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  1. My Ex-Wife...

    Fish, find out who picked the rehearsal dinner location and who put together the menu. Then talk to the ex. My son is getting married over Labor Day this year in Vail and his rehearseal dinner for 50 people is less then that.
  2. Reversing Roles

    Audrey, I second the Flagstaff house that Bit mentioned. It has great night time views, excellent food and atmosphere. Then later, maybe retire to the Boulderado hotel
  3. Looking for a fun provider this weekend

  4. Looking for a fun provider this weekend

    Thanks mz for the good laugh and good luck in Rino but you should their id's for age. This guy does have a head trip problem
  5. Trick ass Bitch

    Having girlfriend problems??
  6. Trick ass Bitch

  7. What is Your Must See TV Shows

    Rat patrol. Remember Christopher George wife, Phyllis? She was HOT!!!!
  8. What is Your Must See TV Shows

    Yep Tide I guess we are
  9. What is Your Must See TV Shows

    What about Mcales Navy and Combat with Vic Morrow?
  10. Looking for a fun provider this weekend

    Fish, actually stainless steel!!! Quite attractive
  11. ID Rant

    And I thought I was the only one that remembered that! Touche' Stevie.
  12. ID Rant

    Maybe Lucy went off her meds??
  13. USHER has Herpes?¡?

    Thx Melissa for the great post. Some of us have way to much time here to ruffle everyone's feathers.
  14. ID Rant

    Lucy I am not discounting safety at all, I am saying to all involved parties, if you don't like the rules of engagement, move on. It's real simple
  15. ID Rant

    I agree JJ but it seems like there is sure a lot of this shit going on this week, ID rants, screening issues etc. how about we all get back to what this hobby is all about? And quit whining