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  1. Review form

    It reminds me of Paul Harvey, “and now the rest of the story”. Probably dates me. 🙀
  2. Review form

    I’d like to see the review form changed. “Would you see this person again” is too vague. Needs to be two sections. If you say no to repeat it’s viewed as a negative to the ASP. If I say maybe it’s not a true reflection of how the session went because I wouldn’t. Seems like too many reviews I read say “yes to all. If you contact them privately to get more information, the real story comes out. Seems like there should be a better way.
  3. 411 on Mimi0x

    Yikes!!! Thank you.
  4. 411 on Mimi0x me chicken 🐔 cluck, cluck, cluck. Minus the tats she is cute. Shame she defiles her body that way. The youth these days 😊
  5. 411 on Mimi0x

    Perhaps she was young and stupid for getting tattoos in the first place. Maybe she’s here to make money to have the tats removed? Guessing we’ll just have to keep guessing until someone finds out.
  6. Accepted age difference?

    Love it!
  7. 411 on Mimi0x

    I see her listing but no reviews. Does anyone know her at all and what's she like? I have a soft spot for beautiful Latinas. Thanks.
  8. WTF is going on??

    TOB is sort of like the AirBNB thing. Do you want a view or like just the basics? Upscale or a good a good value for the weary traveler. It’s all here. But just like AirBNB you need to read the reviews and pick out the tells. If there are 6-10 reviews, read between the lines. Look for the just being nice bs vs. the vibe expressed. Similarities and one offs can be a tell. Can’t say other than diamond in the rough hunting have I ever been disappointed other than my own lack of due diligence. Be careful of photos, they can be old and you’ll know the longer you hobby. Always realize it may go poorly but it could be nirvana. If you can’t handle that, get yourself an economy size jar of lube and close your eyes. Personally, I prefer the adventure whatever my wallet can afford.
  9. Puffies???

    That top pic is exact what I saw when I was 21 and running a small business. She caught me looking. I will never forget those long, long nips. Been a fan ever since.
  10. Asking about the Menu

    Looking for reviews or asking other reviewers is really your only option. To ask the menu is to get shut down....period.
  11. The new Gaylord by DIA

    I did check it out. I’d prefer if they paid me to park there so I can purchase overpriced food and beverages.
  12. Skip the games

    Mostly scammers and hard luck stories and fake pics hanging out in really dicey hotels.
  13. Puffies???

    I’m even a bigger fan on those elusive innie nipples. Very hard to find. My favorite for sure
  14. Preference.?

    Variety is the spice if life. Race doesn’t matter. It’s more the attitude of the provider. Ones that focus on you, without distractions going off and exudes eroticism is perfect.
  15. I had a good run

    Could be sent to Minot ND. That’s worth a bender.