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  1. Question for providers....

    I'm digging the OK system here. Like P411's. You can give me an ok, then who I see after won't need to bother you. Works well all around. Some girls might want to dig deeper and call you. That's cool. But it's not gonna be all of them. Or even most.
  2. ID Rant

    Her system is working as intended. Can I dispel a myth real quick though? ID =/= safety. Too many ways around showing a real one. I'm all in favor of safety. But you're preaching complacency. ID gives an investigator something to look for after something happens. Doesn't do shit for safety.
  3. ID Rant

    You pays your money and you takes your chances. It's a gamble. For both. Run your business how you see fit. The complaint is silly. You require ID. So you only see dudes giving you an ID. Sounds like it's working how you want. I won't show you my ID. So I won't see you. Seems like there is no problem here.
  4. Do you ever go over your budget

    There is a certain range where I start thinking "I could see two ladies for that rate." Makes it harder to go see the one.
  5. Only good reviews going through???

    Can solve that by splitting up names/sections. I used 2 different names on the old version of this site. Helped avoid blacklists/retaliation for posting a negative review. Now they have comments/reviews/references all tied to one name. Gotta tread lightly.
  6. Shhh. I'm still holding out hope Amber will go to prom with me.
  7. "A little goes a long way!"

    I don't argue rates. Your business. You set them how you see fit. I don't get mad if rates go up. I pay it or move on. One of my ATFs has more than doubled her rate this year. Bit too much for me. But I'll still shout her praises. My point is if someone's gotta pay more to qualify for a reference, that's a reference for sale. Like writing a review only if I get 30 minutes free. If I use a reference from you don't be mad when I see someone else. That's the part that's lame. You got your visit/pay already. At the rate you chose. Side note- if the job is wrecking havoc on your body and emotions I highly encourage you to treat your whole health. See a MD. See a therapist (fuck the stigma). Consider another line of work. Maybe get into advocacy with your strong ties to the community. It ain't worth $10k an hour if you're wrecked.
  8. Net Neutrality - This effects us all

    What ISP fears bad publicity? Verizon? Comcast? Centurylink?
  9. "A little goes a long way!"

    Sounds like you're selling a reference. Maybe you don't mean that. Wanna raise your rate? Cool. Your business. Don't get mad if I see someone else. That's just lame.
  10. My Rant…

    I like that. Users here should collectively refer to ourselves as The Others.
  11. Snapchat photo effects are creepy!

    you must be new to the internet
  12. Anyone think it's LE bait?

    LE can (and will) do whatever they want. They'll 'borrow' photos when they feel the need. Always remember, you can beat the rap, but not the ride.
  13. You choose first to have a partner, and next which partner, followed by what you do with that partner. You always have options.
  14. You always got choices. Make the ones that are right for you.
  15. BP no name "Asian Goddess"

    I'd have to go digging, but she's likely not legit. IMO she's part of the 'crew looking to deceive' post put up here a while back. I once asked if she had reviews and she told me that's how you get arrested. When I declined to book she said she was giving my info to the cops. So there's that.