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  1. Connect to TOB from outside the US

    Yep. Can't beat that price. Pretty easy to download, install and run TOR, then go to www.whatismyipaddress.com and see where you are. The slow speed eventually got to me, though.
  2. Connect to TOB from outside the US

    A paid VPN will normally allow you to connect to different servers around the world. Using ExpressVPN I can read TER using a server in Canada.
  3. If you don't have a VPN

    TOR is pretty slow compared to a paid VPN for me. TOR on a mobile was worse.
  4. Use of PMs

    Yes, but only in this format -----BEGIN PGP MESSAGE----- TBg/ELukeEk2H3l192bfCCM4PqUuK9NJjM2S5rVJBPjk2mqXexNG4CmW0nphzy3g 8VR+gTn8ldv3L48y0kATReJp8pM4uISE+FpQOgYgetmzNBdXOrlngwp6FSHTR59A VrUwkqMG1IMO7+IqkRoFvqCFyYVvfHFD9Qx6In6ZSeksWPCmXTfwIqcOy/3iQTdo RaoX0TmBCuU1sclfawWNRT93yHXZzMHoivTbDvwlOoaFN0Xtj6OK0l1TVUXwPaJi Ds+g2ZAkeDE/T61kphvtXBD4EJLWIcg3l8jBASkQF0fNHTDPSYia9PM3AKiVQ07S RAEkVWRyATlCVpyUSuljXFmjAQeRTbQGglN1sIaNV0wRZktFXt/F2wJ4e3tFi//u EQ7xsSdg7Mk9RIUe38nyLgI3FTcB =N2p1 -----END PGP MESSAGE-----
  5. More changes

    You have to log on to P411 to see anything now, whereas before you could still check out profiles if you had the direct link.
  6. Oklahoma

    TOB could grow like crazy now, but that is a lot of exposure.
  7. RIP Gomer Pyle

    Gomer Pyle is with his girlfriend Bunny and he says, "Bunny, can I put my finger in your belly button?"She answers, "Why Gomer, how forward, but I guess so."A few minutes pass and Bunny says in a surprised tone, "Why Gomer, that isn't my belly button!"Gomer answers exuberantly, "Sur----prise! Sur---prise!!!! That ain't my finger neither! Shazam!....
  8. RIP Gomer Pyle

    The guy could sing too.
  9. That stuff is pretty hard to unread.
  10. Farewell Blueberry Hill

    Pray Gary Glitter is next.
  11. The demise of porno theaters.

    I worked the flat grill at the Sink when it was called Herbie's Deli. There was a porn shop in central Boulder near the park with the band shell. I believe it was a nice wooden house originally. Across from the justice center on Canyon there was also a porn shop and it was rumored you could pay to play there too.
  12. The demise of porno theaters.

    No way man, they tore it down the year after they dismantled the Flatirons. I could have sworn they demolished the original, but maybe time to check in to the old folks farm....
  13. The demise of porno theaters.

    Old age, confusion. Mixing up with the Broker, Busstop, etc. 🙃