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  1. Sofia on Rubratings.

    There's a "Sofia of Colorado" on TOB with 50+ reviews: I saw her pre-COVID and she was totally legit. Pictures not even close, but the Sheridan and 88th incall location matches.
  2. Valencia

    Profile here: Review submitted and pending.
  3. Valencia

    Just saw her last week, review pending. 100% recommend (details not allowed here IIRC).
  4. 411 on Jessyjinx from Switter

    Sorry ... multiplicity of numbers. 762-202-9021 is probably the primary/latest number. I've exchanged a few texts with her on that number.
  5. Jessyjinx 717-323-5022 Colorado Companion Anyone seen her? Switter link: Other website: Consistent posting pattern for a good while. Pictures don't appear to be copied. Downsides are that she want's a deposit (always a bad sign) and I can't find any reviews anywhere. Thanks in advance!
  6. How's traffic in Denver interfere with your ability to hobby??

    Traffic definitely makes a difference. It seems like every trip from Broomfield to South Denver now involves 20-30 minutes of waiting in traffic no matter what time of day it is. And on the very rare occasions when traffic is moving quickly you arrive 30 minutes early and have to stooge around. So I have a strong bias towards ladies who host up north.
  7. It’s that time again..

    A useful tip about skiing lessons .... Personal one-on-one lessons are great but expensive; group lessons are much more reasonable but often don't do you that much good. Once you're past the beginner stage, sign up for an "intermediate" group lesson. There's a good chance that everyone else will think they're either beginners or advanced and you'll get a low-cost personal lesson or, at worst, a much smaller group.
  8. Denver Ladies and Boulder Elite

    Effy is now at Beautiful Touch in Boulder. At least you know what you're getting there.
  9. Ivy 411

    Today's ad: Latest number for this rip-off: 720-309-6547
  10. p411 down?

    Apparently some maintenance problems.
  11. 411 Natalie 720-689-8709

    Gorgeous girl and super nice; pictures are completely accurate. I've seen her both before and after her stint at BT. I didn't ask specifically, but I saw no indications that her menu had expanded but, as always, YMMV. I regret not posting a review after I saw her last month, but I think it's too late now. I'll definitely post next time I see her.
  12. Ivy 411

    Here's their ad from today (Friday): Phone number used is: 720-273-4928 The number in use when I reviewed: 720-416-1730
  13. Ivy 411

    Review (for Fiona); mine, unfortunately. Stay far away. They seem to be smart enough to change their phone number regularly. Mods, can we change the phone number in our reviews to match their current number?
  14. Anyone seen Sasha/Scarlet?

    I posted the review on her profile a few years back. It was from before the site re-work and was presumably grandfathered in (hence the incorrect age). I'd say her actual age is late thirties and [Snip}.
  15. Info on this body rub/nuru gal Bliss

    A bit late to the party, but absolutely worth seeing.