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  1. Horror stories

    WOW this thread lol ...... we should start posting how to be good escorts and clients and to treat each other better.
  2. Deposits

    This one is my favorite quote of the day!
  3. "So you want to know why your SO quit putting out".

    That Shelby found a new man to wax on wax off with.
  4. Deposits

    Come to think of it PayPal has seized or frozen providers accounts many times. Maybe what we should be discussing is A list of different ways to provide anonymous payment for deposit.
  5. Creative criticism

    Exactly! If they there your SO you completely stop fucking them too.
  6. Deposits

    Just not going to sugar coat the Denver BS. Every time I see posts like this one, and many other posts similar to this by lots of different girls just reinforces the fact that the fuckery in Denver never ends and as few others have said on here it's only gotten worse. I'm so glad that I stoped posting on TER/ECCIE/Backpage and I started my own two business and got job. Cancellation or provider drama on me all you want I no longer give a rats. Haven't had the time. I don't care 🤷‍♀️ anymore. My bills are paid no matter weather clients show up or not. Because this not my only source of income. I dont have to deal with all bullshit drama anymore. I don't have the extra time to even give a rats. The day I stopped caring ✋ and took step back, was the day I was set free. I gotta tell you this was the best decision I ever made. Unfortunately I am constantly reading on tob a lot girls going through heartache with all the constant drama with all the fuckery going on in Denver. I'm great full I've been blessed to have come across other opportunities. Now when I see guys its all for fun and the money is a perk. It's no longer necessary for my life to surround providers or clients. It and feels great. Most guys are not going pay deposits. Why use PayPal? Bad idea just my opinion
  7. Does the Hotel Matter…

    Rates are always subject to change sometimes they're expensive sometimes they're cheap. It is what it is and it would be pretty stupid for us to argue over it
  8. Does the Hotel Matter…

    Omg great minds think a like. I pulled that up too. The funny thing is you get guys asking for discounted rates. The rate he's asking for doesn't even pay for the hotel. Then you wonder why we can't or will not see you.
  9. Running into girls outside of this...

    It's really not a big deal for me. I don't approach unless it's one my good hobby friends that I know for fact he's not married. Otherwise i might smile at him and keep walking. My personal life is none of your guys business. Your personal life is none of my business.
  10. Pestering Prospective Providers

    Some of you guys take shit to personal and get all butt hurt when people make suggestions on how make it easier. Samantha it's none my business how you run your life. The comment I made was in general not directly at you. All I did was respond with "answers how fix the problems" to help make life easier. My English is not good enough to sugarcoat.
  11. Obtaining a provider account via TER?

    TER advertising is free. You look pretty, with good service you make money. I say go for it. If your advertising is making you money keep posting. If you don't like it then stop. The only reason I don't post on there right now is because I have other commitments and no longer need to.
  12. Pestering Prospective Providers

  13. Pestering Prospective Providers

    Don't trip potato chip.. if the escort doesn't answer or call you back.... NEXT IN LINE PLEASE. Call another girl. who gives a shit why she didn't answer. Since escorts see this as a business. Why don't we apply business guidelines? 1.Clients call you. No msg left. Escort call number back. 2. Client calls leaves voicemails. Escort calls client back. If she can't reach him leave voicemail. Text him. Email. Pm. 3. If calling is an issue use other methods available. If clients calls me, text me, pm on p411 YOU WILL get a get a return call within a reasonable time. Iam always surprised that guys waste there time on HOES that don't call him back. Now there are some escorts who will not call you back if you're blacklisted for being an idiot. This hooking game is so easy to make money it's too complicated to pick up phone. Lol 😂 Bling Bling... hello Jonny what day what time and how long you wanna love ❤️ me long time? 😘😘😘💕😍 Bling bling FLAT LINE------------------- nothing 😴👀👋👋👋NEXT ESCORT IN LINE!!!!
  14. Please screen thoroughly !!

    Incase you miss it. Nothing is 100% guarantee. Doesn't mater how the client is screened.