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  1. How to retire? Or semi-retire?

    When I first read this, I was not thinking of an ASP retirement, I was thinking of that for myself as a client. Ha! Same question. I was thinking of retiring last year and I almost did, but after my last encounter this year, with a very beautiful woman I might add, I have decided it is time. Johnny still works but, in the words of B.B. King, the thrill is gone. As much as I have enjoyed this over the last 12-13 years, I think it is time for me to hang it up as well. I don't know how some of you ladies can do this for long stretches of time. Some of the ladies here have been at it longer than I have been hobbying. Most I think, hang it up in less than 3 years. Looking at some reviews or ok's I requested, many of the ladies are long gone. I think you just know when you know. Maybe I will be like Tom Brady and come out of retirement, but I have a lot of traveling I want to do now that Covid is mostly over (I hope) and monthly donations will cover a lot of destinations. I hope you all have as much fun as I have over the years. I may poke my face in here from time to time just to see what's up. Best wishes all and by all means, have some excitement!!!
  2. Other websites

    I guess that holds them harmless if things go south. Hmmm 🤔
  3. Travel curbs

    I suspect we’ll see less Russian talent for a while? 👙
  4. Other websites

    Super helpful! Thank you 🙏🏻
  5. Other websites

    Does anyone really know what “verified” on Eros actually means?
  6. chocolate, I never had it & I've been craving it!

    Touchy. I guess you never know. Now you have to make sure to address as she/her/hers …..if correct, but don’t forget to ask 🙂
  7. Provider asking for a picture?

    People have pretty strong opinions on this forum. I think the problem is everyone tends to be unfiltered when you don't have to talk with someone face to face. People can be very critical on this forum. It's been that way since day one when I signed up. It's not really a free exchange of ideas or thoughts. Someone is always going to hammer on you, no matter what side you take. More tolerance would be nice to see.
  8. chocolate, I never had it & I've been craving it!

    I've seen ads for woman advertising the term chocolate. I think it just depends. Just like I have seen the term caramel.
  9. Is there a "Short notice" thread here in Denver?

    I wholeheartedly agree. That’s usually my issue.
  10. GFE vs VIP

    Yeah. Makes sense.
  11. GFE vs VIP

    I was setting up an appointment with an ASP and I noticed there is the standard GFE option and a VIP option on her website. Now I think I have a pretty good idea of GFE but VIP, no idea. It was 2 Benjamin's additional. I asked and the answer I got was it was a "more intense session that offers menu items not available in the GFE sessions", but could not discuss more than that. I'm clueless. I'm guessing the back door is open on VIP but I'm not really sure. It's not my cup of tea anyway. Is it just best to ask upon arrival and go from there? Anybody experience with such a thing? She is a top notch well reviewed ASP from what I can tell.
  12. chocolate, I never had it & I've been craving it!

    There is a NYC girl coming to town Dec 18- something that I have seen listed, but not here. It's a heavy Benjamin lift to visit but reviews are amazing.
  13. Is there a "Short notice" thread here in Denver?

    I assume you are talking about ourhome2? Seems like a great idea to me. But no, not Colorado. But as someone else mentioned, P411 does have "available now", but few, if any are listed on it. Good luck brother.
  14. That's a scary bait and switch dude. You are a patient man hoping she's in the next room. "Gimme three steps mister" It doesn't happen but for me usually they simply don't look anything like their pictures.....and not in a good way. And not even close. At that point I just walk. Other times they look sorta like the pictures, ask for the donation and proceed to tell you everything in an upgrade. If you're thinking it is something like STG, you would be wrong. It happened even on what you would think are the best sites, including the P site and here. My best experiences without exception are the ones where donation doesn't even come up. That's where reputation comes into play I think.