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  1. Newbie asking

    Don't know. Every lady is different. You'll have to ask the lady. One size does not fit all.
  2. Review Bullying

    It never ceases to amaze me ( and not in a good way), at what I see, as some of the garbage that goes on. Where do these girls, find these guys and vice versa!! Don't think that one girls encounters translate to all in the hobby. In 17 years, I have NEVER had this happen. I have never had any issue as the one described. If a girl shares that this has been what she encounters, I would take that as a sign that something isn't quite right with her, and stay away.
  3. Admin--please delete if not in the correct area. With reviews, the pictures accurate field can be easily missed and remain at 'unknown' when the review posts. Is there a way to prompt the reviewer that this field has not been filled in, before submitting the review? I've had clients tell me they missed this field and yet the review still posts. And I know they can email TOB to have it corrected afterwards, but this seems inconvenient for the reviewer.
  4. KISSES to you All....last few days in Colorado

    Well, Ms. Sterling, now you know I'm very upset at you for leaving me! I started here a few months after you and that was 17 years ago! You and I are the most long standing here and now you leave me ....just kidding, young lady. Actually, I will miss you being here as I told you a few months ago. Your presents has added class, warmth and fun to our hobby in this area and you were a major contributor to setting a high bar of professionalism, safety, protocol and fun for hobbying in Co. Springs. Many will know, that this is not just my opinion, but a fact. You are the real deal, inside and outside of our hobby. Thanks for being my ROCK!! And for adding your extra splash of sparkle! Many who have been around for a long time here, will likely agree that your leaving is a great loss to us in our area. However, I've been honored to call you friend. I wish you all the success and fulfillment going forward and know that you will go on to achieve many more goals. I'm ALWAYS here for you, and besides Sheila, I have your number!!!
  5. Accents?

    My Aussie accent of course. Lol. Actually, I don't notice it myself.
  6. Menu items....wanna hear from the ladies...

    Every girl is different. Independent providers are 'independent'...hence, they do things their own way. Their is no one set way. Just something to keep in mind (perhaps not the answer you're looking for).
  7. Leading USA banks attacking hobbyists

    This post reminds me of when I always laughed my head off when I saw girls posting in the ads (while ad were around) about....'Now accepting C/C' LOL. Clueless.
  8. Time to hang it up ?

    I understand, I always did put so much into my ads!! I miss doing them. However, remember, there are still websites and webpages. You would be surprised (maybe not), as to how many of these 'new' men here, DO NOT read websites.
  9. Time to hang it up ?

    'Being played by some' ...... Same goes for some 'boys' that have infiltrated TOB after the change. I am UTR right now and will remain, because of the influx of scams, ect, on both sides. TOB was pretty unbreakable under the old system as far as the scams, fakes, ect goes, but's showing to be, not so much.
  10. Contacting providers

    There is no set way. Check website and follow provider instructions. Most providers are 'independent' meaning they do things their way.
  11. Suggestions Please

    There are still recommendations on reviews. Even if the text is gone, the 'YES' in the recommendation field over and over and over, to me, indicates happy outcomes over as many times as there are reviews. Now, you know not every one of those reviewers is the same, thus showing 'variety' of enjoyments. And as the very knowledgable Melissa said, once screening is done, then clarification can go forward, in some cases; just remember, every provider is different ( many are 'independent' after all which means different ways of operating), so some may discuss some may not. Personally, after 17yrs, it's my opinion, that one who is willing to discuss is the one to 'move on' from. Hence, why 'Yes' recommendation over multiple reviews (over 20 imo) is an indication of menu accommodations. Key word.....nuance.
  12. The new protocol?

    Many providers have web pages or sites which state donation. I just put up a webpage yesterday for this specific purpose. It's a bit on the cheeze side, but it's something. And it was free
  13. Disappearing Listings??

    All of the listings were cleared out last night, to revert to a new listing/posting typeface. If you go to the top right of the screen, to the drop down menu where the arrow is, you'll see 'Post New Ad'. Go via that and you will see prompts to repost within the new posting typeface. It is a new posting system that has been implemented on TOB now, due to listing restrictions. Hope that explanation helps and makes sense.
  14. As a 17yr member of this board, ( yes…. 17 ), Tob has always been my favorite flavor; Integrity, security, class, protocol and safety for all. Me and only a few other old timers and veterans remaining on here remember the days of ‘The Oyster’, ‘SoWet’, and ‘BearsBoard’. When TOB was blue and had that pesky ‘read count’ by the ad showing how many reads an ad had for the day…it was such a relief that there was a feature to turn that off! Lol. Where one could slip into the ‘chat room’ when bored and watch the rukus unfold over a dropped ‘whisper/private chat’ for all to read. LOL. It was 2001, 6 months after my first hobby time, joining TOB as the ‘new kid on the block’…excited, intrigued, and fearless I was quickly embraced and vetted by the then local and regular studs of TOB. Some long gone and some still hovering and carrying on (good to see ). It’s a new day. For some of us, who have evolved along with TOB through the years, it is indeed a new climate and at the end of the day, TOB operations team has done an outstanding job working within new parameters available, preserving what has always been a great fun and adventurous forum and leading the way forward. Creating the best scenario and anticipated outcome. Good job TOB management and thank you sincerely! And with much pleasure and gratitude ……Carry on.