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  1. how to return to the hobby

    Hope you can find your references ? Important for providers to know your safe. You will be having fun in no time.
  2. Shower and GFE

    Just Jos is right on it! I couldn't of said it better. Gym just makes me a mess and my face is flush for hours after. Then putting on war paint just is almost laughable. Then there's the 5 showers a day wile working that just make me not want to get in again for the day.
  3. finding new site to find provider

    Hope you got some great input. It’s. Cool place. P411 is the mid west and Texas easy kind site. I’m not sure if the erotic review board is a MN and ND board. But Craig’s list scares the shit out of me unless I have a background checker running phone numbers. Hey and Denver is a good place so consider travel 👍🏻
  4. Marie punch card?

    It is a common name after all! Also it sound virgin like lol and possibly Spanish. always a favorit
  5. Shower and GFE

    only if shower is big en-off, if you can understand.
  6. so i passed the pet food factory on i-70 today.....

    Oh gross, I feel for you. I know with the perfume store they have coffee beans around to take away the pallet smell of the previous perfume maybe that would work I have no idea worth a try .
  7. Really B!#$&.. You just logged in!

    Yep. I alway offer to be a reference. Often I'm at my Secount job and can't reply right a way. I try to understand that girls need there private time at home and my not be available to reply to my reference request. I don't like to think that they don't resonde because they are jelious that's ugly and I hope that's not the case. Make friends not enemies we all need each other's support
  8. Soooo...about those dick pics!!!

    I like this on. It smiles😃.
  9. I got a text

    I agree .
  10. Hey Guys! New Italian Chick on TOB!

    Welcome Beautiful
  11. Hurricane Irma and The Industry

    Running away from Florida so glad to have a Denver connection. Can't go back to Florida for about a week or so
  12. Tattoos.......

    Love a colorful tasteful tattoo . Not trashie
  13. Reno friends?

    Hey are there any Reno friend. I'm going to be coming out to Reno in a few weeks hoping to meet some new friends ?
  14. In-Call ???

    Well I wish you luck. 👌🎶 it seems like in all parts of the country there are particular special boards men and providers Connect safely on. You will need to know which ford goes to what part of the country to be a part of it . It was never 100% guarantee but pretty much 99% . Safe. Always cross reference phone numbers and email addresses with LinkedIn Facebook Twitter picture of her not LE . [Snip} . Lol good luck
  15. posting ads ? how often ?

    As often as you want to? 5 times a day is a good number. Unless your booked all day then only 1 is good. I recently accidentally put my wrong phone number one digit off and had to post over the postings about five times shit happens 🙃😉😁🤣😄enjoy
  16. Move on! Clean it up as best you can. Hang with my friends😉🎶
  17. Bolder CO?

    I'd really like to go to Boulder if nothing else just to see it I'm sure it's beautiful has anybody been there as a provider and is it fun for the gentleman gentlemen ? thanks
  18. So That's What That Means.....

    Lol 😂 I know we need our own Dictionaries for providers
  19. Heads or Tails,

    I'm stuck in Dubai. Paper work takes so long here. Everday it's like flipping a coin, Maybe if the flip two coins at the same time ? Lol ramadan nothing gets done . Lol Anybody have an apartment? Hotels are ok priced . Flip coin again tomorrow. 🌎⚽️🏏
  20. Heads or Tails,

    Groundhog Days
  21. I did this back in oct/ Nov 16 and he rip me off and I haven't look back. Always wonder if it was the way we met? Oppinion? I have moved on to single life again I have been a loner for 8 years. Lol and a provider so, well you know lol I have great friendships with clients. 👍🏻👍🏻💪💅💄. Works better for me.
  22. I think I'm going to dinner with clients for free twice and both times The guys alway wanted more for free🤦‍♀️Is it just me or does this happen frequently . I get lonely in my travel sometimes and would like to go to dinner with somebody I just don't want the problematic situations that have follow . In my travels I like to come into town and then leave and not really talk to anybody from that town that works really well for me. Because I have my own business at home I don't want them to to cross over eachother
  23. Perfume or not ?

    Friends asking perfume I wonder if it would be OK to wear lotion that smells really good my x(Asshole ) introduce me to lotions that smell really nice body butters you think that would be OK give me some suggestions guys . I personally love perfume helps keep me in a good mood and feel fresh and clean I just love it but if I can't wear is there something I could use?
  24. More on your opinion of what photos you prefer to see(:

    Really guy! Lol omg get a magazine! I think all shots are ok just some cameras do not have high resolution along with other crap snap stuff so you just make do🤷🏼‍♀️. I had a few pro done pictures and only ones that look good where outside on a ranch in VA and in a barn lol not sure what that says about me try not to let your minds wander
  25. Condoms - Yes or No?

    No drama . Just love