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  1. No Honor or Integrity???? You be the judge

    ????? What is she talking about?
  2. Backpage escort section gone

  3. Has anyone seen Alley K?

    Never saw her but heard her man mades were enormously
  4. Kicked in the gut

    Lucy I am sorry for the late follow up but I have a black male, a Siamese female tan with black tips and two black and whites a male and a female. They all are litter box trained etc
  5. Kicked in the gut

    Sparky, how about a kitten? I have four ready to be adopted.
  6. 411 Decorum

    No just mature
  7. 411 Decorum

    Anyone know what rock Clueless crawled out from under?
  8. How to follow instructions!!!!!101

    Ana, are you still in the furniture restoration business? 😍😍😍😍😍
  9. In the spirit of Halloween

    Ben way to many rats for me
  10. BP Lola Luxe

    Mag, I believe she has been here before many times over the last few years, just can't find the info. Sorry and good luck
  11. In view of recent threads..........

    Nope, not at all, you just have problems, son. Medicine time maybe??
  12. Fella take her to the Broadmoor for Sunday brunch, she will be in deputed to you!!!
  13. In view of recent threads..........

    Stevie. Maybe you should try a new hobby???
  14. Lexy Jordan 411

    Thx Kaduk you the MAN