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  1. That's part of what reviews are for. A fake pic could be used after initial verification too. Reviewers are the most reliable verification source.
  2. Tips for Newbies

    TIP 1: Read a lady's website/webpage. Independent provider means every lady has her own protocol. Not one size fits all. Read a lady's webpage/site.
  3. Getting References

    Some providers, are newbie friendly. Some are not. Look at a lady's webpage/site to see if she sees newbies or not.
  4. New client trying to join community

    I would say, to read a lady's website/page to see what her protocol is and just follow that. Independent provider means every lady has a different protocol based on what works for her individually. So, don't apply a one size fits all protocol. After 17yrs, this is one misstep I see the most from potential clients. Follow the lady's protocol.
  5. Every provider is different, so look at her webpage/site and see what her process is. Then just follow that process. Not every provider has the same process. If you do this and still don't receive a reply, just move on to the next.
  6. California into three different states?

    I once heard someone say they wish California would break off from the mainland and float away completely.
  7. Yes. TOB (The Other Backpage); aka, 'the bp effect'. Also, the 'NEW' effect. Since these listings are the only ones currently standing, it seems to have lead to an 'influx' effect also. But more importantly, not in a good way on either side.
  8. Sigh, I miss BP

    Yes, same with the 'guys'! That's why I'm not posting listings here anymore after 17 yrs on the (old) TOB!!
  9. Negative Review Threats?

    No. In 17 years I have never experienced anything like this.
  10. Advance Planning Mistakes?

    Every provider is different. There is no set way. TOB is not an agency. Contact an INDEPENDENT provider and ask her directly.
  11. Connecting

    Phone call only, as stated repeatedly on my webpage. emails go unread and texts are unread and immediately deleted.
  12. Denver Fireworks??

    Fireworks should of been BANNED state wide this year. Advocating fireworks with state of emergency over wildfires....Just wow, and not in a good way!
  13. Visiting Denver

    To OP--- And have you read a lady's website/webpage to see what is required to set up an appointment. Not every provider has the same procedure. Most who list on here, are INDEPENDENT providers. TOB is not an 'agency'.
  14. Mon Chalet Guest?

    Sounds like you need to set up an outcall appointment. This is not done publicly on this forum.
  15. Search topic before posting.

    Yes, I know. Unless they made it to where forced to.