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  1. Shower and GFE

    I got it the first time 😘
  2. Shower and GFE

    This is cracking me up. Shouldn't shower be mandatory? 😂😂
  3. Advice please before court.

    The profile of the op doesn't say.
  4. Advice please before court.

    I found this online
  5. Advice please before court.

    What happened to the program where the girls go to some school and take hiv test? Or have I made a mistake?
  6. Advice please before court.

    Everyone situation is different. This why it's best just to speak with lawyer.
  7. Advice please before court.

    Get a laywer.
  8. Halloween

    I'm seriously considering it. It just a sloppy cum stain!
  9. Need Some FB Advice!!!

    Maybe report it to Facebook?
  10. Getting Stood Up

    It was a photo shoot session. It was not for companionship. Not sure where you review that.
  11. Getting Stood Up

    Everyone knows this story! It was me... for a photo shoot... it was many years ago. After you publicly humiliated me.... I never pulled a NCNS since. Whatever the reason was doesn't matter anymore. I'm not interested in holding onto longtime grudges anymore. I'm choosing to live a better life the best I can. The only thing I ever asked was that you not book me. that would be a complete nightmare. Especially since you mentioned your not far from me. With your public humiliation, I thank you! All it did was make me much better and more efficient provider.
  12. Congress Looking to Change CDA Chemical castration I saw this on Facebook second offense rape.
  13. creampie

    Maybe he's from Texas idk 😐
  14. Getting Stood Up

    It was me who stood someone up last night. He had 3 references. He was very nice to me. Very polite. Total gentleman. Not sure if it's same guy who made this post. But not one the of the 3 girls got back to me for two whole days. I sent him msg I'm sorry not one girl would get back to me. I can't see him. Finally someone cleared him, after I canceled on him few hrs before hand. It ruined both our night! I didn't pull a NCNS. I was straight up and honest. I understand his frustration. 😘
  15. Getting Stood Up

    Unfortunately sometimes providers get very nervous when other girls will not give a client reference. Especially with all the recently stings that has taken place. Girls get nervous. Would rather call it quits than take a chance. I have been known to back out an appointment if I'm nervous. But don't pull NCNS. Because that's just rude. I will tell the guy why. Hope that he understands my reasons. so I don't leave him hanging. Its better than taking a risk and find yourself in jail.