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  1. Fear Of Screening..?

    I agree 100%. I wouldn't mind if ladies put some of that screening info in the ad. It means we're not a match so I won't waste your/my time. I don't argue the rules a lady sets. We both gotta be comfortable for it to be a fun time. Whole world could use a few more please and thank yous.
  2. Fear Of Screening..?

    I won't complain about it, but I won't give you that info cause I don't know you. Gonna sell it? Hit me up a week later for a service-free donation to keep my secret? Gonna call my boss if I don't tip enough? Maybe YOU wouldn't do that. Gonna make that promise for every girl? I'll give ya references. You can have my board name. I let go of p411 cause I don't travel much any more but I got OKs here. You want my real name? Work email? I'll decline. I'll be polite about it. But I'll decline.
  3. With The Repeal of Net Neutrality Today

    Yet. One police chief in Chicago with a letter writing campaign started the changes with BP going after CC companies. I'm sure he can find the address for Comcast too.
  4. Backpage ads

    It's a lot more complicated than that. First, net neutrality wasn't a law, it was a rule in place via the FCC to treat all internet traffic equally regardless of origin or destination. Under net neutrality, your ISP couldn't slow or block your data requests. Now they can. There was already a huge corporate fight over it between Netflix and Verizon. Verizon wanted Netflix to pay them directly to allow Verizon customers to continue streaming Netflix. That wasn't allowed under net neutrality. Now it's allowed. The second part that's allowed now is Verizon, or Comcast, or whatever Quest is calling themselves these days can completely block your access to Netflix if you don't pay extra for it as well. They can charge at both ends. You wanna access ToB? Hopefully ISPs don't decide it's morally reprehensible and continue to allow it (though be prepared to start paying a premium for 'adult' sites). Are you a contractor? Run a small business? Be ready to pay extra to allow potential customers to see your site. Without net neutrality, we're all fucked.
  5. FS QV

    Ah. Guess with the change in income coming then you might be interested in providers offering 15 minutes...
  6. Backpage ads

    That's what protects sites like Reddit and Youtube. DCMA has a safe harbor clause where - arguably - backpage wouldn't be responsible for what users upload in a photo. They wouldn't have to police each submission but do need to remove illegal content when made aware of it.
  7. FS QV

    Someone piss in your wheaties today?
  8. Making friends vs. being a loner

    Nature of my job limits chances for friends & dates. I work a weird spiral shift from 1st through 3rd shift, with on call stints too. Hard to plan a night out when i'm stuck working super early or super late. So it's just me, some books, and our community. Been trying to make use of prebooks recently instead of hey who's posted right now that i'm used to. It's not going well. But maybe today it'll finally work out. I'd suggest a ToB meet up, but after Seattle...
  9. So this happened

    Yeah, you did right to cancel. Flaky people are hard to deal with. I wouldn't drive 60-90 minutes on a hope. I'm sure I'm on a black list somewhere. Bout a month back I texted a girl to see if she was hosting. No reply, moved on with my day. 3 hours later she responded 'yes, such and such spot, at this time.' I didn't see it cause i moved on with my day. An hour after her listed time, she texts asking why I no showed. Like, um, we didn't have an appointment? Shit's just been weird lately.
  10. Jinsum.....i'm confused

    LMAO if I had a review that said " STAY THE FUCK AWAY FROM THIS PSYCHO" I'd abandon that profile too.
  11. ?'s for those that are new to this

    need to know if they like what you like. need to know the rate. look at the ad. read the reviews. call/message the lady. see if you match. if not, keep looking. being polite will take you everywhere. if it's not a match, thank them for their time and wish them a nice day.
  12. Jinsum.....i'm confused

    One the one hand, they say 'never stick your dick in crazy', but on the other had, crazy is usually the best short term relationship. Time to flip a coin.
  13. Review Bullying

    I'd suggest providers call their bluff. Screen shot the texts/messages. get the review posted & challenged. Ban the dudes doing it.
  14. BitCoin: The New Green Dot Card Scam?

    Bitcoin has interesting possibilities. But it's more like a stock than currency. Too slow to process for this business. Great for other things you might want. Also, if you don't want to pay a little extra and take a few extra opsec steps, it's really really really easy to trace back to you. Every transaction is posted to a public record. It's possible to buy it anonymously. You'll pay a premium to do that, though. And it's possible you'll get ripped off in the process. You can use a vpn to access a wallet to store/transfer it. Gotta be the right vpn, or it's pointless. Transferring it can take a few hours. Then the recipient may or may not rip you off. That's all without considering how volatile the exchange rate is. Today's $100 could be $50 tomorrow, and $1000 next week. Since last month it's value has gone up like 4000%, but it's due for a crash again soon. *Side note- the first bitcoin purchase was a guy buying a pizza. Today's value of that transaction would be in the multi-million level. It's too much of a headache for this business. But not a bad thing to learn about.
  15. Paris (dayum!)

    [sic] means 'thus'. It's Latin. Editors use it to show a quote was grammatically incorrect and not the writer's error.