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  1. Valentine's Day?

    So I'm probably in the dtc area for the next couple days at least & tonight I'm looking for something to do? Like where would all the fun singles be? Lol. Also if anyone has any info on weekend spots out here and in Colorado Springs as well? I'd really be forever thankful. ❤️
  2. Thinking about exploring Colorado!

    I was thinking Colorado Springs, DTC & maybe I'll look into greenly also 😘
  3. Thinking about exploring Colorado!

    I'm actually not from the East I live in Cali 😝 Lol.
  4. Thinking about exploring Colorado!

    I was thinking of coming to see the beautiful state of Colorado for the first time ever! I was curious which areas are breest to be around(DTC)? What hotels maybe the best? Really any advice? lol. Thank you! Xoxo.
  5. Hey Boys!

    Thanks guys!
  6. Hey Boys!

    Just wanted to say hi as I'm new on here! Hope everyone is having a wonderful Monday Evening.
  7. Anyone In Tyson's Corner? :)

    Just curious if this board has any lurkers out here?
  8. Hello Boys Of TOB Colorado!

    I just came across this review site [Snip} 😘 Just figured I would drop by and say hello. [Snip}