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  1. Football season is here

    Not gonna happen overnight. Imma give the Buffs some time
  2. Writing Retreat

    Hiya chick!!!
  3. Writing Retreat

    Has anyone ever attended or will be attending the Writers/Writing Retreat in Colorado (2023)? I have never been but am interested since I'll be on home soil. Apologies, if this has been discussed before, idk how to search on here. Thanks ~
  4. Day Rental Hotel Rooms

    Is that place still there!? Yikes!
  5. People Drugs Are Bad!

    wow! that is strange
  6. And On A Lighter Note

    haha funny!
  7. Is Tryst taking over?

    All this!!!!!
  8. Missed retired providers

  9. To Review or not To Review

    I am a huge fan of hearing a voice on our private cellphone and not your vehicle Bluetooth, so there's no miscommunication between us. Any cellphone voice communication? Did you ever hear her voice or was this all text communication?
  10. Missed retired providers

    Hey my friend. I'm still around, just down south
  11. Members you miss

    Miss her
  12. Wanting money for texting

    Interesting you had the balls to post abt wasting her time. Were you nervous? Are you short on accountability?? She's not responsible for your emotions. You wasted her time. Pay her!!!
  13. Area suggestions new to Denver

    Hello and welcome! I'm sure a lady or gent will privately message you on some good hosting areas.
  14. Glass or Plastic for dildo material?

    ^ Yes I do
  15. Glass or Plastic for dildo material?

    No glass!!!