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  1. Time to hang it up ?

    100% agree with you.
  2. Smoking

    Congratulations on being smoke free. I was a 10 year smoker starting at age 15. Hardest habit I ever quit. I know if I smoked a cigarette now, I would very likely pick it up. For me it’s highly addictive. I’m really happy for you. I wouldn’t be surprised it you had a few more takers. 😉
  3. Smoking

    Why would ASP's smoke? I don't get it. Most people don't smoke and many people find if offensive. I'm in sales so I would never consider smelling like a cigarette in front of clients or invite them to my office that smells like smoke. Why would a woman smoke or host an incall that smells like smoke? If I see an ad where the ASP smokes, I go right over it. Never give it a thought as too how nice she looks. She has to be losing lots of business because I can't be the only one. I'm pretty sure most ASP's are in it to make money, why smoke when you will lose out on business when you do? I don't get it.
  4. Deal killers and the opposite

    Cologne on the south pole? WTF
  5. Deal killers and the opposite

    Long nipples are the bomb. My first experience was a woman mid 30’s came into my retail greenhouse, leaned down to write out a check. Her loose fitting shirt billowed out and there were two of the longest thinner inch and a quarter fully erect nipples I had ever seen. I was hooked. She did catch me staring unfortunately but I was 23 and a horn dog. What could I do. If anyone knows an ASP of that persuasion please PM me. I would be greatful. Second place. Shy nipples that are innies until excited. Last place, big thick nipples, course texture. Nope 👎
  6. New To TOB In Denver

    Hope you are enjoying the lack of snow. I guess we are really a high desert 🌵
  7. Listing gone forever?

    No detailed reviews. Dang! Now you don't know what your getting. How do you ask appropriately now??
  8. Colorado Springs Free STD testing?

    My understanding is with ACA plans testing was no charge.
  9. Deciding to walk.

    I agree. I’m okay with curves. But if I’m hankering for a steak, don’t bring me a chicken dinner.
  10. Deciding to walk.

    That’s probably a great idea! Unfortunately if you tell them you’re going to walk if they misrepresent themselves all sorts of bad scenarios could happen. Better not to say I suspect.
  11. Deciding to walk.

    Okay when she tells you she had reductions and the photos are prior to surgery, its not alternative facts. Just sayin. And its TOB, P411 and the obvious BP you don’t believe anything website where it happens. Just tired of being taken advantage of. #nomorefakepics
  12. Deciding to walk.

    If only it was makeup and clothes. 30 extra pounds, DD becomes a B.
  13. Deciding to walk.

    Recently I’ve been mislead 3 times by fake or seriously misleading pictures. Even though I confirmed with them the validity and being recent pictures including ASP’s from P411, TOB and BP. The last one showed DD’s only to find out she had reduction surgery down to B’s and not a good job either. I’ve decided enough is enough so I’m invoking the 5 second rule from now on. After walking in the door I’m going to consciously take 5 seconds to evaluate the situation. If they look significantly different from the pictures OR exude a cold demeanor, I’m walking.
  14. BP-COS

    Actually I more thinking I would avoid. More to the point with all the prisons down south here maybe more than a fair share of ASP’s might be here to raise money for their husbands commissary needs? Just made me wonder.
  15. BP-COS

    I was bored one day so I trolled BP. Two girls were in town because their husbands were in jail. I wonder how much that goes on down here.