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  1. finding new site to find provider

    The best site I have found for the Dakotas is eccie I am pretty active on there. TER gets some action, but not much. Now in MN, TER is huge and eccie is very weak. GBN has never gained a lot of traction in the Dakotas, but is big as you get into eastern IA and IL. Unfortunately, we are stuck checking out BP a lot of the time. I have found some good ones, but have also TOFTT quite a few times.
  2. NE Colorado or SW Nebraska

    Hello everyone. I am new here on the board. I rarely spend time in CO, unless it is a layover at the Airport. [snip] I will be in very NE Colorado or SW Nebraska on Monday night the 13th. I do not know for sure where yet. Is there any ladies that frequent that area? It is probably just wishful thinking, but who knows. [snip] I am very active on another board that cover the Dakota's, Nebraska and Iowa. These are my main travel areas. I do have provider references from that area.