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  1. Taking a break...for now.

    Get better FTF and hope to hear from you soon buddy.
  2. Time?

    Yep, A it works both ways unfortunately
  3. Have you ever????

    COS but the talent on that given day may not be as good as in Denver, it’s like buying gas, which town is chesuper? Cheaper is not neccesssrily better like anything else. YMMV
  4. Time?

    I agree totally but infortunatly others bring into the thread the providers that continually abuse this which raises back hairs in others. An hour should be an hour unless stipulateled elsewhere. Isn’t it a short term contract to begin with until you get to know each party better and want to do more business with them???
  5. Stormy Daniels

    BB. I heard the original legal fee request was over $380,000.00.
  6. Time?

    She’s back Stevie and growl has stood up for her before.
  7. President Hickey?

    Gov Hickenlooper, Our do nothing governor. What has he done in the last 8 years?
  8. Monogamy to Polyamory

    Where is Ann Landers when you need her?
  9. My take on GEORGE.

    Yep, Mr. pink I actually thought you had a little class, I guess I was really wrong and wtf was I thinking.
  10. There will be no more donations

    What’s sad is that he is supposedly well known here and has a 411 wow. Sorry violet that this happened up you. If you need anything please reach out to any of us.
  11. denver? what areas to avoid?

    I recently completed a construction project at 4th an Federal. We were tagged and broken into weekly. Pfunk does small, neighborhood residential type work which is a lot smaller and somewhat safer. Being in the big leagues is a lot tougher. We don’t work out of the back of our trucks either!!!!
  12. Requests?

    Amen on the dick size👍👍

    True words spoken Average1, thanks. And wouldn’t it be nice if Walter Kronkite still did the nightly news. No BS, no fake news just the way it happened. PS I know your age group. 😁
  14. denver? what areas to avoid?

    Pfunk being that I am a native, there are still areas in Denver where this exists. Where the hell have you been?
  15. Requests?

    Welcome lilDick, be careful, some of these guys can be ruthless. If I were you, just be a gentlemen and start a dialogue with the young lady. Then ask her the details you are looking for. Patience and manners will go a long ways in this biz. Good luck