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  1. HOT IN HERE!!

    YES keep trying
  2. Moderated?

    It maybe just the time of day or night. It could take an hour or less and sometimes hours before a mod reads through the many posts and find yours. In this case yours is approved, you should be good to go.
  3. Webcam anyone?

    Recently found out that a former co-worker and his wife are on Chatturbate. After listening to him talk about how it works and what money they make, I would stick to this avenue. There really isn't much. You can make more in 1 hour as a provider than all day on Chatturbate.
  4. Looking for two ladies company any suggestions?

    +1 +1
  5. 100 Years of Women's Underwear

    my personal fave to wear is male boxer briefs. No weggies!!!! plus, buying them in a 6 pack is cheaper than VS prices.
  6. Webcam anyone?

    I believe Shauna Styles did webcam. There was a provider who was in Boulder who did it. Her name slips my mind. Long blond hair and blue eyes.
  7. Dating while in the business...

    You ran into them at a hotel and seemed to instantly hit it off! - Could quite possibly be the truth with a little rewording.
  8. Lactatng

    I think Kyla Young is whom you seek.
  9. Cherryredbottoms

    If you use your search function for "cherryredbottoms" this thread comes up. 411 CherryRedBottoms
  10. Reputation points do not dictate your "rank"; your number of posts do.
  11. Anyone know a good photographer?

    Please respond via PM's.
  12. Traveling Through Time for Tail

    Young Alan Alda! One of my fave movies is "Same Time Next Year"
  13. That one thing...

    DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME!!!! *nurses tongue back to licking health*
  14. I don't know how long they will keep this up but here's for your silky buttery pleasure....