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  1. Favorite food on a cold day

    Great! thank you!!
  2. Favorite food on a cold day

    Two birds? do you know the name of the hotel or the restaurant? or the street? any reference? Thanks
  3. Client Etiquette

    Well in that case, no, you shouldn't ask for something like that at all. It's even worst suggesting doing it for X amount of money, it's illegal.
  4. Client Etiquette

    You mean while contacting her to schedule an appointment? Upon arrival? Once you are in bed with here? The answer to your question depends on when you want to make the question.
  5. Anyone worried about

    OK thanks! I'll look at them
  6. Favorite food on a cold day

    Yes!.... but only if somebody is bringing a real Paella from Valencia
  7. Favorite food on a cold day

    Spanish Paella!!!
  8. Intelligence level....

    Simple: you didn't pass her screening. Having references is not enough. Not all providers trust in all providers. Maybe you have references from women she doesn't trust or they don't have enough reputation. Probably she didn't like you because of the way you communicate on your PMs, which from the way you rant seems pretty obvious Being a board member with about 10 posts and having a few references is not enough. As some other people already said, move on, because she already moved on about you
  9. Anyone worried about

    I've considered it for a while now and did some research, but it's not user-friendly yet. You have to be kind of a hacker to be able to use a VPN both on your computer and phone at the same time.
  10. Got a chuckle from a recent ad.

    I can't imagine how could I be involved un such difficult predicament.... hehehe....
  11. An interesting euphemism

    Prostitution is something more defined than SD/SB arrangements. Walking on the prostitution road is like walking on a one-colored road. Walking on the SD/SB arrangement path is like walking on a rainbow-colored road. The prostitution color is also included in the rainbow, but the rainbow have many more colors
  12. Got a chuckle from a recent ad.

    OK, thanks!
  13. Got a chuckle from a recent ad.

    Question! : Let's say a provider is a LE. Does anybody know if by answering "NO" she wouldn't be able to enforce the law when money comes out? Or vice-versa, being the client a LE and he answering NO?
  14. You are right but there are plenty of ladies that are newby friendly!
  15. Ask politely if you could use her as a reference but don't ask her upon leaving her place after your very first meeting. You don't want to put her in troubles if she doesn't want to give a reference. Maybe she doesn't do that or she didn't like you for whatever reason.... ask later by text, email or a call.
  16. Serious question

    No! don't do it, as simple as that, don't!
  17. Wow! those are really incredibly beautiful pictures!!
  18. An interesting euphemism

    Transactional relationship is a common term for the Sugar Daddy / Baby arrangements. I used Seeking Arrangement at some point and that's how some people there call it.
  19. Aubergine Sign

    Get well soon!!
  20. I really like when a guy shows some manners. For example, it helps if he doesn't throw his socks on top of my pillows!! Long winter underwears are funny!
  21. I agree with Kashmir but we also have to acknowledge that for most men with that particular characteristic having that conversation beforehand could be very difficult if not impossible: "Hey... I just wanted you to know that I have micro penis, uuhhh could you go to this website and buy micro-condoms for me? " Fortunately having 2 or 3 different brand/sizes at hand is usually enough
  22. Lights or no lights in the room?

    Thank you Leigh!
  23. Lights or no lights in the room?

    Lights on for me please!! Can't we enjoy men's beauty while working?
  24. Ok, this is going to sound nasty. Did you know that Bull semen is used as shampoo and hair treatment?? Well in California they are using it I was reading Cosmopolitan magazine and found this: