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  1. Who would you bring back?

    My choices would be Ashliegh Sparks, Cindy Moore, Aubrey(of lamp post and garage), Brae, and Lauren Alexis..mmmm.. she could go non stop on the Os..have not met another lady to match her.
  2. Parking lot questionable vehicles?

    I agree with Bad's assessment on the only way to get busted. When i walk in the hotel, I walk in as if I am staying there myself. I smile and nod to the front desk peeps(hopefully she is a cutie hottie), i have my laptop bag on my shoulder(no laptop, usually a bottle of cabernet, champagne, or single malt), sometimes i will even pull my phone out and act like i am having a conversation..never have had a problem. I'm tall at 6'4 so i don't get intimidated, i would have parked and casually walked over to the officer and inquired about the hub-bub, but that's me. However I would always go with your gut response, and always and our lovely ladies and tell them y u r cancelling. Mutual respect is a 2-way street.