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  1. Don't Be A Hobbiest....

    It's that time again when we all need to step away from the keyboards and take a deeeeeep breath everyone. I sure don't miss the trolls, do any of you?
  2. I love intellect!

    Kali, My comment was always, "behind the at".
  3. Introduction

    I think all the trolls are on spring break. Welcome buddy, you lucked out.
  4. I REALLY need your advice about making a service transition

    You will do just fine
  5. MLK

    Thanks Digitalsanity, Badboy take the night off. Respect is still respect in my books!!!! Regardless of race
  6. Where are all the providers?

    Me three, bad images with a chain saw
  7. Mile High Exxxotica Recap

    Nice report JR !!!!
  8. Intelligence level....

    Newbie maybe, And doesn't quite understand the hobby yet?
  9. just some imput

    Buy the card, what ya got to loose??
  10. Pickle Ball

    How about Tick Ler Pickle?
  11. My favorite provider pic...

    Ana Beau's pic?
  12. BDSM play

    What is with all the new one hit wonders? BP shutdown carry overs?
  13. Reviews

    Maybe service
  14. Newbie

    Warhorse, reiners or cutters. I am a qtrhorse guy myself.
  15. Diversion on a long night

    Gr8owl and Kosinski. Thanks for the great videos