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  1. masque

    Some tips from pornstars who swallow from Psychology Today
  2. masque

    change your diet, men:
  3. Eating Cum

    Well, do you spit your mouthful of french fries or steak into your lovers mouth?
  4. I've showered with at least a dozen gals. I've done it as foreplay, and I've joined them afterwards. I usually get out early, and give them some private time before and after. I never considered it to be something out of the ordinary. Just ask them. Some worry about their hair, but that worry fades after we get started... I wonder if this is a YMMV type of thing. Those who hit the showers seemed to have hit it off w/ me.
  5. Considering what they get paid...

    Mace, you need to get laid more often. Maybe we should put into a provider collection for you...
  6. Ladies: Question About Endurance

    They don't do that because clients like you would last $10 or $15 worth. Costs more in gas money and time to be worth it.
  7. Ladies: Question About Endurance

    If you're having three nuts a day, you're whacking off too much. Step away from the porno, and hold back a week or two. I know plenty of people who can't make it a day without a drink or two, and then force themselves to knock off for a few weeks to show to themselves they aren't addicts. I also find it amusing that surveys suggest married couples screw 4 or 5 times a week. Yeah, married couples with kids are banging once a week IF they take time to do it. So, surveys say: Married couples lie.
  8. Ladies: Question About Endurance

    Total nonsense.
  9. Ladies: Question About Endurance

    Tort on a tart.
  10. Ladies: Question About Endurance

    there are several machines for that...
  11. Ladies: Question About Endurance

    A lot of gals can book several sessions in a half day time frame. That's a lot of inches, if you add the in to the out. I would imagine that the quicker poppers are appreciated in such a scenario.
  12. Ladies: Question About Endurance

    Only 40 minutes on Viagra? I can go two hours on the blue pill. Must be the cameras...
  13. Ladies: Question About Endurance

    Rub and tug first, and then the real thing. Cuts the cost down/
  14. Minuses: You don't get to snowball with 2Big. I'd pay for that show.
  15. Ladies: Question About Endurance

    sounds like a guy who spends too many hours with his prostate planted on a bike seat to me.
  16. Tramp stamps

    I'm all for vajazzling.
  17. They shave it for me, but leave the stubble for you. There's a reason for that.
  18. He's probably trolling for a snowball:rolleyes:
  19. afternoon delight!

    anyone (F) want to join me and my GF for some afternoon delight today? PM me. As you know, one must strike quickly when the opportunity arises!
  20. Nuru massage (Gel)

    Who does nuru?
  21. Are we bad?

    From what you say about your preferences, you'd be my willing slave...
  22. Eating Cum

    That's called snowballing right? Never had it. However, I do know several ladies who absolutely go nuts when I rise from between their legs after bringing them to an intense orgasm, and greedily suck their own juices from my tongue and face. Total turn on, and I live for it.
  23. Question about French lessons

    What about guys who are long lasting in their twenties? What in God's name will happen when they're over 50? Hours?
  24. So she is well educated, smart and classy eh?

    Not sure what this all means. You won't find too many "classy" folks at a Denver Broncos home game. Most are nice, fun loving, passionate fans. They definitely aren't classy, but they are fun to be with. Whatever floats your boat.