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    I love them all. 😍😍😍😍😍
  2. Halloween costume

    Anything that will come off quickly
  3. Real men of the forum...

    Fish thinIk I go as far as I can, never expecting anything in return, and you know who I am referring to. She wasn’t the first, nor will she be last. I think we just need to keep it all into perspective. I remember getting into this game 15 years ago and loaning a BP girl(barbtender off of Colorado blvd) a $1000.00 and never saw her again. That was a Newbie lesson in itself.
  4. How Old is too Old?

    What Bit said since we were in the same graduating class or close. Sundance we met many moons ago and you were a doll then and I bet you still are?
  5. Favorite Hiking trails

    Has anyone ever done any part of the Continental Divide trail? I’ve always wanted to do it horseback, Laci?
  6. References

    Thx Gina, that’s a positive step in the right direction
  7. New provider in town

    Grasshopper what’s up ???? You make no sense son ????
  8. Married guys and outcalls

    BB, how did you know about the condom wrapper story?
  9. Married guys and outcalls

    OP, I f I was you, I would look in the mirror and ask myself, what do I have to loose?
  10. What’s up my people?!

    Hey kiddo. So ya like that humidity? We miss you so keep in touch
  11. HELP!!!

    WT, we are all, for the most part, compassionate people here. Don’t ever forget that even if we have never met face to face, I think a lot of us wiuld go out of there way to help you and anyone else. I did just last winter with a provider here who just had surgery and needed help.
  12. New Provider

    Yep BB, it could be an interesting fall. Welcome little lady
  13. DILF’s

    Me three
  14. Labor Day

    Fish, I will let you know next Tuesday. Heading back to the farm tomorrow in NW Kansas. My sources say they are everywhere since it’s been so hot there
  15. Labor Day

    Hopefully some are getting laid 😁😁