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  1. Found this on -

    An absolute "10" w / a view

    This one is under "body rubs" on BP and she is a little pricey but has to be one of the most beautiful and natural bodies I have seen on BP. It appears all she does is body rubs.

    With a view, "topless" with a nice thong. For 30 min it was 150 and 60 min 250. Went with the 1/2 as a first timer.

    As for her looks I highly recommend and the massage was so-so, for the money it was pricey but will return on special occasions.

    Also, I'm fairly new to the area and used to see a lot more postings. So if your out there please post more for us new guys in the area for first time.

    Escort rates for a FBSM? Uh, not for me. More power to her if she can make a living out of that.