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  1. Strangest Request

    make you high??? What kind of makeup are you ladies wearing?? and is it FDA approved?
  2. What does GFE mean to you?

    I'm not even sure I remember what GFE feels like any more.. Passion, compassion, with simple honest sincerity.
  3. Catfishing

    Having been told of a few catfishing profiles, I was wondering how on earth the scam got that term:
  4. I had to abort

    I'd agree with backing out. That had enough gut feeling negatives to back out. Simple as that.
  5. Member Moderation

    This is the Suggestions and Recommendations section is it not? How often are threads closed by moderators due to people throwing their egos all over it? If the nature of a forum is to discuss and debate then using that reasoning the moderators should Never close a thread. Some people here have no intention of debate or discussion, they simply get off on seeing how they can derail a thread by throwing their shit all over it. Yes I can almost hear them getting off as they stare at their shit painting. And then the moderators close the thread but do not clean off the shit! THATS what causes the a holes to continue their BS. If I came over to your home and shit on your lawn, calling it free speech, and then the police/moderators tell you you are not allowed to clean it off how would you feel??? Instead of just closing a thread how about deleting the comments that were made that caused it to be closed? otherwise you are just allowing the shit artists a forum to increase their gallery off shitty art.
  6. With all the piss and vinegar I see on this site sometimes, it's a turn off. Why not let the person that starts a thread be allowed to moderate/delete any replies they deem useless and the moderators we currently have can catch anything left that they deem unruly? That way there's less vinegar for the rest of us to read.
  7. deleting one's account

    How does one go about deleting one's account? AND does that delete all prior posts and pms, etc?
  8. If someone gives 10 reviews which are all Fantastic.. then aren't they by definition all Average?
  9. replacing all men

    OK ladies, you can now officially replace all men in every way imaginable!
  10. Provider Pleasure

    I guess I've had this all backwards... I thought giving a provider pleasure meant leaving 30 minutes early.
  11. Ain't No Particular Sign I'm More Compatible With...

    I heard the zodiac has changed.. Does this screw everyone up? Or explain why everyone is screwed up?
  12. Reason not to repeat

    In the real world finding the "one' is a needle in a haystack issue. In this fantasy world the same is true regardless of plunking down any amount of $$. And feeling taken for granted is only going to get worse as more people get addicted to staring at their iphones and get worse at actually communicating.
  13. Mysterious disappearances

    If she's gone she's gone.. I assume everyone realizes that. I think this thread is all about gut feelings. The gut feelings created (on both sides) from the communication or lack of communication before any appointment. I knew a provider on p41 that went on a tour. Her website then went down, her twitter was no longer updated, and her p4 account was the only thing active. I am not in the IN crowd so I know nothing of turf wars or LE tactics.. but still EVERYthing gives me a gut feeling. Her situation didnt give me as good a gut feeling as others, so thats that. Some communication with other providers is less about safety and more about chemistry. If it feels like we have none or no longer have any, I think I am saving both of us time, because of that gut feeling. And sometimes I have no clue why my gut tells me its a go or no go... I just try to listen to it. And I'm sure the ladies have the same issues with me. Maybe they think I'm a time waster (attempting to get a gut feeling rather than just jumping into meeting), or feel I'm a nut job, hate my posts, or that there's simply no chemistry to warrant a meeting. It's ALL about gut feelings. I'm not going to question anyone's gut feeling, or demean what causes it.
  14. Mood

  15. Your up next in the Men's Olympic diving competition... or the Men's Olympic Backstroke competition...