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  1. 411 on aaliyahdenver7

    Well, I tried the right click and clicked Google search image and about a hundred "similar" pics of others came up. Also, the Merriam Webster definition of "Girl", LOL~! I really liked this provider and was hoping to reconnect after time had passed. If anyone can help I would appreciate that. Thanks~!
  2. aaliyahdenver7 720-340-5558 Colorado Companion I was trying to connect with this provider and cannot locate her. F/K/A "Samantha" also. Any help? thanks so much~! Last known # 720-340-5558 / Aaliyah - aaliyahdenver7 from May 5th, 2018 https://escortindex.com/ad/denver/720-340-5558/1/1458931
  3. No one reads my listing correctly

    Exactly, LOL~!
  4. GFE ~ What does that mean, really~?

    Glad I could amuse you.........
  5. I have been on here for some years, and am a member elsewhere. The term "GFE" is used regularly, but I have found it has widely different interpretations. So, I thought I would see if there is any kind of consensus on what that means. I think some use correctly, but I think many don't. I understand it is starts with "Girlfriend Experience"...... Well, does that mean BBBJ? Does it mean CBJ? Does in include kissing and if so, LFK or DFK? Sex? Intercourse? What kinds? Greek, no Greek? And so forth. I am very interested to hear back from everyone......... Thanks so much~!
  6. I was told by two providers now that there are sites where providers post reviews and other information about hobbyists. I was wondering if there is a way to look and see what might be posted about myself? TIA~!
  7. Can Providers "update" references for us? For example, if I have seen a provider three weeks ago and she posts a reference for me on TOB, then I see her again say yesterday, can she update the date from three weeks ago to yesterday? Just wondering because I would like to request updates on a couple references I have. Thanks so much~
  8. Thanks so much for your thoughts. I really appreciate how you explained this. It is how I feel, also. I did have a couple provider friends tell me they reached out to this one to discuss, but I understand fell on deaf ears. I have moved on, but was interested in feedback here, too. Thanks again, Hunter, for being so nice. M
  9. Changing name and email

    I had done this some years back after dropping off for a while. I lost all my references and reviews associated with my former username. That was about 5 years ago, so things may have changed but thought I would say something so you check first, before deciding what to do and save you some of the headaches I underwent.
  10. I had a "tiff" with a provider some months back. She engaged in false advertising and tried to double my fee once I showed up to her place. I called her on it and posted then after messaging with her I deleted my post due to lack of clarity. Thought we resolved it. Since then, i have been told twice now that she has contacted other providers to smear me and had one other provider apparently join her in posting a negative "review" of me as a member here. I know it is false but am concerned of my reputation in here. I have been in here over 10 years including through a name-change not of my creation but with a very good history. How can we members defend ourselves against this kind of nastiness please?
  11. 411 on Dianna Anderson

    Did that, too......... same kind of evasive response... Have you seen her? How did she respond to your specific inquiry?
  12. 411 on Dianna Anderson

    Par example~ "Hi Dianna, I would love to see you. When are you free this week?" and response is "Yes, I would love to see you." ............
  13. Dianna Anderson 720-919-8735 Colorado Companion Looking for 411 on her. She is in the TOB "Listings" and when I reach out to her I get very generic almost canned responses suggesting interest but will not follow up enough to set up an appointment. No reviews of her in 2019, but some over a year old..... thanks~!
  14. 411 on Hanna

    So sad..... I feel that 90% of the posts on AdultSearch.com are fakes. I have had a bit of success there before, but not much. Thanks so much Mountain~!