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  1. Pop up

    I never read the popups, just close them and move on, Im surprised they say all of that, but it definitely will not affect my hobbying!
  2. 411 on Ava (from Eros)

    I met her several times in LV and elsewhere. She is thicker now, but tons of fun and gfe!
  3. Stripchat website hijacking my browser.

    Same here, on an ipad
  4. I Just Made A Shocking Discovery

    Nothing but longer relationships up until divorce. I discovered the hobby and cant see ever going back.
  5. Twitter

    I use twitter for secondary research, after tob and ter. Gives me a sense of their personality.
  6. Her TER reviews are very positive, 9 and 8 ratings in the detail section, ...
  7. TER

    I missed TER also, especially for my home city, am very glad TOB has been here for us all the while!
  8. Elisabeth Shye

    Thanks for the note that TER is back up, I was unaware of that!
  9. First Time

    My first was in Vegas, i asked for the Asian girl, an ebony girl showed up and enlightened me. I had a good time with her, and then she mentioned Eros, which I hadn't heard about. I met a girl on Eros and she mentioned TER. I met a girl from TER and she mentioned TOB. Yada yada yada 15 years later, many changes, and I still get just as excited as ever meeting young ladies. Hobby on Yall
  10. Profile/Ad Pictures

    Lol, I don't expect it and usually notice if you are wearing an outfit from one of your pics. Part of the thrill is the initial view when we first meet.
  11. Bored at the airport

    I people watch while walking the length of the terminal, getting my steps in
  12. Well, It finally happened

    That’s a bummer, to get that close and then silence. Hope it helped for you to vent and as you said, maybe she had a worse morning than you, and yours really sucked! Hope you get that itch scratched soon, and when you do, I bet it will be better, in part because of this experience. Hobby On
  13. Deposits

    In 12 years hobbying I have never paid a deposit, and won’t.
  14. What Are You Reading?

    I use Overdrive on my iPad for ebooks my library owns. Finishing the Lucas Davenport series by John Sandford and finishing the Cormoran Strike series by Robert Galbraith aka JKK Rowling.
  15. Am curious if the ladies are comfortable doing all communications via pm and my protonmail account or if I should get another hobby phone?