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  1. HH vs HR

    Ditto JR
  2. Looking for suggestions and help on FBSM in Boulder

    Sign up to rubmaps and read away. Lots off good info there but be sure you are looking at recent reviews, since the girls rotate quite frequently.
  3. Aubree

    Too much for this old soul
  4. HH vs HR

    We can all tell, go back to the hole in the ground you just crawled out of. You are truly a POS
  5. HH vs HR

    Are we back to the Texas refugees again?
  6. Enjoy Your VD

    Happy Valentines Day girls, hope it is a good one for all of you.
  7. Best tool for your tool

    You guys are badddddd
  8. Best tool for your tool

    Coking, depends on how thick the thatch is, maybe something 20 v, battery operated from Home Depot to start with? 😁😁😁😁. JK
  9. Snow

    Yep, remember them well
  10. ANR/ABF

    Find a momma cow in heat
  11. Dancing

    Happy, btw, how is the sand between your toes?
  12. ANR/ABF

    Yes please enlighten us sir??
  13. 411 on Ania Lucia

    I have never seen her but I bet she speaks better English then the AMP girls do. Question is, what does she offer besides a good CMT quss as lite massage?
  14. Snow

    ILW, since I recently had hip surgery the snow has not bothered me a bit except for trying to arrange and get to incalls. Hopefully only a few more weeks. Enjoy the moisture everyone.
  15. Best BBBJ in Denver

    Not in this site buddy!