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  1. Hi Campers!

    Hi HC - Glad you had a great time - that is a beautiful area of the State.
  2. HAPPY 7/11 Everyone!

    Icee's and ice cream - life is good! And if you go to Hawaii they have shaved ice with ice cream - doesn't get better than that!!!!!!!!!
  3. False Referals

    HC - As other have said I am sorry this happen to you for honest and open communication helps all. Be safe and have fun, Chick
  4. I saw a bear!!!

    Daisy welcome to Colorado - there is tons of wildlife here. A moose cut in front of me while driving in Summit County this week. Get to the mountains and enjoy!!!!!!
  5. Happy 4th Holiday Everyone

    This is one of my favorite holidays, good times with good friends - Happy Birthday America!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Les Misérables in Denver

    Bora - Thanks for the heads up on Les Miserables, great show!
  7. Hooray 😃

    + one for the mods - Thank You!

    I would like to add to the list: Biggldblk, Funtimes, Geecue and Happy Camper
  9. Rain next couple of days!!

    We need all the rain we can get - been a very dry winter! Nice pictures Madison.
  10. Best advice...

    McCormick's and Jax's are my favorite seafood restaurants
  11. Amandalove303

    I too have seen her, and you can pm me for details as well
  12. Hamilton

    There are tickets still available from the box office website, look for on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, I got mine last week.
  13. Literacy Rant

    I flunked syntax in school - but Thank You Badboy for bring some class to the board.
  14. Question for the fellas......

    I totally agree with aireamericavet65, I do not see having a cast as an issue at all, to me it all about making a connection and having fun!
  15. Seeing Mandy Candy

    I have seen Mandy Candy, but has not posted in quite some time. You can read my review, but defiantly not a rip-off.