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  1. Visiting Denver is seeking 411

    Independent Girls has a planned scheduled update and overhaul of site planned for Sunday. It's now only a South Florida board, has eliminated all other areas of advertising so far You can read it without logging in about new site etc. As for not being able to log on, contact administration
  2. Let's Talk About Switter

    That's right! ? Also when you're Boosting(RT) a post, you are also tooting. So Keep Tooting and Boosting
  3. Special TS forum

    I think that would be a fantastic addition. Independent Girls down in S Florida has one and its very active. It's called Alternative covering BDSM , TS
  4. Let's Talk About Switter

    I was just on a few minutes ago, over 3600 post on the listings.switter.at and even more on switter itself
  5. FOSTA Now Law - Just Signed By Trump

    Bear retired years ago and left the Country. SUCKS about this affecting Oyster relaunch. I remember all your previous post from years ago about the owner passing and all the turmoil afterwards. Good night Colorado! It's past my bed time here in Florida
  6. Let's Talk About Switter

    Media taking notice of switter https://www.theverge.com/platform/amp/2018/4/11/17188772/trump-sesta-fosta-bill-switter-sex-workers-mastodon Use # to search Every time you toot (post)put # TOB #P411 #theotherboard, #Denver etc Also, boosting toots will further expose you as your avatar shows up Keeping Tooting and Boosting
  7. FOSTA Now Law - Just Signed By Trump

    You forgot the Rocky Mountain Oyster, Bears Board oh let's really go back, SoWet from which TOB evolved. Has it really been that many years 2007, that's funny As someone mentioned above, this isn't ECCIE, this is TOB. Since you know so much, why don't you go open your own board/forum
  8. FBSM Only

    Talk about A BLAST from the Past! Back on topic There is a market for Sensual Body Work, Body Rub, FBSM. Many ways of conducting a session without the girlfriend components. Practioners are constantly mixing modalities of traditional massage with aspects of more Sensual Caresses, some study Tantra for example while others move towards the nuru end and on and on and on
  9. Hmmm I found Texas forum in less than 10 seconds I just scrolled on down,
  10. Visiting Denver is seeking 411

    Aloha I'm in the Tampa Bay Area(PM for information) Independent Girls has gone South Florida only and if you post there, you must give discount to VIP (20%) Eros is very active, currently banning certain terms from All advertising, like mention if TER banned. I'm waiting to see what happens tomorrow with signing and how implementation of Bill PM me for further information
  11. SESTA / FOSTA to be signed Wednesday

    per WH diary of coming events for the week Wednesday: Trump to sign H.R. 1865 — “The Allow States and Victims To Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act.” https://www.axios.com/newsletters/axios-sneak-peek-f78d890b-7cd7-4e06-afe7-0bda568d6e9e.html?chunk=4&utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=twsocialshare&utm_campaign=organic#story4
  12. CLOUD Act

    Aloha TOB Yes, I KNOW it's been a very long time just wanted to drop on by and share a bit of information for those who are shipping stuff to off shore account, web hosting, etc PLEASE do your research first and be aware about this CLOUD ACT which was added into Omnibus passed and signed into law So how does this relate to FOSTA ? Very simple, moving escort ads and escort listing websites overseas does not protect you, either as an advertiser or as a business. With the CLOUD Act, now all the US government has to do is to request that the foreign government provide them with the requested information about a US citizen and they will serve the subpoena on the local company, never providing you notice that your information is being subpoenaed and that information will be handed over to the US government. So in reality, moving everything offshore may actually lessen your Constitutional rights under the 4th Amendment to privacy and unreasonable searches and seizures. For example the CLOUD Act; Includes a weak standard for review that does not rise to the protections of the warrant requirement under the 4th Amendment. Fails to require foreign law enforcement to seek individualized and prior judicial review. Grants real-time access and interception to foreign law enforcement without requiring the heightened warrant standards that U.S. police have to adhere to under the Wiretap Act. Fails to place adequate limits on the category and severity of crimes for this type of agreement. Fails to require notice on any level – to the person targeted, to the country where the person resides, and to the country where the data is stored. (Under a separate provision regarding U.S. law enforcement extraterritorial orders, the bill allows companies to give notice to the foreign countries where data is stored, but there is no parallel provision for company-to-country notice when foreign police seek data stored in the United States.) Be very aware where your information is stored. Just because your Switter account, ProtonMail or escorting ad is hosted/stored overseas doesn’t mean its safe from the US government. Matter of fact, it may actually be at greater risk. Here's the full article : https://adultbizlaw.com/2018/04/06/fosta-the-cloud-act-the-1-2-punch-to-end-online-escorting/amp/?__twitter_impression=true
  13. Bill introduced LEGALIZATION of PROSTITUTION in Hawaii

    Aloha everyone Just came upon this and thought I would share, since it pertains to my home state Here's the Bill HB1533 link http://www.capitol.hawaii.gov/session2017/bills/HB1533_.HTM Yes, this really got introduced. Anyway, hope everyone is doing well and yes, I miss Colorado. Aloha from Florida
  14. Backpage escort section gone

    http://www.swopusa.org/backpage-closing-adult-section-endangers-our-community/ There's been an influx of posting in the dating sections as previously posted as well as the BodyRub providers posting in the massage section. Well, I guess those annual Nationwide FBI coordinated stings with local LE will no longer be happening, good news for the John's out there
  15. "After spending 45 minutes with the woman ......."

    Hmmmm, maybe his date was for 1/2 hour and he wouldn't or couldn't finish or worse, was refusing to leave (been a couple threads about that) and her" manager" wasn't having any of that. 45 mins in than he gets robbed???? Okay, not saying robbing the guy was justifiable, but after 45 minutes, I'm saying there is more to the story then what he's saying or admitting too. Too many questions, at least for me, linger.