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  1. hobby computer security question

    You can download and burn a live Linux CD, then boot from it. Nothing will touch your hard drive, no traces left behind. You would still need a VPN to hide from Comcast. https://www.pcsuggest.com/best-linux-live-distro/
  2. 14 years old, in the Atlantic ocean, watching my friend's older sister on the beach. Salt water is not the best lube...
  3. Jinsum.....i'm confused

    I saw her before her reincarnation as Jinsum doing Thai massages, when she was strictly BP outcall, about 5 years ago. She did admit to me that she was around 50, but does look great for her age. We did click and I found her to be funny, pretty and intelligent, no hint of nuttiness. Her menu was very limited then. Interesting to see that she advertises CIM on her website, but all reviews state CBJ. Is CIM via CBJ false advertising? If you go with her groove I think you probably could get a decent massage+ from her, if the moon is in the correct phase.
  4. Jinsum.....i'm confused

    I triggered her on initial contact too. Called back a couple days later with a different approach and she was sooo sweet, but the experience was pretty meh.
  5. 411 on AutumnSkyte

    Way off, but not necessarily in a bad way. PM if you'd like details.
  6. 411 on AutumnSkyte

    She's legit, pics not.
  7. Beware Sextortion Scam

    Got two last week. Each mentioned a separate password I used more than a decade ago. Still quite a shock to see them in clear text!
  8. 411 on Winnie

    Awesome lady!
  9. Great times at Nana Plaza, but 18 years ago. The Nana Hotel has a disco in the basement where the ladies congregate. You would not have to leave the hotel. I mean, outside there's all that culture shit.
  10. But..but..but we always meet on Mondays...
  11. Cannot wait for election results. Will take executive action.
  12. 411 on Autumn Mae

    For a while she had ads misspelling "Asain".
  13. Another new guy

    Anton Chigurh comes to mind...
  14. Connect to TOB from outside the US

    Yep. Can't beat that price. Pretty easy to download, install and run TOR, then go to www.whatismyipaddress.com and see where you are. The slow speed eventually got to me, though.
  15. Connect to TOB from outside the US

    A paid VPN will normally allow you to connect to different servers around the world. Using ExpressVPN I can read TER using a server in Canada.