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  1. Are you Considering Other Options?

    Most people who contract covid 19 don't die neither. Most dont even know the have it and as more tests come out, you will see the death rate far below below 1% especially with younger people with no underlying conditions. And you dont have to takes drugs the rest of your life like for HIV. Around 17k people die in the US from AIDS and 720k to 1 million around the world every year. And that is the best stats every year even after 23 years of the the anti viral therapy coming out.How many have died from corona worldwide? I really dont see corona reaching those death levels I rather take a chance getting covid than hiv.
  2. CDA Sec 230 under attack, again

    This isn't about the government controlling the news, it's about the big tech companies controlling the news. If these "platforms" such a as facebook, youtube, instagram claim no responsibility for third party content , they are protected by law from libel and slanderous lawsuits. However, if they censor for political reasons, then they are no longer "platforms" and are "publishers" such as CNN, Fox, New York Times and can be sued for slander. They are trying to have their cake and eat it too. The senator wants to see if their censors are based on political reasons since it is, such a big "secret" that they refuse to reveal.
  3. Denver is turning into a retirement community
  4. Eccie?

    Please don't leave, you are my hero, don't know how this board will survive without you. I have a better idea, instead of just leaving this board, you should go on a very long walkabout, Judging from your anger [snip]...
  5. Denver: What Happened?

    Since your crystal ball is so accurate of predicting 100 years in advance, Can you please tell me what the powerball numbers will be just one day in advance?
  6. Why your penis looks like that?

    I thought it was so when you jerk off so that your hand(s) don't slip off, just like the knob of a baseball bat.
  7. How is this possible?

    I remember seeing her ads on bp, her prices are extremely low, so guys probably figure it's worth giving it a shot. But the old motto "you get what you pay for" comes into play here.
  8. P411 changes 2019

    No pics, activities,rates, availibility, contact#, majority of p411 ladies are not on TOB, nor advertise anywhere else, so it will be harder on the ladies and the gentlemen.
  9. P411 changes 2019

    Circumvent what? I was a member of p411 for 4 years , never complained even with price hikes, thought it was worth it. Trying to renew my membership last week, now they wont renew for more than 6 months ( at a higher rate) with a credit card, longer renewal requires international money order not from the U.S. Post office (good luck, not too many places will do it). Next day, I get a message that says they will no longer include pics, activities, price, availibility, just a yes or no if they are members or not and maybe a comment area. I think because of fear and stress she is giving up on the business but trying to see what more she can milk out of it.
  10. P411 changes 2019

    Well times have changed, their is more competition around that is free with more content, It will be like TOB but without pics and she is raising rates for a diminishing service. The only way P411 will survive is if she drastically lower her rates. Just write reviews on TOB and you won't need 411 okays.
  11. P411 changes 2019

    So basically, it will be a site with less info than TOB, but the guys will have to pay 200.00 a year for the service. A non sustainable business model
  12. On the lighter side of things

    A man won 2 million in the state lottery. One year later he is flat broke. His friends asked him what he did with the money. He said " I spent half of it on blow and escorts" His friends ask him what did he do with the other half, he said "oh, I wasted it.
  13. Why don't providers work out?

    Pecman2014, well...Yes, they are throwing themselves at me. The issue is that they whant marriage, monogamy, feelings, relationship etc. In this business, I've learned you can pick and choose. You pay and leave. Same thing with rockstars and athletes, they have the money to buy expensive women for a night. Being in my 30's, fit as fuck with a great career that gives me money why not? It's so much easier to be upfront and buy what you want. No need to be lurking around in no escort board. I'm being honest. I think you're full of it, If you date a woman for a couple of weeks and treat her right, and you are so handsome and fit as you describe, she will give you more sex in 2 weeks at 1/10th the price than the ladies on this board. No reason to get serious about relationships in 2 weeks. However I can see why a woman will not want to be with you after the first date. You are probably out of shape, ugly , not as wealthy as you think, and think the world revolves around you. You probably talk about yourself all the time. Don't forget, pride comes before a fall, all it takes is an accident or a run in with the wrong people and you can end up a paraplegic or dead. So get over yourself, no one on this board or anywhere are impressed by your childish insecure bragging.
  14. Why don't providers work out?

    I've been on this board for a few years, I usually don't comment and try to avoid all the drama. But this pisses me off. Mr. inadifferentvoice , that is why it's called a free country, pick who you want and quit criticizing all the ladies that doesn't fit your criteria of fit and beauty. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Now, if you were deceived, than use due diligence and look for reviews or write one yourself. I'm sure that your'e so fit and successful writing medical scripts that all kinds of beautiful women are throwing themselves at you. That's why you have to pay for these lovely ladies company and lurk about an escort board.