just looking for some tips and pointers on navigating this site and hoping to acquire some reviews here as well!
  20. And on the Sugar Baby front

    so Webster doesn't agree... do the sb's really not put out at all? why not just give all your money to a stripper? [snip] or girls like me?
  21. Labiaplasty? OUCH!

    sorry, not sorry?
  22. And on the Sugar Baby front

    I definitely wouldn't mind being a mistress in the historic sense! when they retire, they even get to keep the house given them!!!
  23. And on the Sugar Baby front

    in historic Britain a mistress was the equivalent of today's sugar baby. she was given her own home, jewelry, an allowance. all of it. I feel the term, in the historic sense anyways, is equivalent to the modern "sugar-baby"