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  1. Mexican restaurants

    No where near the dtc but at Mississippi and tejon is my favorite hole in the wall tequria called La noria.
  2. When is old too old?

    I have the same issue as this 90 year old and I'm in my 40s.
  3. Is P411 the only way?

    Translation... How did you know?
  4. Her previous ad says $160\hr.
  5. Attacked at the door

    Here's one. In April i bought a condo and my ATF came over and "broke in" every room. Feels like home now.
  6. I use aloe vera gel as a shaving cream for face and other, less irritation.
  7. Awkward

    Post reviews on both experiences.
  8. "You Can Never Do That"

    I'm in a similar situation. My coworker is in a low sex marriage and i bite my tongue whenever he talks about not getting any.
  9. Me too, and I can't go back to that barber again.
  10. ???? Body Image

    Looked up your pictures, very beautiful. .. if people expect perfection they will always be disappointed.
  11. 411 on Lindsey (917)

    Oh,let me guess, she never stopped reading the paper?
  12. Providers Texting Customers? I read this review and connected the dots... edit... link for summer bp on 1.4.2015
  13. Providers Texting Customers?

    So how does her texting you out of the blue equal a no show review? I don't agree with what she did at all but the review isn't accurate. I understand that you're angry and want to vent but that is what this thread is for.
  14. Intro and question about etiquette

    I'm about 100lbs lighter but I've never been told anything about my size. You can mention your size beforehand but i wouldn't worry about it.
  15. "Seems like every time you bowl it would cut you right in two."
  16. Tantra vs. Nuru - Difference?

    Tantra is more bringing you to the edge of orgasm over and over so when you do cum you paint the ceiling. Nuru is a body to body massage.
  17. Is age really just a number?

    My ATF is 5 years older then me and we have great sex.
  18. Curvy Women

    I think on reviews guys that don't have a good time try to leave a comment about fat as a way to lash out at the reviewee.
  19. 1 or 2 Reviews vs. 6 or 10

    1 or 2 tells me aren't LE hopefully, 6 to 10 tells me average experience of people that have seen you. so, the more the better.
  20. Location information disparity

    Wait, who told you that life was fair?
  21. Lingerie Preference ?

    Thrown on the floor.
  22. Making the switch :)

    Put those pictures are real, just not of her.
  23. The Fappening

    Ok, how about willing to have them published.
  24. The Fappening

    I think the point was she was willing to have those pictures taken. This wasn't willing and that's the problem.