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  1. Where Will You Discover Us?

    I use mostly P411. I have been on TOB, with a year break, since about 2010 and I have a hard time connecting with new providers on TOB. P411 is all set up for me, and I have friends there. But, since I rarely post reviews anymore (I used to in past years) a couple ladies questioned my trustworthiness noting no recent reviews. So, it is frustrating to me to meet new providers here on TOB, so I find myself staying in P411 mostly, since I am approved and verified there and it is up to date with me.
  2. Companionship for Moab 4x4 Trip

    I would love to get a PM. It would be a fun trip to take someone on.
  3. Menu items....wanna hear from the ladies...

    Have to be very careful. I lost the opportunity to see one very lovely lady just yesterday because I said only that I wished she was in P411 so she could see my profile likes and activities that I enjoy. She said I made her feel uncomfortable and btw why didn't I post here more recently, and blew me off. I have been in here for years, think my rep is in tact and have some very solid, albeit aged, TOB references but my P411 is all up to date. Very sad.
  4. Companionship for Moab 4x4 Trip

    Not a single response there.................dang.
  5. Companionship for Moab 4x4 Trip

    Man, well I guess I need to just enjoy the trip as it is. If an angel falls in my area, I'll hope she falls in my direction~!
  6. Companionship for Moab 4x4 Trip

    Thanks, Megan, just posted there. I appreciate that~!
  7. Moab Next Week

    Hey All~ I am coming over to do some 4-wheeling and tourist stuff and looking for some solid fun companionship, too. I would love some PMs ~ Thanks~!
  8. Hi All: Going to Moab next week for a few days to do some mountain biking and 4-wheeling. Anyone know of a way to find companionship while there?
  9. review details

    I see the reviews have been changed to omit commentary and activities between consenting adults. Why the change? Now there really seems no reason for reviews as they are now, because there is only stats we can see in a profile or in ads. Nothing helpful to see who we may share interests in or activities or anything helpful~
  10. Littleton Providers

    Colorado Escort Long time out of the program here, and hoping to find some top quality providers in Littleton area who among other things, are fluent in French~?
  11. Searching For Desired Activities In New Format

    Would be nice to get some private messages from some who love providing CIM in my area................
  12. Searching For Desired Activities In New Format

    Thanks my friend. Long time no see.........Would love recommendations for providers if you have more to tell me?
  13. Searching For Desired Activities In New Format

    Right, CIM is not on the old or new menu items. I used to search in the old format using that term and it would find that term if used in the body of the review text. I was told long ago ( I am NOT a newbie, or GUEST....WTF?) that to find "activities" I needed to search reviews and got used to that easy way as nobody lists them anymore not on P411 either. If any ladies offer, would love to get a message~. Thanks.