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  1. Newbie to TOB

    Welcome to the area!
  2. Questions from Newbies about the Ladies

    Funny, didn't see your comment before I made mine. If great minds think alike then wtf watch out??
  3. Questions from Newbies about the Ladies

    I would not give specific. If there are reviews even without all the details now they would see recommend or not etc. They should contact the yl provide info for screening and go from there. My $0.02. If it were someonemore established here, it would be different.
  4. Therapy and Mobility

    Stretching, take their vitals, quick discussion of medical history. Btw did your doctor say you're healthy enough for sex?
  5. im new here

  6. More changes

    I'm sure I'm late to notice this, but today being bored at work and wasting time on here, clicking on ter, or 411 links on ladies profiles noticed that ter blocks USA now and 411 is changed too.
  7. To all the fellow hobbyists

    I've got canned food, bottled water, plenty of propane and a list of dudes to call in case I need a lady's digits. Lol
  8. Hmm

    Wow. Hard to believe how people treat other people. Maybe they lack vocabulary. Nah they're just assholes. I wouldn't respond to that crap. Would for sure make screening easier.
  9. Interesting ad out there today.

    That would be my guess.
  10. Interesting ad out there today.

    You see her interests under profile?
  11. Your worst nightmare...

    Can't imagine this happening.
  12. Question for providers

    I should have qualified what I said by saying not enough info provideo to really answer the OP question. If it was out of the blue that would probably not make me happy. If it was like something I have experienced where we talked about future meetings and communication and she asked about texting me or calling amd I may have said she could whenever that is a different thing.
  13. Question for providers

    Maybe you were polite, freindly, clean, safe and they liked you some combination f that or other positive reasons - perhaps she would rather see you again then screen and screen and have to keep meeting new gents - But what do I know just guessing...
  14. Hello! What are you doing at this very moment

    This moment... 530 am back from the gym going to wake up SO with some morning sex then make breakfast