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  1. calling for specials for ladies and gents

    I think this is the best approach, especially for new people. Talking about money is generally a no-no. If I'm sure she's legit then got no problem saying 'hey, so what's the special today?' I'll take any discount a lady wants to offer. But I'm not gonna haggle. Trying to talk her down a few bucks kinda starts things off on an awkward note.
  2. Should I leave a bad review?

    Write the honest review. Leave it up to the reader whether it's good or bad.
  3. What do Weiner and texting apps have in common?

    I use an ap. With a fake name. I've got references too. Won't give out my real info. Or a face pic. Some girls are cool with that. I play with them. Some aren't. I don't bother them. Too many dudes and ladies here for us to focus on something that makes us incompatible. Got no problem with ladies that want real world info to screen. I just won't participate. Too many dudes can't move on and give us all a bad name.
  4. Thanks to you

    Had an amazing meeting with a lovely new provider today (review submitted, just waiting on approval). Grabbed some sushi for lunch. Love them Korean style ribs too. Gonna meet up in a few for the game with some guys at the bar. Fucking fantastic day. So yeah, thanks to everyone who helps make this great.
  5. Athletes and Politics

    Their protest made you think about the issue. Talk about it. Got you to write a post about it. So it looks like it's working. Maybe you disagree with the message. But you've heard it. Like millions of others. That's how change starts.
  6. Athletes and Politics

    I was in the army for a bit. Went to war a few times. People said I protected the country. Defended their rights. These guys are using their rights. That I defended. Don't bother me a bit. It's why they're rights. So you can use 'em when people disagree.
  7. I wanna share. I'm all about love and let love. My ideal world would be where friends, or new acquaintances, could just fuck cause it's fun and not have all this cultural baggage attached. Kinda like tinder without the monogamy goal existing.
  8. 411- Paige

    Everything's safe. At least it was a little over a year ago.
  9. I got a text

    I mean a lot of things are possible. I'd prefer to stick to answer that are probable. Occam's razor and whatnot.
  10. I got a text

    I think the most logical explanation is she's a provider you contacted once upon a time. Didn't book or whatever. Was so long ago you forgot. Now she's slow and looking for business. There's 2 traveling providers who text me when they're in town. I've got a few random texts from girls I didn't book in town. I use a text ap though, and am unattached. So it's not an issue to me. If I were attached, I could just uninstall the ap when I didn't need it. Minimal trace for an SO to look for.
  11. I image this conversation would go differently if it were a bunch of dudes sneaking a peak at a dead woman.
  12. 411 on BP's Alexis

    No, I mean CU. The school.
  13. 411 on BP's Alexis

    She's Jasmine. Or Alexis. Seems to be a normal name change. Third name pops up as an email address, which tracks back to CU. Let us know if you TOFTT.
  14. Personal Websites

    I don't really go to provider sites. Like others said. Lots of em ain't maintained. Might be 3 or 4 up for the same provider. Prices fluctuate higher than most of their ads on boards like this. And an application form (not looking for a job). Plus you never know if she actually monitors contacts from it. Might hear back 3 weeks later when out to dinner with friends from some random number asking if I'm still interested. No thanks to all that.
  15. 411 on Cherokee shawnee

    24? Nobody does 24!