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  1. Let me get this straght, 2Big. You want something placed in your rear end? That's what you mean by anal? I'm guessing that if you let some of the gals here know you're 2Big here on TOB, they'd be glad to put something in your butt.
  2. Tan lines in January

    The younger ones do spray tans now. You won't find tan lines, but you will find the tans are quite nice.
  3. Found out it was a friend/acquaintance ?

    Need a tutor?
  4. Porn

    try using Ebay.
  5. Music While In Session?

    I have music for mish, and music for greek freaks. What's your greek music?
  6. Secret Life As Las Vegas Escort

    She admitted to an eating disorder in her racing days. Her problem was that she couldn't compete in multi stage races to reach finals in good shape. That was because she wasn't properly fueled, and was likely consuming protein. She IS better looking today, simply because she's at the proper weight. Probably the booze.
  7. "shamefully"? That's why guys enter the hobby.
  8. Destiny, You'll want to learn about
  9. Secret Life As Las Vegas Escort

    I recall she wanted to play a recording of a crowd cheering while she "performed" at the Wynn. She was a fixture at the Lobby Bar over at the Encore as well.
  10. Secret Life As Las Vegas Escort

    He was aware of it. Favor says he "didn't approve", but still allowed her to do it. He's a lawyer. Now, what about all that money laundering or lack of tax reporting? The IRS may pay her a visit. She's not small potatoes. Maybe she'd been doing this for more than the year she claims. The IRS wants its share of her profits. She may or may not have laundered it into her speaking engagement business. I'm betting she pocketed the cash.
  11. Anyone ever fall for a provider?

    Yeah, I fell for Kelly in Las Vegas. Turns out her husband is a lawyer, and she's a former Olympian. Nice night, but I won't be tapping that keg again.
  12. It means you need to schedule a date with me.
  13. Secret Life As Las Vegas Escort
  14. Secret Life As Las Vegas Escort

    Gina, you work fast: Fun loving and sophisticated, Kelly is the All-American girl of your dreams. A former major magazine model and true GFE, she is a college grad and a successful ...
  15. Secret Life As Las Vegas Escort

    Some consider me an olympian. Just sayin'.
  16. Secret Life As Las Vegas Escort

    The smoking gun article with some juicy photos: She was on P411, and I might know her. She had a room at the Venetian for the Rock and Roll marathon, and a reporter outed her in the lobby of the Venetian. Wow. Definitely worth the ride though. Too bad she'll have to lay low, and good thing the paparazzi didn't bust into a session. I DO like the way she defends hobbying though.
  17. Secret Life As Las Vegas Escort

    Must have been a great rock and roll (in the hay) marathon this year.
  18. Rubber fell off.

    As a person who has lasting power, I have found that is is wise to swap out for a new condom every 20 minutes. I gives the partner a rest, and gets a fresh coat on the armor.
  19. What about former miss Colorado, Kim Christiansen?
  20. Anyone ever fall for a provider?

    No, but I'm being stalked by one...
  21. Mountain Girls?

    Hadn't thought of that. I usually buy them a few drinks at a local establishment and invite them to the wine cellar for a follow up. But really, sometimes we prefer a professional.
  22. Mountain Girls?

    Going to be in Breck for a couple days this week. Snow isn't great, but the place is nice. So, I'd like to share my good fortune. Does anyone know of some mountain gals who might pay a visit, or anyone in the area who might drive up? Thanks in advance!
  23. Too Big - you're not too bright of a bulb. The actresses you mention have all gone to plastic surgery, botox and collagen. They look like freaks as they age. They all hang out with similar freaks, and this appears normal to them. That's how women roll.
  24. Not hard at all. Most slim and natural big tittied girls are under 25. After that, the rest follows. After 25, just find a gal with bolt ons. The new ones are really fun to play with, and I've grown quite fond of bolt ons.