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  1. Reviews for Khloe

    Khloe Colorado Companion I can’t find a review anywhere. Anybody see this beauty yet?
  2. 411 on NaughtyNicole

    I reviewed Naughty nikki. She is the person in the pictures. Beautiful ebony. You won't be disappointed.
  3. visting St George Utah

    Maybe so. If I was younger that would be an option. Guess trying to hobby in St George just doesn't work. Here I come Las Vegas!!!!
  4. visting St George Utah

    any suggestions on sites to find escorts or massages. Haven't been on the forum for a while but thought I would ask. I have contacted a couple of backpage but very hard to find reliable. Thanks
  5. COS Rub 411

    I think she used to go by Shayanne or Cheyenne in Colorado Springs. Been about 5 to 6 years ago. I think it is the same person
  6. 411- samantha

    Both are right. Looks like an old guy with implants.
  7. 411 On SophieLuv - COS

    I saw her about two years ago. She is legit but is a big busted gal. Much heavier that I like. She never shows pictures.
  8. Ebony ASP's

    Foxxy Brown is fantastic. Highly recommend.
  9. Question for the Ladies

    When you have a guy dining at the "Y" and you know just a few hours earlier another guy was pounding away, do you chuckle a little inside thinking if only this guy knew? That's why I don't ask for daty! Just curious. No offense to the guys who like this.
  10. Colorado Boys.... A soft touch

    Ditto for me. If you treat the women like you should they will treat you right. Variety is the spice of life. "trout" cracked me up. I will remember that comment from now on.
  11. 411 "Two sexy cougars"

    I haven't seen Billie in a lot of years. I would guess the other might be the old Zoe from Colorado Springs who moved to Denver about 5 years ago and has quit posting on EB because of reviews.
  12. Correct A Review

    I did a review on Kate in Colorado Springs a couple of days ago. I did fill out the right email address and phone number but for some reason when the review posted it showed a different Kate who hasn't been active for along time. Any ideas on how I can correct the error and make sure the right kate gets the review? Thanks
  13. Ok...I have a Question

    My bad! Saw your reviews. Nice by the way.
  14. 411 on amara in cos?

    She has reviews on the Eroctic Review. Looks legit to me.
  15. Ok...I have a Question

    Kira Web site would be great. I can't find any post for you on EB or BP. What's up?