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  1. I tend to have the Vegas girls visit in their civilian clothes, and carry a bag with several changes of clothes for the room and perhaps for a little walk. It's pretty fun watching all the other women - dressed like complete whores - watch the well dressed "hooker" on my arm. High end call girls do very well, and the cocktail waitresses make over $150K a year in Vegas.:cool:


  2. I have a preference for slim, athletic providers - all ethnicities. You are all delightful, and I thank you. Have a nice strip view for the first 4 days. Any suggestions for who I might explore the view with? PM's or open forum posts are fine. This Vegas board needs more participants!


  3. Booking an Appointment shouldn't take more than 3-5 emails exchanged. Anyone who wants to spend any more time than that "getting to know you" is just jerking you around while he jerks himself off.

    So, what's your take when a provider jerks her clients around with multiple emails, multiple cancellations and delays?

    It tells me this: move on, as she's unstable, :cool:or has a drug habit. But, maybe she's jerking herself off while she's "getting to know you"?


  4. IME, professionals are clean, careful and tested often. They should be better groomed and tastier than your spouse. Not all professionals allow DATY, and many don't go for DFK, FK or the other acronyms so important to many.


  5. Likely, they get tired of "approval" of every post from a poster on double secret probation, so they ban you. If you are on double secret, you don't want to post too much, because your comments aren't likely to be approved, simply because individually approving posts is a lot of work.

    For example, this post: "booya" would need moderator approval if you're on probation. Probation never ends, once you're on it

    It is 4/7/2014 as I post this. Let's see if a mod approves the post, and if they do, you'll see it. :D


  6. They all cum for me, all the time. Grip is fantastic, and if they fake spasms and contractions that well, I am more impressed. Practice your technique and meet the challenge.:cool:


  7. That is VERY scary. Isn't she still a P411 provider? 411 is getting spotty...

    You can still be charming while ripping someone off. Isn't that usually the case? Like Geecues joke about the wallets getting stolen.

    I read this thread and while back, the guy should not have set himself up to be ripped off twice but the rest of the story (including her comments) doesn't work in Mya's favor. There was the part (edited of course) where she outed the guy and all his personal information and then back pedaled and called him dangerous. Then there was the part where he provided the texts they exchanged after the fact. He was dumb but given what we are able to read about the situation she is certainly is no where near innocent nor did she behave in a professional manner at all.


  8. I've met several (dozens) of them. Quite a bit of turnover this year, but there are some familiar faces. These are generally professional women, and many are sales reps for pharma and device companies. Sure, some are students. They are exceptionally athletic, very fit, and have very engaging personalities.