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  1. Rockies

    I admit, that's why I clicked the topic. Also, knew I would probably comment something like this too
  2. To sweat or not to sweat?

    If we both don't break a sweat, we have not done it right. Jmho.
  3. Welcome to the board!
  4. Hello Everyone!

  5. New to the TOB

    Hello and welcome!
  6. Disrespectful sites.

    Click bait and selling advertising?
  7. Is perfume verboten?

    Perfume and cologne to me is such personal preference. If it were a gift I would get what she has listed as her favorite or ask if she is familiar if there was one I really liked. Best I think, is no perfume or cologne just be clean and smell clean. Why risk head ache or allergy. Also, I don't necessarily want to leave with perfume on me... I'm sure yl doesn't want my cologne smelling up her place after I'm gone either.
  8. Hello Denver

    Hello and welcome!
  9. New Business Names

    Biz or personal coaching are a great business type. There once was a yl based in Albuquerque that referred to herself as "Erection Demolition Specialist " she was in the construction industry lol
  10. Thank You!!!

    Safe travels my friend 🤗 So happy for you!
  11. Would you complain?

    In general no complaint from me. A lot of variables though, time, volume, duration, frequency of occurance, Lol
  12. A question for the ladies ....

  13. Help!!!!

    Looks like you got it figured?
  14. Leading USA banks attacking hobbyists

    I isn't renew before the bill was signed. Doubt I can now...?
  15. This man treated me horribly!!

    Sorry that happened to you. Share with the ladies. Stay safe.