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  1. just some imput

    Buy the card, what ya got to loose??
  2. Pickle Ball

    How about Tick Ler Pickle?
  3. My favorite provider pic...

    Ana Beau's pic?
  4. BDSM play

    What is with all the new one hit wonders? BP shutdown carry overs?
  5. Reviews

    Maybe service
  6. Newbie

    Warhorse, reiners or cutters. I am a qtrhorse guy myself.
  7. Diversion on a long night

    Gr8owl and Kosinski. Thanks for the great videos
  8. Diversion on a long night

    Thx I will
  9. Lost my contacts last week😟

    No offense to Bit but I did the same thing a month ago and the rice didn't bring my iPhone back to lifeπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  10. Request & ISO newbie seeks advice.

    Pinche, for the aarp discount you'll need to show proper ID and not just your manlyhood!!
  11. P411 question for the gents

    Plunk, Because there are a few BSC providers out there. Fish, nice video tonite and very informative
  12. Diversion on a long night

    Wow nice video. Thx amcbl1 for sharing.
  13. Old seeks Young

    Deer, I suppose no denser then you 😁😁😁
  14. Old seeks Young

    Fella. Maybe you need a F W B relationship?
  15. One of those weeks

    There are some things that should not be shared here. This is one of them.