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  1. Scheduling with Reign

    I bet California is looking pretty good about now dear, looks like a poor reputation has been created.
  2. Caution may make you spit your beverage!!!

    LOL, Mel, that made my day. Thanks for sharing
  3. Aurora LE on the move

    I saw that too PP, thx. low hanging fruit
  4. Hello! What are you doing at this very moment

    Air, what were you doing at the fire today?
  5. Sickness

    Ok just stay well Hunter, they say Theraflu works well too
  6. Sickness

    Hunter you might want to start taking some antibiotics if you have them as a precaution. Lots of pneumonia and bronchitis going on.
  7. Happy birthday Laci

    Happy happy birthday Laci
  8. Rip-Off Review

    I read it too and was quite puzzled considering her other great reviews. Maybe she sensed something wrong with this guy?
  9. Get some happy flowing.

    And closed a $2m construction project in COS
  10. Get some happy flowing.

    Getting up and crutching around Laci😀😀😀
  11. Best Local Denver restaurants

    Has anyone been to Dora's lately in Aurora?
  12. Urban clubs

    So what is everyones definition of "Urban"? Curious minds want to know.
  13. Me Great Grand Daddy and his nasty wiles.

    I’ll try what he is having.
  14. Any info of Sam of BP

    Those pic’s have been around for years. Don’t think the girl that opens the door will be her!
  15. Low Volume Girls

    Yes Hunter but it was many years ago when I was in high school