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  1. SEXI LEXI will rob you.

    I used to be very active on tob in the 90s. Had fun made some friends. Posted a lot of reviews. Then kinda fell out of the hobby. Recently returned and have kinda stayed utr. But felt necessary to share this. Didn't even think about a review. Get it posted in a bit. Thanks for the reminder.
  2. SEXI LEXI will rob you.

    I didn't. Guess I should.
  3. SEXI LEXI will rob you.

    They are accurate surprisingly. Its her she's a bit thinner and blonde now. Just warning all to be aware should you want to try your luck.
  4. SEXI LEXI will rob you.

    Sexi lexi 720-938-1324 Colorado Escort She got me. I fell for The take donation then grab something from her car scam. I knew better and I fell for it. Lucky only for 100. Karma has been good to me.