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  1. MLK

    Ok, sorry for the sacrilege, but I have to share an MLK re-interpretation I heard a comedian do. The comedian, whose name I do not recall, said that after MLK died it was discovered he had extra-marital affairs with at least a couple of women. The comedian said in light of this discovery, MLK's famous speech in front of the Lincoln Memorial had always been misinterpreted as "Free at last, free at last!" when he was really just bragging to the crowd: "Three at last, three at last!"😛 I thought this would be a good one for this board.
  2. Favorite denomination for hobbying donations

    Love the metaphor! I may have to switch from Benjamins to Ulysseses.
  3. Stepping away

    Maybe Mag is moving on from contributing to TOB but not saying goodbye to the hobby? It's not clear to me what he thought was no longer fun and what he's saying goodbye to. Maybe he's still going to share $ and dick with the ladies?
  4. Ladies & Gents what inspired you...

    I'm not a young dude and couldn't resist the double entendre of where I long to be.
  5. Ediquette in Contacting

    Yes, you don't have to commit to see even if they said yes. Obviously, if you're not going to to see if they said "yes" to your request, you should cancel with plenty of time so they can rebook the time.
  6. How long have you been a hobbyists?

    This month is my 6-year anniversary. Started with FBSM off a Westword ad and thought I died and went to heaven when I discovered BP. Lol! Then I found EB and P411 and oh my, so many lovelies.
  7. Need some advice on a NCNS

    I would have posted a NCNS review, as I did not long ago after a NCNS happened to me after a period of no satisfactory explanation and since the provider had near-NCNS's with me before with last minute cancellations. The "maybe the guy is a creep" excuse doesn't fly, because if she knew the client was a creep she never should have scheduled the appointment and if she found out the guy was a creep after she made the appointment, she could have cancel before the guy is already on his way. The NCNS by either the client or provider remains one of the rudest, inconsiderate occurrences and it is too bad providers can't easily call out such jerks. We guys, who are spending lots of $ and time planning and anticipating a meeting, deserve to know if a provider has a pattern of NCNS. I agree with Lucy that there are much worse reviews for a provider than a NCNS. I have scheduled appointments with providers who have NCNS reviews but at least I know I'm taking that risk and I appreciate the info and warning, especially if it has occurred more than once. My experience with these providers has generally been good. Maybe I've been lucky or maybe the provider learned the importance of good communication because of the NCNS review she received.
  8. JoDoe's questions (to avoid thread drift)

    Alrighty then. How wonderful for you that you are so wonderful. WTF are you doing posting on a board geared towards adult service providers, then, if you don't intend to visit them, and intend only to criticize those who do? You, sir or madam, are a troll. Begone. +1. Well stated! What a pain in the ass! He/she who is so wonderful and always honest gets to live that wonderful life. I'm sure we are all envious of his/her plan for lifelong monogamy. Those of us who have made the decision to do otherwise will enjoy the hobby we've chosen and come to terms with this each in our own way. If JoDoe is struggling with this, take it elsewhere. Now you've gotten some of our favorite escorts questioning their participation in our deception! I'm just waiting to see the provider ad that states: "Single men only!" 😝
  9. JoDoe's questions (to avoid thread drift)

    So, JoDoe27, are you male or female?
  10. Popping The Question

    I have asked a great many women who have not advertised their interest in Greek whether they were into it and I have never found one who was interested. In fact, I don't know why I even bother to ask. It seems if they're into it, they advertise it. But maybe it's an issue that "size matters" and if you're "2 small" that's a good thing for the lady who is not much into it. So 2 Big, I think you're SOL hoping you'll uncover the latent Greek goddess. 😝
  11. Popping The Question

    I remember when I was a newbie and P411 had an "activities enjoyed in private" list that really meant something, there was a term "around the world". Not knowing what it meant, I looked it up on Urban Dictionary, which said it meant: having oral, vaginal, and anal sex in the same session. So when I was doing doggie with a provider who had this listed in her P411 profile, I knocked on the back door and got a quick "Not there baby". It turned out that P411 had another definition for that term that didn't include back-door action. Actually, the current list of P411 activities does include "Greek goddess", which is one of the few terms left that means something. Otherwise, if I don't have an idea before the session, a little light anal finger play will get the provider to respond in delight or make it clear that's not her thing. Or I've sometimes asked the provider if she's into ass play or Greek. No one's ever been bothered, as far as I can tell, with being asked this simple question.
  12. Who knows what you do?

    You don't have to remind me about risk-taking as I, like all of us here, engage in an illegal activity that would be additionally upsetting or humorous to friends and, as others have pointed out, might lead to my outing intentionally or otherwise. I would be happy to talk with another hobbiest in real life but I don't know any. I enjoy talking to providers about my and their experience in this very interesting and weird hobby world but I will not discuss this with even my lifelong friends. Assuming they're not hobbiests, there's no benefit trying to help them understand my "aberrant" behavior. But sharing thoughts and experiences with so many hobbiests and providers on this board has been very much appreciated. And if I ever hear a friend mention "UTF" or "CIM" I'll know he might be a brother 😊
  13. Who knows what you do?

    +1! I think my friends would be shocked and upset, but at the same time jealous if they new what I was up to. Only a few trusted providers know my real name, as I've hosted a few times when my wife was out of town. I've never shared my hobby with any male though. I'm a risk taker but not if there is not a payoff to taking a risk, only a liability. Seeing an escort has quite a nice payoff; talking about my hobby with another guy is a risk without much benefit.
  14. Kai

    Yes, I'm joining the "I miss Kai" crowd. She was terrically hot! It has been a couple of years for me as well. Since she didn't answer her phone any longer I assume she moved out of town, probably back to Southern California where she was from.
  15. Things that are HOT, but are not.

    Yes, I get it, watching 3 guys helping a 4th stroke his instrument and make beautiful music. And I sure remember Bolero in "10". I'm bringing Bolero to my next appointment! I may have to loop it because I gotta climax during the climax of the song, which may not be so easy in real life. 😊