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  1. Best place for sex toys

    Where is the best place in town to shop for sex toys? I feel like I need to be more adventureous Any advice is much appreciated.
  2. Best place for sex toys

    Thanks 🙏 Does anyone have any suggestions for some fun toys for men?
  3. I’m a reluctantly retired ( because of marriage) provider that worked in the community for years. This was my primary job through my early twenties to early thirties and I absolutely loved it! Now, I’m looking to get back into the workforce but need to account for the time lost. My only jobs prior were in restaurants. I was thinking of listing the time as a massage therapist, although I clearly don’t have that credential or school history. Not sure basic sales jobs etc would check? I would rather have job history than list that I took time off for motherhood etc. Any feedback or ideas are much appreciated 🙏 Thank you! ~C
  4. Ladies, what do you put on your resume ?

    Thanks everyone. I haven’t had a full time job since I retired in 2018, I’m 33 now. Oh my gosh…it’s been so long already! I miss the hobby!
  5. Ladies, what do you put on your resume ?

    Thank you, I really appreciate this insight!
  6. Flurry of providers disappearing last month

    Prior to my retirement I tried to let my clients know I wouldn’t be around. You don’t necessarily want to contact clients without them initiating first though, so I posted my ad/ announcement a lot that month. While this is ideal they may have just had to quit sooner. There are many reasons this could be. There are special clients I wasn’t able to communicate with before retirement and it bums me out to this day. Don’t take it personally. Lives are complex and sometimes people need to set boundaries. For me it was a monogamous relationship where my hobby was a non-starter. Perhaps they had to make similar decisions quickly. I’m sure they cherish the memories of the positive experiences. I know I do for my clients ❤️
  7. The “dog days of summer“ refers to the heliacal rising of the star system Sirius which caused extreme heat, thunderstorms, fevers, and mad dogs in Greek and Roman astrology. It’s deliciously maddening and relentlessly sexy at the same time. What’s the kinkiest thing you’ve been compelled to do in this heat? I need inspiration 💗
  8. “Dog days of summer” 💗

    🔥🔥🔥 Thanks for sharing 💗
  9. Entitlement

    I second this. If a client books an hour session and leaves shortly after...I’m probably going to be a bit taken aback. If he’s just a gentleman under time constraint but wants to pay for a full hour that could be interpreted as polite, however, if he wasn’t clear I’d probably have anxiety that he didn’t like me. It’s funny how jaded some people are. Women genuinely do enjoy this hobby! Yeah the money is great but I’ve been retired for two years and I miss the thrill and connections more that the money. It’s so important to read reviews and do your research- it keeps expectations realistic. I always viewed MSOG as standard for an hour session. Not for a HH session, although entirely open to it ( YMMV) with the right person/ connection.
  10. Sad Suprise .May It Not Happen To Anyone

    If you see her again you can always direct her to her local SWOP ( Sex Worker’s Outreach Project) chapter. I know they have some resources and are happy to speak with people. There is a chapter in Denver. They support active sex workers- it’s not an organization that denigrates the work in any way/ nor is it a rehab type of organization. Just a comfortable space for sex workers to network and communicate about issues central to their safety and well-being. Kind of you to care x.
  11. What’s your ATF book to recommend??

    Let's start a book club! I would love to do that.
  12. Cat Girl Manor COS

    This looks so cool! Thank you for sharing
  13. Missing escorting after retirement....

    I just saw this post. I love it. Everything you said rings true. The power and seduction, the fun and new experiences. Wishing you all of the best ❤️ 😘
  14. Former providers -Do you miss it?

    I appreciate all of your insights. I think this really becomes a part of who you are after a while. I absolutely loved it, so it's an adjustment -worth it...but it will take some time to get used to. I hope you all are having a fabulous week xo
  15. Former providers -Do you miss it?

    I retired 6 months ago when I got married. I love my life but man sometimes I miss the thrill of the hobby and all of you wonderful friends <3
  16. Former providers -Do you miss it?

    <3 <3 <3 You guys are the best!
  17. Former providers -Do you miss it?

    Thanks ladies. You all are so sweet. I have a wonderful husband and a relaxed lifestyle where I can pursue academics. I’m grateful, I just like to stay connected to the community. It feels like home. & of course I still miss the rush of checking into a hotel or wondering who is behind that knocking door.
  18. Hi friends ! I am a Denver/ Boulder based provider and I was wondering if anyone had advice on traveling to the DC area. Planning to spend a significant amount of time there for work and would love and input on advertising/ areas from those who have lived or worked there. As always an feedback would be greatly appreciated. Cheers and hope you all are enjoying summer ! xo
  19. Advice on visiting DC are

    Thank you for the replies - I am late seeing them xoxo
  20. I'm a Colorado provider that primarily works in Interlocken/ Denver. I'm going to be in Austin TX for the next several months half time & was wondering if anyone had any feedback on working and advertising in Austin. I haven't traveled in this business before so it's a bit out of my comfort zone - would love any feedback that anyone has ! Thanks ! xo C