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  1. Brown Leather

    My office; black leather
  2. New Here!

  3. New to TOB

    Hello. Welcome!
  4. New to Denver! :)

    Welcome to the area!
  5. I like getting my ass licked

    No time wasting here.
  6. after lady retires

    This threadmakes me remember, talking during a session, when she told me she would want to retire some day, but would possibly still want to see a select few gents. We click pretty good I guess since at least at that time I made the cut.
  7. Made me smile

    I can tell you'll kick ass!
  8. Made me smile

    Will be very happy for you when it's all over and recovery complete.
  9. Friday Fun

    When I saw this I knew I had to share for Friday fun. Reminds me of the fantastic view I was lucky to enjoy Wednesday. Wish I could go back today. Having to go to my office instead is just plain BS. Fun friday all
  10. Interested in knowing

    It varies for sure like others have said. I for one never ask up front because of how it makes so uncomfortable. Should list some likes/dislikes or for sure no's. Agreed that then you can say look at the website or ad. Safer for you and you can notice who is actually reading your post. Could save you some time and hopefully for you better clients.
  11. Hi

    Hello and welcome!
  12. Hi..new to this...

    Almost wrote how your handle made me want to put on moulin rouge lol
  13. Time Respect

    Especially lame considering what you are going through. Sorry about a ncns but more so hoping you are okay as you are dealing with what I can hardly imaging having to cope with. We aren't familiar yet but sending you some good energy. Btw, looking at your amazing pic what stupid asshole would miss the chance to see you in person. Yowza! should've had Christmas with you.
  14. Hi..new to this...

    Welcome! Great handle.