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  1. Hey Atlanta hobbyists

    Let’s try to get this forum cranked up, as long as it is here. I recently entered a review for my favorite massage lady and will do the same for others soon as I can. So what’s shakin out there?
  2. What’s the first thing you notice?

    I always look for a smile first
  3. How to be a provider's favorite...

    Good article, it’s all pretty obvious after years of hobbying, but not so much for newbies.
  4. To all the fellow hobbyists

    I set up a new encrypted email today, have a meet with someone new tomorrow via established references, we will hobby on!
  5. I miss you my favorite ASP.

    I finally remembered her name, Tabatha Shaun Grey was so passionate
  6. I miss you my favorite ASP.

    I enjoyed the variety of Club69 and Denver Sugar/Player, individually Nabinna was one of my favorites.
  7. To incall or not to incall...that is MY question.

    I prefer incalls to nice hotels and apartments with interior hallways so it isn’t obvious from a parking lot where I am headed.
  8. Jinsum.....i'm confused

    I had an unusual reply from her once after several normal email exchanges, I moved on also.
  9. 411 on Lia

    2 ter reviews indicate enhanced boobs, [snip] mix of 3G experience and some enthusiasm
  10. 411 on Brittany - Rockies BP

    She offers doubles with Kya, that's one of the ads with the same bedspread http://rockies.backpage.com/WomenSeekMen/sorry-guys-not-tonight/29876992
  11. Legit agencies in Denver

    It was the basic questions but my Denver sugar/ player reference was no longer valid, and two of my other references in Denver had recent le issues, so he ended up calling my home city references while I waited on the phone. I called him originally because I'm uncomfortable filling out online forms with personal info.
  12. Legit agencies in Denver

    I have seen 6 or so ladies with club69escorts.net Tiffany is still there, I met her several years ago. The approval process took an hour long phone call with the guy that answers but I was eventually approved and had good experiences with them.
  13. Saturday night?

    I'm up in the mountains but am renting a car this Saturday dec 24 to drive into Denver. I would love to meet a lady for a half hour or hour at about 7pm before I head back to the mountains. I am not a tob frequent poster but have many reviews on Ter under Elhombre41 Elhombre41
  14. Agency Hobbist - Phone booker guy or girl?

    Having dealt both with agencies run by men and by women, I have to say it doesn't matter at all as long as the agencies deliver.