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  1. I've seen ads for TS and some appear to be very, very beautiful women but I figure there is a catch or they would not be in the TS section. The internet has not be very helpful figuring out what the anatomy actually is. Are they hermaphrodite with both penis and vagina? Is it penis only? Vagina only? Is it just a large clitoris? I'm really ignorant folks. Some ads boast of a 8 or 9 inch which I would take to mean a penis. Do they also have a vagina? Some ads say TS to the effect of not being very noticeable? What actually is going on and how does one know? If someone could educate me I would be very grateful.
  2. Don't think reviews are important?

    Absolutely important for most cases since you need a place to start. You can't meet them all. But I have been to a number of highly reviewed, that I wish I could take back. However I saw an ASP just today that does not want reviews for security reasons. Super hot, super reasonable pricing with a limited stable she's riding. I almost didn't see her but her pics looked amazing and communication was spotty. Super glad I did. So it cut's both ways.
  3. What do you think her motive was,

    I think he wanted your dick pic.
  4. Going rate quattro large +

    Seems like more and more ASP's are digging deeper these days. Less 30 minute options likely as well. I can understand with the price of accommodations these days. Feeling lucky I have 2 low key ASP's I can turn too that don't go so deep into the pocket. Do you think that is a reflection of the booming Denver economy(supply and demand) or just the realization that things cost more these days? Seem like a lot of interlopers in that range as well.
  5. BP-no AA in the ads

    Definitely food for thought.
  6. Which P411 cute spinner ignores the request,  Curious if she will ignoresme as well. 

    1. gb0138


      Hailey Quinn. Quite the fox

  7. Strike1, 2, 3-out!

    There is a local P411 cute spinner that reads my appointment request and never answers. Figure she doesn't like my Tom Cruise photo or perhaps I am not in my 30's. Oh well. I would probably be disappointed anyway.
  8. Strike1, 2, 3-out!

    Yes there was a lesson. Felt cheated and needed to be redeemed. Checked out BP on a lark today. Usually don't look there but actually found a cute Latina for 1/3 the cost that was better than most girls I have seen over the last year. Limited menu but the key components were there and it was fantastic to say the least. Cute, not fake, no big lips and the pictures were accurate, and a cute face to boot. Decided high priced talent from out of town really isn't necessary ever again. I have 3 names for now that I can see and will keep them handy for when the moment strikes.
  9. Strike1, 2, 3-out!

    For the record, strike 3 is a local lady of 5 years. Also strike 2.
  10. Strike1, 2, 3-out!

    You're thinking this is about baseball and you would be wrong. It's about my POS week that I wanted to share. I will give you the shorten version. I knew I was going to be in Denver and wanted to treat myself to an fairly expensive experience assuming you get what you pay for. Riiiiiight! 7 days out make an appointment with one of those girls who charges a lot and comes in from out of town. The many pictures indicate Russian super model model material. Looking very good for the home team. 4 days later her picture is not on the agency site. Contact the agency, they say she can no longer be found and is not in touch her. Apparently dropped off the radar - strike 1 I scramble to find an alternate on P411. Contact 2 very similar model material girls, expensive as well, one responds. Lots of great pics and most of all, really stellar reviews and I book. All set right? 2 days prior to the appoint I email to confirm. No response. I call, no response. I hold out hope and wait. Day of appointment still crickets and I scramble. Strike 2 Contact another two very model model like girls on P411, again fairly expensive, and one responds. Whew! Trip not wasted. The 2 pictures look great, 2 good reviews, recent, and I book. I get to the appointment and clearly the pictures are photo shopped or very old. Lips are bloated from surgery and the perfect ta-tas, hard as rocks and not nearly as attractive as the pictures. Face, really has seen better days and the scary lips....good lord! It's likely the pictures are fake. My 1 hour becomes a hurry up 30 minutes because I can't stand her foreign accent or demeanor. Fake all around and she keeps asking me to be her friend, asks me to do a review because no one does(really? I wonder why!!) and if I do one she will send me clients for my business. Do good reviews for me on P411 and put good reviews on my business website. I would do a review but it would not be good, however I made one real mistake. I was in a pinch and texted from my real phone. Arggggghhhhh!!! Crap!! I believe half jokingly she would send over the mob to break my kneecaps and hunt me down and ruin my life. So no review. Strike 3-out! Well I am out of here. I hope you have a good laugh or two. I certainly will at some future point. I wish I would have just handed the money to some homeless family and serviced myself instead. I have learned a lesson. "If all goes south, don't play hurry up to make the little head happy". Go Rockies!!!!
  11. BP-no AA in the ads

    I've been seeing this in ads for a long time. It just dawned on me it means no African Americans. I thought they were talking Alcoholics Anonymous. Lol. I thought why older alcoholics were better than younger? I need to get out more. Sheeesh.
  12. 411 on Sapphire, COS

    Sapphire 719-396-0356 Colorado Escort Anything on this one? Nothing on Tineye or Google on this. Emailed her and her response seemed quite normal. Thanks in advance. __________________________________________________cached Ad cached Ad BP Colorado Springs escorts June 21, 2016
  13. Seriously? That is a sentence in a provider ad in Denver. Wow! That seems so crazy unsafe to me. DATY? Whaaaat? Sad to think I actually considered seeing her a few months ago. With this new ad, I wouldn't go there if you paid me. Ever.
  14. MSOG at 50's

    I fully understand what you are saying. I have the same experience. Two ways to approach it that I have used. One is to engage in a more slow moving experience, focusing on the sensual. Not every provider will do that and they seem hard to find. Some are used to younger guys and want you to ride hard and put you away. 15 minutes later you down for the count. If you can slow her down, it's in your best interest. In a perfect world you would be able to explain what you are looking for prior to making the appointment but I suspect that is maybe creepy or just il-advised. The other I just stumbled across it to set 2 half hour appointments about an hour apart because I thought for sure, one would drop out, but didn't. It seems the recovery time is about 1.5 to 2 hours. The second stop was actually even better and an hour might have been OK considering the ability to hold back more easily. Just my 2 cents.
  15. Outfits....

    mid thigh dress, white blouse or just wearing an oversized men's dress shirt, nothing underneath. Ummmmm.