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  1. Hi all, what is the best Swinger hotel i nvegas? Also, someone just name all of them, will you? I would like to research!
  2. Swinger Unicorn info

    My gf and I are looking for a Unicorn ...for about a year now. We even tried a swinger club in Vegas that was a sausage fest. In Denver are there any sites or clubs to go for to get such a thing? We both prefer someone that wants to do it vs a stripper, etc.
  3. ( Almost) Lonely loner

    PM me
  4. Central City tonight?

    Hi Ladies, just got a room in Central City, PM me if you want to meet for a few hours of fun...new outfit included
  5. Tulsa?

    Going to the hard Rock Tulsa this weekend. Does anyone have a favorite provider over there? Recommendations? Kind of a desert without BP.
  6. Black hawk

    Anyone in black hawk tonight? PM me.
  7. Heading to Vegas and looking for some fun 1/6 and 1/7. I like em small and/or fake! PM Me.
  8. can anyone find any reviews on this hottie? TGTBT? http://www.eros-lasvegas.com/files/317658.htm
  9. Mon Chalet Friday

    Or tonight? PM Me
  10. Mon Chalet Friday

    Any girls interested in going to Mon Chalet Friday? PM me. Johny Cooper
  11. Best phone/plan for hobbying

    Yea, the reason I am considering it is so my SO doesn't see my activity on our shared ATT bill! Still interested in what other phones people use and what plans. I am liking the 1000 min for $100 idea at this point.
  12. Best phone/plan for hobbying

    Can some of you tell me: What phone and carrier/plan do you use for your hobbying? Where do you hide your hobby phone?
  13. Blackhawk

    DO ASP's ever go to Blackhawk and hang out? I was up there a week ago and didn't see a thing. Disappointing...