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  1. Ladies preference – session length?

    Take a look at rates, you could have a good idea of a ladies preference from that. Same ratio hour vs half, or does additional time reduce the rate per minute.
  2. Retirement

    Good luck in whatever you do!
  3. Advice Please.

    That sucks. What a fuhqwad. Respect is most important, he lacked the integrity to be honest.
  4. Sounds miserable and gross. I'm not an underwear model by any means but not too bad. I really want so or as to like what they see,smell etc. It is only better for everyone.
  5. Kyra of Denver, responsive???

    This ter profile is fraudulent as well as the review. This thread needs to be locked down. It is gone past the point of disgusting to witness this public harassment.
  6. Advice Please.

    For those of us that meet through places like this there is an expectation of payment for time and companionship, like mentioned previously, to know how you make a living and want to spend time for free is rude. Long ago, I was asked after an appointment if I was busy etc. if I wanted to get food with her after, that worked great and I took her up it and was more than happy to treat to lunch, but she made the offer. Crossing those lines can, does, create issues. It could be very hard to keep that balance of business/personal along with the psychological and emotional issue that could potentially arise. You would have to know or have a good feeling that you could both handle that and have a clear discussion of the rules or boundaries so to speak. It's ironic that you start this thread because of a random thought I had. Thinking to myself how it could be lonely to have your job. How/when/where do you meet people in the rw for friendships or other relationships. How honest can you be about what you do, would they understand? What if you liked a gent and did want to spend time 'off hours' would they take advantage? It might seem that someone meeting you here would understand and not think negatively about you, as opposed to someone not familiar. Also, you would have consider other potential problems like guys who seem okay initially but turn out to be crazy ass guys that are scary or dangerous or let's say just plain bad people. Some stories I've heard have totally blown me away (probably nothing compared to what have heard or possibly experienced personally) I have wondered, sort of along you original post, about a few really amazing women I met here and how we would get along if we met in a different way and what that would have been like. Again in your case if they wouldn't be interested in your services or even a relationship with you, why bother on either side? I just think - take what positive you can, give what positive you can, be genuine, stand up for what need, being straight forward and honest then you can't have regret you just have experiences. Maybe it sounds lame but I truly believe and try to live the more good we put out there the more good to come around. Enjoy your weekend.
  7. Ladies that drink tequila kick ass!

    On the rocks or neat whiskey is a nice treat. 👍
  8. Loving the cooler weather....

    Your area native born in Boulder here, happy to be guide for a very reasonable rate.
  9. Loving the cooler weather....

    Chatfield Sloan are probably not too far from you. Go north to boulder and go flagstaff or chataqua Carter lake near loveland. Go to the springs and check out garden of the gods.
  10. Loving the cooler weather....

    The cooler weather is great for sure. Anything outdoor is great still. Some cases better.
  11. A lesson the Hateful Ladies and Men...

    I don't understand why people go to extremes to cause others harm. Just move on with your life. It's too short for all the bs and drama
  12. Taking suggestions?

    So many fun possibilities.
  13. Sexy, smart, beautiful, tons of fun to spend time with. Great to talk to or no talking. Nuff said. Ladies that drink tequila kick ass!