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  1. The Asian Massage Parlor

    Ok first post on TOB! No longer a virgin.. Been to 3 or 4 AMPs in central Pa over the past 3 yrs, total of about 5 or 6 times. First time was a very nice facility, a converted small ranch house near Altoona and the experience spoiled me forever. She was pretty and for ~45 yr old had a rockin hardbody. Total GFE including table shower, a pretty good therapeutic massage, BJ, DATY, fucking, the whole thing. Cleaned me up helped me dressed even tied my shoes. Unfortunately the place got closed down some months later and never reopened. The other full service place was in Lewisburg and had been there several times. first visit was the best and nearly the same experience as my first time with addition of some assplay. But after that things went downhill quickly and while I never left unsatisfied it never was quite as much fun due to 3G syndrome or the sauna not working or whatever. Now I'm reading that at any given moment the "shower no working" or "sauna broken" and they rush you through. My weirdest was at a Chinese place right downtown in Bloomsburg on the main drag next to a bank. You could go in the back door if you called ahead but I didn't give a shit really who saw me. Anyhow not sure why anyone'd feel guilty cause they only do therapeutic (which they do quite well) and will let you self-service if you like. The other strange thing was the "table shower" after the massage vs. before and was actually you just standing there while they soaped you up and rinsed. If my genitals were touched at all it wasn't in a sensual way. You stripped for the massage and at some point after the flip the towel comes off and while there's lots of 'grazing' and you're never really handled directly in any way. The "rooms" were actually just curtained off areas right behind the waiting area. In spite of that I really enjoyed the massage and nice way I was treated so I went a 2nd time and they managed to upsell me to a 4 hand massage. I took advantage of the SS mainly because they were cute and encouraging (they giggled at how much came out of me). They never got naked in any way even with me practically begging them. That was about $250 all in. Otherwise the other places were always in the 160-200 range. Haven't been to any in awhile but that's because I've discovered escorts!