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  1. I saw her last week. Review submitted,pending. She is completely legit. Nice apartment in the vicinity of I70. Such a beautiful body. Youth is beautiful anyway and she has that in spades. But she is also just put together so nice, mmmmm...She is also just a really sweet and kind person, sweetheart! Treat her right. Goes without saying, but she makes me to protect her from all you assholes! Lol! I think she is new to this, still figuring out her way. Newly independent. Hr minimum. Not sure msog is on the menu. But don’t hesitate to see her if you want to see a young, sexy, Latina spinner. I texted her for all of the communication. I will gladly repeat.
  2. Lina Mesa/ Jessica Martinez

    Colorado Companion She has been on my radar for a little while. Tried to contact a couple times but timing hasn’t worked out yet. She has a lot of nice reviews. But can anyone explain how she lost 3”? Used to be listed at 5’7” now she’s 5’4”. And her pics now look like someone with a different body type then the old pictures. Both women are very attractive. Just wondering about the very noticeable differences. Any info would be great. I’d love to meet her if everything is still legit. Probably just paranoid but not sure I’ve ever seen the change in height before.
  3. Changing name and email

    You guys already changed my name. Thank you.
  4. Am I able to change my profile name and the email associated with it? If I change it will I lose my references or reviews?
  5. 411 on Rachel Denver

    Ad says accepting clients from late 20's to early 50's
  6. 411 Miss Tess

    Miss Tess 303-507-9827 Colorado Escort 303-507-9827 Scheduled an appointment for tomorrow. She has 3 reviews from 2 reviewers. 1st one reviewed her twice just recently and hadn't done a review for about 5 yrs can anyone vouch for either reviewer or the lady? Google on the number didn't seem to show anything to me. Input would be greatly appreciated. Spidey sense vibrated. Trying to ease the nerve.
  7. 411 on Karmen 720 711 3111

    Go Shade Go! Just doooooooo it!
  8. 411 on Asian-Creole

    Hey Lakerboy. Did you ever get a pm about this? Care to share? Still interested.
  9. Karmen 720-717-3111 Colorado Escort I've seen her ads for a couple weeks. Karmen 720 717 3111, 720-717-3111. Google doesn't turn up anything that I can find. Anyone have any info? on another note, how do you get the cached web address?
  10. Exceptionally Built Spinners

    Since we are dreaming...can I get a bubble booty on this petite girl riding the unicorn? Might make me go broke if I saw that combo.
  11. Looking for AMPs

    Haha. You're a comedian. You obviously lack reading comprehension. The links were for recent asp ads. Not brick and mortar amp's. The 2nd question that you described as persistent was about an amp. And obviously you've never used rub maps because you don't know what you're talking about. Thanks for playing though.
  12. Looking for AMPs

    Whatever mr wet blanket. The fact that a site like rub maps exists with reviews, addresses, phone numbers etc makes your post pointless. If LE wanted to shut down all the amps it would be done very quickly. But then where would all the police chiefs and high ranking officers go? I understand being careful but for 99% of these places the cat is out of the bag. Are you going to put it back in? "Persistently ask"??? Are you drunk? I asked one time because I thought I was missing something. Striking out is a part of the game that no one enjoys. Go be grumpy on someone else's thread.
  13. Looking for AMPs

    What place are you referring too?
  14. Looking for AMPs

    There is also some Asian incalls that have been advertising on bp for a little while now. I know the pics are fake, but I'm wondering if anyone has booked an appointment with any of them. Hoping to verify they aren't LE or some blacklist scam site. 929-331-5115 347 822 1709 6467248677
  15. Looking for AMPs

    40/40 usually works at friendly places