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  1. Forum rules? question about CMT/fsbm

    Actually after reading the rules again, I see "Companions are not permitted to answer "In Search Of" type posts pertaining to their own brand other than responding through PM's.." - so maybe this means it's OK to post an ISO post but ladies have to respond via PM. Hopefully that's the case
  2. Forum rules? question about CMT/fsbm

    Hi all - I am a hobbyist and also I had a shoulder injury recently, so I thought to put them together and look for a therapeutic massage with some built-in fun. I was about to post something like 'ISO legit CMT/massage ' but I noticed the rules have changed a bit. Is it no longer OK to put ISO type posts? I know things are tightening up lately due to website closures, etc! I guess if this posts gets deleted or locked I'll have my answer. I am not trying to game the system it's a legit question. thanks!
  3. Hi all - Wow all the sites are down. This is really inconvenient for me, but must be awful for the providers. I checked all the site I know and this was the only one still on!! Anyways, I am in San Jose tomorrow through Friday. Looking for some fun but it's unusually hard to find!!! Anyone out there? And of course, I have tons of references on TER but that's useless now thx!