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  1. I'm always horny

    Possibly but I hardly know you Sean
  2. Have we switched roles?

    Go back to sleep grasshopper.
  3. Should we give second chances.

    Me three, #1, semi comatose state. Not good WG!
  4. Cail

    Oh that place. Now I remember😁😁
  5. Cail

    Where’s Cail?
  6. DiGiorno and Wine Selection

    Boink buy the rechargeable one. Less effort to open the wine and quicker😁😁
  7. Pony Up or Not…

    Boink how old are you really?
  8. Happy Birthday Airamerica

    Happy birthday ole man.
  9. Storm damage

    Laci, holler if you need help with the horses etc. I have room at my place
  10. Atlanta georgia

    Thanks Chrissy and Everhard.
  11. Atlanta georgia

    Thanks Chrissy
  12. Atlanta georgia

    Headed there for business, what sites work there?
  13. Hose and Heels?

    CFM’s. Nice
  14. Aaliyah of Denver

    Hang tight bro and reach out again and see if she is ok etc. don’t be a jerk about it
  15. Stood up too many times

    BB, I grew up in a drug store. This candy is totally different. A lot more cavalries come in this aisle