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  1. Libertarian Party ENDORESES Decriminalization of Prostitution

    Libertarian Party Adopts New Sex Work Plank, Becomes Only Notable U.S. Party to Endorse Prostitution Decriminalization The LP's move comes the same week the Green Party explicitly rejected a platform that protects sex worker rights. https://reason.com/blog/2018/07/02/libertarians-call-for-sex-work-decrim/amp?__twitter_impression=true
  2. UK looking at banning Prostitution Websites

    yup, you read that correctly debate set for this Wednesday https://amp.theguardian.com/society/2018/jun/30/ban-prostitution-websites-stamp-out-trafficking-sexual-exploitation?__twitter_impression=true protesters are organizing as well on FB and Twitter if you are on any of these platforms please retweet protesting information thank you
  3. EFF files lawsuit challenging FOSTA ....

    If anyone wants to support, here's a link https://woodhullfoundation.salsalabs.org/lawsuit/index.html
  4. EFF files lawsuit challenging FOSTA ....

    FINALLY Lawsuit filed challenges FOSTA is Unconstitutional https://www.eff.org/press/releases/new-lawsuit-challenges-fosta-federal-law-sparking-website-shutdowns for further information https://www.eff.org/cases/woodhull-freedom-foundation-et-al-v-united-states
  5. Does anyone here still remember me?

    On the old site, RapDragon had chat I believe or the backup chat
  6. Will TOB ever open back up for postings in other states?

    I'm up in Tampa Bay Area here in Florida
  7. ALOHA TOB from Tampa Bay Area

  8. ALOHA TOB from Tampa Bay Area

    Just sending out an ALOHA to TOB Yes, I DO MISS you Missing Colorado weather, summers in Florida are Brutal ALOHA Heidi the Housewife the Maui Muse
  9. Orlando

    You have to go once sun sets as there's now a light show since the Christmas light show was overwhelming received. I love Jimmy Fallon Race through NY, wasn't impressed with Fast n Furious but there was a lot of youngish LOUD kids celebrating graduating middle school. Transformers. ...cool and you must ride the Green Monster and Rip Ride Rocket finally, do Skull Island ride evening to get full effect of torches, drumming if you don't want to go on ride yet you have others, have them do single rider. Tip to skip the line for Harry Potter Forbidden Journey, go into store to go to lockers instead of waiting 45min+ to get to lockers then get into line from lockers. They make everyone put your belongings into lockers for this ride Looking forward to Halloween Horror Nights
  10. Hey South Florida boys!

    Aloha Jezhabel From lil me in Tampa Bay Area
  11. Orlando

    I have an annual pass for Universal and go all the time. I'm waiting on Star Wars Land to decide if I'll do annual pass for Disney
  12. Northern Florida

    Slixa.ch (public can view) Eros(public can view) Escort-Ads(public can view) Hidden Pages(public can view) Preferred411 GLS
  13. Just Relocated to Tampa area

    Aloha from St Petersburg welcome to the neighborhood
  14. Visiting Denver is seeking 411

    Independent Girls has a planned scheduled update and overhaul of site planned for Sunday. It's now only a South Florida board, has eliminated all other areas of advertising so far You can read it without logging in about new site etc. As for not being able to log on, contact administration
  15. Let's Talk About Switter

    That's right! ? Also when you're Boosting(RT) a post, you are also tooting. So Keep Tooting and Boosting