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  1. Recommendations on Latina Provider

    Eva Castaneda, Rose Petal.
  2. Providers Showing Their Pussy in EB Ads

    Well, I prefer certain types of vulva, so the pics might help.
  3. May be the best porn ever !

    I disagree: is the best.
  4. My weekly thread...

    Is this series of "deep" questions for a thesis of some sort?
  5. 411 on Perfect Sensations in Boulder

    You'll need to get to know them. Accept the body rub from a hot girl.
  6. never heard of this screening method

    Some men have macrophallus, a serious condition.
  7. 411 on Jai Lin

    I have info.
  8. Play A Round!

    Lezley Zen is quite an accomplished golfer. Look her up!
  9. what do you guys wear to a session

    The only thing I ALWAYS wear is protection. The rest is fluff and has no meaning. Generally speaking, if you're clean, don't smell, and have cash, you are going to have the exchange.
  10. Summit Next Saturday?

    Again "Had a great time <Snip> yesterday while in Denver for some shopping and fun." Where "snip" read "WITH XXXXer" yesterday while in Denver for some shopping and fun". Many of us read this with great interest, as XXXXer isn't known to head out of her IC location for shopping and fun. So, good for you, bro! Now back to your "integrity" commentary - you've got no integrity, and no credibility. Enough already. You have cash, and women will gladly let you part ways with it. You're a John. As for your analogy about "selling time" - don't bother. There is no shortage of consultants in the world, and many of them "sell time". Why would any of us expect to have some fraternal bond to providers because we "sell time"?
  11. Summit Next Saturday?

    Ski bum "thanks for the laughs" yourself - your first quote is here: "Had a great time <Snip> yesterday while in Denver for some shopping and fun." The "snip" was edited out after you posted, and those who read the pre-censored post all know who the provider was. The snip was "had a great time WITH XXXXer yesterdaay while in Denver for some shopping and fun" Do you read what you write? The censor intervened to help the provider, and not you, you bumbling idiot.
  12. Summit Next Saturday?

    HEY IDIOT- "Had a great time <Snip> yesterday while in Denver for some shopping and fun."
  13. Summit Next Saturday?

    Explain, my master.
  14. Eating Cum

    if a wife hired a provider to take my load and deliver it to her, i would approve. that seems like a better idea. Keeps it in the family.
  15. Summit Next Saturday?

    Many self employed people have issues getting along with others, as well as an unreasonably high self esteem. What I've been reading here isn't impressive. Why do you care to engage in a discussion with such "passion" and quickly erode it to such non sequitur commentary about your employment? Why do you think it is necessary to tell us which provider may have stepped out with you, tell us what you do for a living, and share your other employment arrangements? I will admit, it is good to know that WAAndeR likes to step out and shop, but maybe that's information she doesn't like to share? Do you think hourly girlfriends only make exceptions for you? How many wish you to share their "dates" with you? I can see a quid pro quo for certain things, but really, for a shopping buddy? Oh- I just went back and saw your comment was edited, and a <snip> was placed where you proudly named the provider you were shopping with. Clearly, she didn't appreciate your very revealing comment. So, I will edit my comment in a way that shows you we all know what was edited out. You have some garbage about "professionalism" as your handle. Change it, or live by it.
  16. Summit Next Saturday?

    Self important, or self employed? "Just Sayin' "
  17. It Won't Fit! - Money Back?

    Well, you tell everyone on this message board you are 2Big. Did you tell your provider? You're too big, right? What do you expect? I can think of some guys who might find you to be just right, and I'm told you can't tell the difference between a male and a female asshole. I've never visited either with my woody, so I just don't know. I suppose this should end with "just sayin' "
  18. Your favorite outfit for a girl

    Adriana, Looks like what you're wearing in your photo would be my ideal. Or, maybe it's your jaw dropping beauty that makes any outfit look good. I would love to see you in a classy one piece dress over your amazing lingerie collection. Wow!
  19. p411 WTF and response to price increase

    Yes, the credit card company called me as well. They would only talk directly, and were very interested in the company. The call was scripted, and recorded. I asked if it was being recorded. They wanted me to say "yes", I had ordered the product, and verify I had knowledge of what the product was. Can anyone explain why they wanted this information?
  20. Small Guys or Bigger Guys?

    internet gospel: While results vary slightly across reputable studies, the consensus is that the mean human penis is in the range 12.9–15 cm (5.1–5.9 in) in length with a 95% confidence interval of (10.7 cm, 19.1 cm) (or, equivalently, 4.23 in, 7.53 in) — that is, it is 95% certain that the true mean is at least 10.7 cm but not more than 19.1 cm. So ladies, you'll be 95% sure that the dick you're about to unveil is between 4.23 and 7.53 inches in length, with the mean and median (research suggests a normal curve, with mean and median nearly equal in length) around 5 and a half inches. So, I'm bigger than the average erection. But it doesn't make me feel "large" in any sense of the word. If you can feel the cervix, as I'm told, you're plenty.
  21. Small Guys or Bigger Guys?

    I'm with Destiny. What is big and what is small. I never thought I was much to write home about, until it was pointed out that a regular sized condom was too small, and I needed a "magnum". I'm not a 12" pornstar-sized monster BBC kind of dude, but I'm apparently larger than average. I was shocked to see how small "average" was, and how it depended on where you might be from in the world.
  22. How long is too long?

    Do outcalls, and simply leave when you're done.
  23. Would you bang her?

    she looks better as the "innocent" brunette her attorneys turned her into for court. One thing for sure: I wouldn't piss her off.
  24. Question for all the beautiful ladies.

    In all my years in athletics, "hanging around" with jocks in jockstraps, I never noticed anything unusual about black guys' cocks. They didn't appear to be any larger than mine or anyone else's. As for any other stereotype involving black men, I'm not going there either, but really, we can freely discuss the one stereotype for what reason?
  25. Chrissy, you're welcome in my shower anytime.