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  1. Going dark

    Living in Cape Coral Fl Kali these days but thx. Things are not as lively here as in Denver but I don’t miss all the BS. How are you doing ?
  2. Going dark

    Are you still doing the RV trip to Florida in the winter ?
  3. Going dark

    Very nice. Have a great trip.
  4. Going dark

    BIt, where abouts are you headed?
  5. Sabrina Lynn

    She is a nightmare from years ago. Good luck guys
  6. W, it’s been a long time I moved to Cape Coral 1 1/2 years ago. Fishing is great
  7. More Funnies

    Nice K
  8. But how the heck are you? We bought another place in Cape Coral and are spending time here and back in CO. Are you back in RGV again?
  9. Favorite position

    Me too 😁😁😁😁😁
  10. Tiger King

    I saw all the episodes and heard they may make more shows. How does that work when Joe is in prison for 22 years?
  11. And that this was his second post here. Maybe he needs to find a mirror?
  12. Mods, time to shut this one down.
  13. Maybe you should watch TV, that’s where I saw it, Thx ILW. Maybe not endorsed but close to it, and I might add, “I approve this message” by both. You can take it from there
  14. I find it ironic that Obama endorseD Bloomberg and Warren, but not Biden his old Vice President.

    Go tide go!!!!!!!