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  1. Bad Boy report

    I recently discovered that there is a bad boy report on me and it is not true but apparently the only way it can be removed is by the person who posted it. I attempted to find this provider but she is no longer posting in Colorado. Any ideas or help is appreciated, thanks
  2. Bad Boy report

    I did see this provider a few times, always had a good meeting. I haven't seen her for at least a year. She posted on BP. I have done nothing wrong, other than not protecting my identity. My visits with her and other providers, some who post on TOB, have always been professional and respectful. Someone alerted me to the fact that there was some negative info on the web while searching my name, phone number etc. When I looked, I saw this report and who posted it. I was surprised because our times together were always mutually beneficial. I did some searching for the provider so I could contact her to ask her to remove this inaccurate report. When my limited resources ran out, I posted on TOB, thinking someone could help. I never intended this to be harmful to anyone in anyway, however, the report is not true and should be removed. Apparently I can pay some extortion fees but I won't, not because I can't afford it but because it just isn't right. I appreciate all the feedback, even the negative ones. I am not asking to be judged nor am asking for forgiveness, just simply wanting any knowledge on how to get an inaccurate report removed. I now realize how I could have been safer in not providing my personal information but besides the fact this may be an illegal transaction, my belief and faith in human nature will always override any notion of hiding the fact of who I am. Have a great night all, thanks
  3. Bad Boy report

    She said I bit her, pulled her hair and she was lucky to get out alive. Listed my full name, email and phone number......ick
  4. Bad Boy report

    Thanks Nikki's, exactly what I was trying to do, remove because it is not true and it has affected my ability to hobby some as it shows up whenever my number is googled. The site explains that the only way to remove is to have the poster remove it. I did see this provider a couple of years ago, had a fine time together, and now she isn't posting anymore so I am just thinking she posted bad reports about not only me. My bad for not protecting myself.
  5. Bad Boy report

    Thanks to everyone for the feedback. I appreciate the honesty especially about protecting myself, which I haven't done very well. Just a trusting person, naive about certain things. Thanks again to all.
  6. Does anyone have knowledge about Jasmine, 720-279-4306? She has one review on TOB but interested in any more info, thanks.
  7. In the Mountains

    LOL, I posted last night and got no replies so obviously I did something wrong. Are there any providers up here or willing to drive up here? Thanks for the help.
  8. In the Mountains

    All the mountains are west and I70 leads to most like Silverthorne........thanks for the reply
  9. Brennyn

    Any info on this lovely lady? Could only find one review but she sounds great. Thanks for the help.
  10. Brennyn

    Thanks for info. Excuse my ignorance but what does SIMMS have to do with your post?
  11. Mountain Providers

    Are there any reputable ladies in the mountains tonight or willing to travel? Thanks for the help, appreciate it
  12. Mountain Providers

    vail and breckenridge areas would be convenient, thanks.
  13. Mountain Providers

    coming from you, that is a pretty good review as Dolly must be your favorite provider
  14. Jayme on BP

    any info on Jayme on BP? thanks.
  15. any info on Molly?

    does anyone have any information on Molly, posting on BP? I would really appreciate any help with this, thanks.
  16. nicolette

    any reviews on nicolette from bp? thanks.
  17. Jayme on BP

    thanks Nusa for the info, really appreciate it.
  18. Jayme on BP

    can anyone help me determine if Jayme is for real? I am trying to set up an appointment with her and don't want to be diappointed. sorry i messed up the link, thnaks for your help
  19. Jayme on BP
  20. Jayme on BP

    LOOK••••• ►☆ • COLLEGE •★• bARbie • ☆ ❤ Ñ¡T€ L¡V€❤ - 22
  21. any info on this BP post?

    —————————————— █ ♥ SUPER SEXY SWEEThEARt ♥ █ ——————————————— - 21
  22. I am just visiting and am looking for some company. Thanks
  23. can anyone help or do you know of providers in this area? thanks.