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  1. Literacy Rant

    I flunked syntax in school - but Thank You Badboy for bring some class to the board.
  2. Question for the fellas......

    I totally agree with aireamericavet65, I do not see having a cast as an issue at all, to me it all about making a connection and having fun!
  3. Seeing Mandy Candy

    I have seen Mandy Candy, but has not posted in quite some time. You can read my review, but defiantly not a rip-off.
  4. Happy Birthday Francesca!

    Have a great special day Ms. Francesca!
  5. 411 on Nicole Mcknight

    I too saw her five years ago, and she has not changed his pictures - very nice lady!
  6. 411 Avery May

    Good catch Mr. Happy!
  7. Dark Horse Bar and Grill Boulder.. Good or?

    Fran - I wish I was there to watch the action - I know you can kick ass!
  8. Kyra of Denver, responsive???

    I have seen Kyra many times and have reviewed her as well when she first started out. All I can say is she has always been a top provider and has been very responsive to text/emails. I too wish her the very best!!!!!!
  9. Reviews

    I also want to thank the Mod's - Great Job!
  10. Happy to be back again!!

    Hey Francesca - Welcome Back - I have missed you!
  11. Tara CMT on BP

    I agree Tara is top notch! I too have reached out to her.
  12. Dinner with client for free?

    My two cents - I have had dinner or lunch with providers once I have developed a friendship with, and this time was off the clock. In all instances we either had play time before or after the meal.
  13. Willow - any feedback?

    She is legit, but only offers outcalls
  14. I have exchanged emails with here - but she is not available during day. I have asked if she has anyone to vouch for her - but has not responded yet.
  15. NCNS in denver

    Just my two cents - I would not post a bad review for a NCNS - I think thing come up and we need to be understanding of one another. I would reach out to the lady and see what she has to say. I think a little humbleness and humility goes a long way in life.