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  1. Ladies, you are not alone.

    This is why your loved by me. We never know what someone is going through.
  2. Its a heartache, nothing but a heartache

    He is not worth holding on to the pain. Learn to let him go. When your hurting from others who have hurt you, and upset you open up your body too vulnerable diseases. No man or anyone is worth your health. Your destiny is never tied to anybody who left. You dont need him in your life. When people can walk away from you, let them walk. I know it's not easy. Cry it out, exercise it out, when your done, wash your face and kiss him good by. Learn to put yourself first and dismiss him from your heart. The gift of good by is powerful. Make the choice to love yourself first and let him go. Holding on to him with cause unnecessary pain and you'll become bitter. You have no room in your life for chickens. Lol Put you first, take the time out for you, work on you. When your ready to move on, a better man will come along. You'll look back and think.... WTF was I thinking! Love yourself first.
  3. What Happened to Nikki Holiday

    Nothing happened to me. I'm enjoying life, peace, and happiness.
  4. Shower and GFE

    I got it the first time 😘
  5. Shower and GFE

    This is cracking me up. Shouldn't shower be mandatory? 😂😂
  6. Advice please before court.

    The profile of the op doesn't say.
  7. Advice please before court.

    I found this online
  8. Advice please before court.

    What happened to the program where the girls go to some school and take hiv test? Or have I made a mistake?
  9. Advice please before court.

    Everyone situation is different. This why it's best just to speak with lawyer.
  10. Advice please before court.

    Get a laywer.
  11. Halloween

    I'm seriously considering it. It just a sloppy cum stain!
  12. Need Some FB Advice!!!

    Maybe report it to Facebook?
  13. Getting Stood Up

    It was a photo shoot session. It was not for companionship. Not sure where you review that.
  14. Getting Stood Up

    Everyone knows this story! It was me... for a photo shoot... it was many years ago. After you publicly humiliated me.... I never pulled a NCNS since. Whatever the reason was doesn't matter anymore. I'm not interested in holding onto longtime grudges anymore. I'm choosing to live a better life the best I can. The only thing I ever asked was that you not book me. that would be a complete nightmare. Especially since you mentioned your not far from me. With your public humiliation, I thank you! All it did was make me much better and more efficient provider.
  15. Congress Looking to Change CDA Chemical castration I saw this on Facebook second offense rape.