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  1. welcome to TOB. Do you ever come to the Springs? 


    1. RoxyRottic


      No, I've never worked the Springs. I've considered it though. 

    2. coloradobroker


      well come on down. Nice place and plenty of us to keep you busy.


  2. visting St George Utah

    Maybe so. If I was younger that would be an option. Guess trying to hobby in St George just doesn't work. Here I come Las Vegas!!!!
  3. visting St George Utah

    any suggestions on sites to find escorts or massages. Haven't been on the forum for a while but thought I would ask. I have contacted a couple of backpage but very hard to find reliable. Thanks
  4. COS Rub 411

    I think she used to go by Shayanne or Cheyenne in Colorado Springs. Been about 5 to 6 years ago. I think it is the same person
  5. 411- samantha

    Both are right. Looks like an old guy with implants.
  6. 411 On SophieLuv - COS

    I saw her about two years ago. She is legit but is a big busted gal. Much heavier that I like. She never shows pictures.
  7. Ebony ASP's

    Foxxy Brown is fantastic. Highly recommend.
  8. Question for the Ladies

    When you have a guy dining at the "Y" and you know just a few hours earlier another guy was pounding away, do you chuckle a little inside thinking if only this guy knew? That's why I don't ask for daty! Just curious. No offense to the guys who like this.
  9. Colorado Boys.... A soft touch

    Ditto for me. If you treat the women like you should they will treat you right. Variety is the spice of life. "trout" cracked me up. I will remember that comment from now on.
  10. 411 "Two sexy cougars"

    I haven't seen Billie in a lot of years. I would guess the other might be the old Zoe from Colorado Springs who moved to Denver about 5 years ago and has quit posting on EB because of reviews.
  11. Correct A Review

    I did a review on Kate in Colorado Springs a couple of days ago. I did fill out the right email address and phone number but for some reason when the review posted it showed a different Kate who hasn't been active for along time. Any ideas on how I can correct the error and make sure the right kate gets the review? Thanks
  12. Ok...I have a Question

    My bad! Saw your reviews. Nice by the way.
  13. 411 on amara in cos?

    She has reviews on the Eroctic Review. Looks legit to me.
  14. Ok...I have a Question

    Kira Web site would be great. I can't find any post for you on EB or BP. What's up?
  15. Poor guy.......

    I saw that review also. Wondered the same question. Some people never learn. But in the mean time we can continue reading their stories!