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  1. No super sensitivity

    So I've seen this lady twice now where the massage is good. However one thing that I find interesting is when I have the orgasm I'm not super sensitive like a lot of us guys are & I usually am. This happened both times. Only thing that was different is that she is sitting on my stomach when this happens. Anyone have thoughts on this? Maybe it's just her technique? Maybe it's that she's sitting on my stomach and I need to try another nice lady to do this as well? (Hint, hint)
  2. FitFirm in Longmont, legit?

    Chase D Colorado Body Rubs Anyone know anything about her?
  3. I had a real CMT massage tonight. I've seen her a few times now. She's Asian. The massages so far she's brushed my private area as she doesn't miss any spots & is thorough. Tonight definitely got my thigh creases and massaged/pulled up on my balls/scrotum. Because her English isn't perfect I think she said, "I'm shy." Does that make sense? Was she "fishing" for something? A extra tip? I would like some thoughts & opinions on this. Thanks in advance.
  4. Puzzled about a massage I had tonight

    The great thing is she's a great CMT too!
  5. Puzzled about a massage I had tonight

    Okay, so here's an update. I set up an appointment via text; that's the easiest way to set up with her. Set up time & all the regular details and told her that I'm ok & comfortable with anything & everything she wanted to do to me. Also, that I can be quiet & discrete about it. Will pay extra. The results where great and what I was suspecting. 😉
  6. Who's going to the EXXXOTICA expo?

    Think I'll be able to find an actual good sex toy for men there?
  7. Puzzled about a massage I had tonight

    I forgot to mention she asked if I was "okay" and mentioned almost at "the end". Forgive me as even though I've had FBSM before I knew what was expected & this is new.
  8. Tantric Massage Info?

    Unknown 303-601-3921 Colorado Body Rubs I was curious if anyone knows about her or any general thoughts?
  9. Anyone else having yahoo issues?

    I would strongly advise to get away from Yahoo as soon as possible due the the continued breaches in security they have for years now.
  10. On Becoming a Regular…

    This is such a hard thing to be clear. For me it's nice to have a regular or even have someone you see multiple times. You know what to expect for the most part and have that sure thing. The excitement of meeting someone new is great too. I am am very picky who I would like to see and I guess it comes down to what you're comfortable with & that can change from moment to moment.
  11. 50 years of Nerdvana

    I have her autograph!
  12. Falling For a Provider

    I hear ya. I think it's a hard subject to bring up on both sides.
  13. manscaping query...

    Once again get the Micro Touch Magic. You can get it at Walmart. 😊
  14. manscaping query...

    I've done waxing down there and I didn't have any problems.
  15. manscaping query...

    Micro Touch Magic.
  16. Incorrect Advertising?

    So I just came across a post the was in the body rubs section on BP. The woman referred the post to her website for additional info. I'm good with that. Upon reviewing her site she only has FS donations posted. I contacted her to inquire nicely that I didn't see an FBSM rates referring that I found her posting in the body rubs section. She replied that is her rates for either FBSM or FS. So am I incorrect in thinking that she posted incorrectly (seemingly purposely) in the wrong section?
  17. FBSM+

    I "asked" the same question a while ago & got blasted for it in my opinion. She posted in body rubs but only offered FS at the time. SMH
  18. Anyone tried it?

    Try sugaring waxing or laser.
  19. Not the average lady

    I saw a lady at a science fiction convention. I just "smiled inside".
  20. It's me or it's free: marketing scheme

    This always puzzled me too.
  21. Incorrect Advertising?

    Here's the facts plain and simple: I found her ad in the body rubs section. I looked at her website and didn't not find a rate for body rub. I asked politely to see what the rate was. The reply was the same as FS. I responded, "Oh, okay." I moved on with her directly. I then wanted others opinions on this. But then I feel like I personally attacked being called emtionally immature, etc. The rest you've seen. Not trying to cause any trouble or anything. I just honestly wanted opinions on this and those that stayed on topic; Thank you!
  22. Incorrect Advertising?

    That does not answer my question. I didn't want to out you but I will now! The fact is that you posted in body rubs but charge FS rates no matter what. Some of us prefer FBSM and I will not pay FS rate for a body rub. I asked a simple question to get others opinions, not to get this type of response. A response you couldn't even type out but instead just post a graphic response. Maybe someone that posts these type of responses knows this better because that the type of person they are. I was going to move on until you quoted me which I felt now that it should be documented on how I feel. I'm done with this discussion.
  23. Incorrect Advertising?

    Honestly the price is too high for FBSM. Her website only refers to FS. Can't we agree that FBSM is less expensive than FS?
  24. Ladies

    Since a couple of topics are mentioned here are my thoughts. I don't mind if there is a ASP only forum as long as there is a client only forum. Neither side should post, provide, distribute, inaccurate information. We all should "play" nice. 😊
  25. Why do you review?

    Plain & simple; to keep others safe and to help others to decide who to see.