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  1. For the “new guy”

  2. Careful with screening boys.

    Sorry gang but something does not smell right here especially from a 2 poster. How do they trace you to Linkined with a face and Dick pic unless that is the pic he used with their url address. If so what an idiot.
  3. Today

    New grasshopper???
  4. Quick Car Date

    Sam. You win
  5. Quick Car Date

    I got ya all beat. In high school I drove a 65’ Ford, red, ranch wagon. The rear seat folded down flat for a very nice playground,😁😁
  6. Quick Car Date

    Been there did that leaving the MGM in Las Vegas one night. 40 minutes later and 250.00 lighter, I was a happy camper.
  7. A place to relax

    And I am stuck in Atlanta. Have fun for me
  8. A place to relax

    So Fish, I take it that the mac’s are hitting at Granby?
  9. why is there so many grey areas

    Grey matter? Wtf is he talking about?
  10. Ladies choice

    And they always will.
  11. No Words...

    Thanks Fish, mine are both out at Fort Logan.
  12. Disrespectful sites.

    There really are jerks still out there like this. I need a vacation again. Good luck buddy what ever it is you are looking for.
  13. How Old Am I? Lemme Tell Ya...

    Landry’s is the old Dutchman bldg
  14. Things I don't understand

    Never a good time for that, but to each their own.
  15. How Old Am I? Lemme Tell Ya...

    GrOwl, are you referring to Landry’s ? And if memory serves me correct, the Playboy club was on the top floor of the Warwick Hotel.