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  1. Not good enough????

    Drive safe Bit
  2. Long time hobbyist

    Forget the Rockies and spend your $$$ on the lovely ladies here. It’s a win win situation buddy.
  3. Gfe or not

    Raine, what else can we pick from?
  4. Not good enough????

    Did you make it back yet or are you still in RGV?
  5. Not good enough????

    Bit it’s a changing world since you and I were young, growing up so let’s embrace it I guess while we can.
  6. Guy's Do You Prefer Selfies Or Professional Pics

    After just two posts and aren’t you getting a little picky ?
  7. Not good enough????

    The start of the Kilt, Bit?
  8. K Time to Lighten It Up Again...

    Kandi, this has to be the best yet, thanks for the laughs
  9. K Time to Lighten It Up Again...

    Priceless Fish, thanks 😁😁😁
  10. What If...

    What if it wasn’t eight days a week?
  11. Stings, Always be on the Lookout !!!

    No that will still come in droves turtle
  12. What If...

    Be nice fish
  13. What's the oddest place you've done it???

    With a young, horny private I am assuming fork.....
  14. What If...

    Pigs could really fly?
  15. BB, I hope you aren’t partaking and driving at the same time?????? Not a good example for the younger crowd here.