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  1. Missing escorting after retirement....

    Awwww....Sweet Ashley!!! One of Denver's TOP providers from the past. What a nice surprise to see this.
  2. Here's a Tip - Don't Drink and Drive

    That's so great that you remember. lol. Yes, it was not an issue. It was also ALL INCLUSIVE and that is the main difference.
  3. Here's a Tip - Don't Drink and Drive

    That is upselling.
  4. Here's a Tip - Don't Drink and Drive

    As I stated in my post, yes it was standard practice in Co. Springs. It was also for us providers that advertised in the Independent newspaper.
  5. Here's a Tip - Don't Drink and Drive

    Upselling is based on a donation for ** such and such. Or another donation for ** such and such. That is different to $120 + ** (usually a flat 50 making total 200), collected up front and 'All inclusive'. It was stated on the phone at set up and agreed upon as the full rate and collected at begin of date. Hope that clarifies the difference.
  6. Here's a Tip - Don't Drink and Drive

    No. What Bit is talking about is just upselling. That is not what I was referring to. It was all collected upfront before the session began. Upselling is something else. The price + tips was also stated at time of booking because it was for ladies that advertised in the newspaper.
  7. Here's a Tip - Don't Drink and Drive

    What was standard here in Co. Springs, that I was referring to was 'NOT' upselling. It was all collected upfront. $120 + tips. Upselling is something different to what I'm referring to.
  8. Here's a Tip - Don't Drink and Drive

    Well, maybe in your area it was different. My post, as mentions, is referring to Co. Springs.
  9. Here's a Tip - Don't Drink and Drive

    Back in the far back at least as 2000, many providers had a min rate + tips. It was pretty standard practice. I remember the going rate in Co. springs was $120 + tips. It had nothing to do with service given, it was the way donations were stated. It was answering the question of what a ladys rates were. Then the tip could be whatever. Maybe this provider you are referring to is coming from that same rate format. I don't know for a fact if that standard of donation + tips went away, or when it did, but maybe where she is from, it never went away. Seems you are a newbie, so find out first before giving someone a hard time. It was a very standard way of setting donations.
  10. Similar Names

    I know what you mean. I heard a long time ago, the newbies with bad reps take a name from a good rep lady to try to fool guys into thinking they are actually the person they are ripping the name off from. Very bizzare. But I do remember when ladies would tell another the name is already taken and the new lady would choose another. Too many trying to take the hobby down some notches.
  11. It's a Business

    Yes. That is called solicitation and is against the law. No need to try to reinvent the wheel. It's been working just fine for many many decades (and beyond) the way it is.
  12. 3s Company?

    Not good. Yes, she should of told you she was not available and booked with you at another time.
  13. Dress Code for Men

    Dress of a man during a visit doesn't bother me at all. Cleanliness yes, is a no brainer. But clothing, is irrelevant to me. I've had friends come directly from construction sites in dirty clothes. In the shower they go and into the skin outfit which is clean lol
  14. References

    This is standard practice. Always was, always will be.
  15. That's part of what reviews are for. A fake pic could be used after initial verification too. Reviewers are the most reliable verification source.