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  1. 2Big I am headed to Croatia in late August and will let you know the findings and outcome 😁
  2. Pet peeves

    I am thinking that Stevie needs to get laid? Anyone else think the same and maybe it’s collection time to help the guy out.
  3. How to handle the life?

    Lol my friend
  4. How to handle the life?

    No clue Pfunk, at least I understand Vassago some of the time
  5. How to handle the life?

  6. Happy Birthday Sundance

    Dance, naked jet skiing in your birthday maybe? What time and which lake??
  7. Pet peeves

    Oh, I forgot, great pics that turn out to be Denver Ladies!
  8. Be kind to your Animals!

    German short hair. I have had four and now my youngest son has a black with ticking. Beautiful dog and turning into a great upland hunter
  9. The passing of an American icon

    Ditto ditto guys thx Bit
  10. Pet peeves

    Ass pics, cat ears and noses, and just shitty selfies
  11. Be kind to your Animals!

    NS Bit, that’s why I am a GSP guy.
  12. This should be fun

    Anything by 2Big, Laci
  13. When your wife is cheating?

    This is just my opinion OP, but if both of you are screwing around behind each other’s backs, is there much of a marriage left? Sorry to be getting to the point.
  14. When your wife is cheating?

    Old hunter
  15. Things that keep you up at night.

    Wired or weird?