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  1. RIP Gomer Pyle

    Gomer Pyle is with his girlfriend Bunny and he says, "Bunny, can I put my finger in your belly button?"She answers, "Why Gomer, how forward, but I guess so."A few minutes pass and Bunny says in a surprised tone, "Why Gomer, that isn't my belly button!"Gomer answers exuberantly, "Sur----prise! Sur---prise!!!! That ain't my finger neither! Shazam!....
  2. RIP Gomer Pyle

    The guy could sing too.
  3. That stuff is pretty hard to unread.
  4. Farewell Blueberry Hill

    Pray Gary Glitter is next.
  5. The demise of porno theaters.

    I worked the flat grill at the Sink when it was called Herbie's Deli. There was a porn shop in central Boulder near the park with the band shell. I believe it was a nice wooden house originally. Across from the justice center on Canyon there was also a porn shop and it was rumored you could pay to play there too.
  6. The demise of porno theaters.

    No way man, they tore it down the year after they dismantled the Flatirons. I could have sworn they demolished the original, but maybe time to check in to the old folks farm....
  7. The demise of porno theaters.

    Old age, confusion. Mixing up with the Broker, Busstop, etc. 🙃
  8. The demise of porno theaters.

    Funny. We might have attended some engineering classes together. The Dark Horse has long gone the way of the Blue Note. I wonder what would happen if they tried to show porn there now? An army of SJW's and Antifa would probably show up and start tossing bottles.
  9. The demise of porno theaters.

    They used to show porn up at the CU campus in Boulder in '78. Half of my dorm floor went to see Deep Throat at that huge Psych 101 hall. Also saw Misty Beethoven at another building in that square outside the UMC.
  10. The demise of porno theaters.

    Kitty's on Colfax was my first ever porn shop visit. Three drunk teenagers did not know whether we should sit next to each other in the theater or not.
  11. How to improve your FBSM service

    Forwarded to the Colorado AMP Association...
  12. BBQ and Fireworks!

    As kids my friends and I liked to go out the morning of July 5th and collect fireworks which did not ignite and either light the ones with short fuses or grind up the others for mischievous fun.
  13. First Ladies of Rock

    Ain't that the truth. I don't care to hear a lot of artists' personal views. Just shut up and sing.
  14. First Ladies of Rock

    <iframe width="854" height="480" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/4GLJCZ5L2sQ" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> Shame on you all for forgetting this lovely lady.